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Sports Network's American League Team Rankings

(As of May 4, 2015)

By Chris Ruddick, MLB Editor

TeamRecordPrevious Rank
1. Detroit Tigers17-91
2. Houston Astros18-76
   Perhaps that 5-year plan is three years ahead of schedule
3. Kansas City Royals16-92
   Mark it down ... Mike Moustakas is the best player in baseball
4. New York Yankees16-95
   Gee whiz Yankees just pay A-Rod his money
5. Boston Red Sox12-133
   Red Sox need a starting pitcher in the worst way possible
6. Tampa Bay Rays13-1213
   Rays will have to make due without Desmond Jennings for a while
7. Minnesota Twins13-1214
   Paul Molitor may be an early favorite for AL Manager of Year
8. Baltimore Orioles12-114
   Orioles make best of a bad situation last week in Baltimore
9. LA Angels of Anaheim11-1410
   The days of Jered Weaver being a dominant starter are long gone
10. Cleveland Indians9-1511
   Indians expect to get Nick Swisher back this week
11. Seattle Mariners10-157
   Well at least Nelson Cruz is mashing
12. Oakland Athletics11-158
   Billy Butler is mired in an 0-for-20 slump
13. Toronto Blue Jays12-149
   See Boston but switch Red Sox with Blue Jays
14. Chicago White Sox8-1412
   How about that Bears draft?
15. Texas Rangers8-1615
   I guess there's Josh Hamilton returning to look forward to

As of May 4, 2015, at 06:53 PM ET

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