Men's Tennis (ATP)

Tom Okker (NED)
  Birthdate: 2/22/1944 Birthplace: Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
  Height: 5-10 Weight:  
  Turned Pro: 1968 Career Money: $1,257,200  
  Plays: Right Back Hand: Right  
  Career Singles: 521-217    
 Wins Notes: SINGLES CAREER TITLES (31): 1968--Rome, Dublin; 1969--Monte Carlo, Hilversum, Paris Indoor, Brussels, Newport, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Milwaukee; 1970--Atlanta WCT, Brussels, Leicester, Hilversum, Hamburg; 1971--Quebec WCT, Louisville ; 1972--Chicago WCT; 1973--Washington WCT, Hilversum, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Madrid, London; 1974--Toronto WCT, Rotterdam WCT; 1975--Nottingham, Paris Indoor; 1977--Richmond WCT; 1979--Tel Aviv  
 Notable Notes: FINALIST (23): 1968--Gstaad, US Open; 1969--Gstaad, Hamburg; 1970--Gstaad; 1971--Gstaad, Monte Carlo, Montreal/Toronto, Toronto WCT, Vancouver WCT; 1972--Boston WCT, Rotterdam WCT, Stockholm; 1973--Los Angeles, Masters, Washington; 1974--Boston, Stockholm, Washington WCT; 1975--Johannesburg - WCT, Rotterdam WCT, Stockholm - WCT; 1978--Hilversum  
 Misc Notes: DOUBLES CAREER TITLES (69): 1980--Cairo, Birmingham, Hilversum; 1979--Memphis, Munich, Philadelphia, Stuttgart Indoor, Tel Aviv, Hilversum; 1978--Gstaad, Hamburg, Houston WCT, Montreal/Toronto, Stockholm, Woodlands Doubles, World Doubles WCT, Hilversum; 1977--Birmingham WCT, Mexico City WCT, Richmond WCT, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Toronto Indoor WCT, Woodlands Doubles, Charlotte WCT; 1976--Basel, Paris Indoor, US Open; 1975--Barcelona WCT, Johannesburg - WCT, Stockholm - WCT, Hong Kong; 1974--Stockholm; 1973--Johannesburg, Seattle, Barcelona, Madrid, Roland Garros, Rome, Charlotte WCT, Houston WCT, London / Queen's Club, London WCT, Milan WCT, Washington WCT; 1972--Alamo WCT, Charlotte WCT, Chicago WCT, Fort Worth WCT, Gothenberg WCT, Miami WCT, Montreal WCT, Richmond WCT, Stockholm, Washington WTC; 1971--Chicago WCT, Cologne WCT, Dallas WCT, London / Queen's Club, Montreal/Toronto, Toronto WCT, Washington WTC; 1970--London / Queen's Club, Los Angeles; 1969--Gstaad, Hamburg, Philadelphia WCT; 1968--Hamburg, Rome FINALIST (37): 1980--Masters Doubles WCT, Bangkok; 1979--Denver, Stockholm, Birmingham; 1978--St. Louis WCT, Munich; 1977--Monte Carlo WCT, Philadelphia WCT; 1976--Columbus WCT, Richmond WCT, Rotterdam WCT, Johannesburg WCT, Stockholm WCT, Stockholm; 1975--Bologna WCT, Monte Carlo WCT, Paris Indoor, Nottingham, US Open; 1974--Johannesburg, Miami WCT, Toronto WCT, Washington WCT; 1973--Cologne WCT, Denver WCT, World Doubles WCT, World Doubles WCT; 1971--Gstaad, Australian Open, Boston WCT, Quebec WCT, Monte Carlo; 1970--Hamburg, Gstaad; 1969--Wimbledon; 1968--Gstaad 

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