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                   === Knicks battle Pistons in the U.K. ===
 (Sports Network) - Cheerio!
 Fish  and chips  will be on the menu  as the NBA has landed in London, England
 for a matchup of the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons at O2 Arena.
 Thursday  will  mark the  seventh  NBA  game  in London,  including  preseason
 affairs.  The Toronto Raptors and Nets played in London two years ago, but the
 teams played two games to make the trip worthwhile.
 This time, the Knicks and Pistons will only play once.
 The  game comes  just a  few  months after  the Summer  Olympics concluded  in
 London.  Knicks Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler helped the U.S. win gold in
 "How  can I  forget? It  was a  special time  in my  life, a  special moment,"
 Anthony  said. "Just  to be back in  this arena once again, having a chance to
 play  one last time  back here in London in front of the fans who've been very
 gracious to myself and the game of basketball, I'm excited about that."
 Logistically, the trip isn't much of a nightmare, actually.
 The  Knicks  left on Monday  for the Thursday game  and don't play again until
 Monday.  It's actually  been helpful to get some of the knicked-up Knicks some
 time to heal.
 One  of those  players healing quickly is Iman Shumpert. The second-year guard
 tore  his  ACL and meniscus  in his  left knee during  the first round of last
 season's playoffs.
 Shumpert  is  very close to  returning to the Knicks  lineup and may play some
 minutes in London.
 "Before  we left,  he  felt pretty  good,"  head coach  Mike  Woodson said  of
 Shumpert  on  Wednesday. "We'll  base  everything  on  how he  feels  tomorrow
 morning.  If he  tells me he's ready to  go, we'll put him in a uniform, dress
 him and play him a little bit."
 The  Knicks snapped  a three-game losing streak with a victory Sunday, at home
 over the New Orleans Hornets, 100-87.
 The  Pistons,  who technically are  the home  team Thursday, despite the 3,762
 miles  separating  Detroit and London, have  lost two of their last three, but
 won five of their last seven.
 Detroit lost at home to the Utah Jazz on Saturday, 90-87, but the Pistons head
 coach  has some  international experience.  Lawrence  Frank took  his old  New
 Jersey Nets teams to Paris and London for preseason games.
 The  Pistons left Detroit  at 10:00 p.m. Monday and arrived in London at 11:00
 a.m.  local  time. They  checked into  the hotel, met  with NBA security, then
 headed right to the gym to begin work.
 And,  the  Pistons don't  have the  extra day  the Knicks  do coming home. The
 Pistons play the Boston Celtics on Sunday night at home.
 "I'm  curious  how it's  going to  work out," Tayshaun  Prince said. "But more
 curious  how things  are going to work when  we come back and fight to get our
 legs before Sunday's game (against Boston at The Palace). But both ways can be
 tough.  The  good thing is  we get  over and get  a couple of days. Hopefully,
 we'll be all right that way."
 The  Knicks have  won four  straight and  eight out  of nine  in this  series,
 including a 121-100 victory on Nov. 25 in Madison Square Garden.
 01/17 10:53:51 ET

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