Arizona Coyotes
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/31/2015Louis Domingue, GRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/31/2015Mike McKenna, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/31/2015Martin Hanzal, CDay-to-day with an upper-body injury
01/28/2015Brendan Shinnimin, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/26/2015Lucas Lessio, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/26/2015Andrew Campbell, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/21/2015Mike McKenna, GRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/21/2015Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/21/2015Philip Samuelsson, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/21/2015Lucas Lessio, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/21/2015Michael Lee, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/19/2015Mikkel Boedker, LWPlaced on injured reserve
01/19/2015Brandon Gormley, DActivated from injured reserve
01/15/2015Michael Lee, GRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/15/2015Brandon Gormley, DPlaced on injured reserve
01/14/2015Devan Dubnyk, GTraded to Minnesota
01/13/2015Chris Summers, DWaived
01/13/2015Brandon McMillan, LWWaived
01/13/2015Philip Samuelsson, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/13/2015Martin Hanzal, CPlaced on injured reserve
01/05/2015Lucas Lessio, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/03/2015David Schlemko, DWaived
01/02/2015Tyler Gaudet, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/29/2014Tyler Gaudet, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/29/2014Chris Summers, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/27/2014Lauri Korpikoski, LWReturned to line-up from a lower-body injury
12/23/2014Alexandre Bolduc, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/22/2014Brandon Gormley, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/16/2014Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/12/2014Alexandre Bolduc, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/12/2014Jordan Martinook, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/10/2014David Schlemko, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/07/2014Andrew Campbell, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/05/2014Philip Samuelsson, DAcquired from Pittsburgh
12/05/2014Rob Klinkhammer, LWTraded to Pittsburgh
12/05/2014Jordan Martinook, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/05/2014Andrew Campbell, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/05/2014David Schlemko, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/03/2014Brendan Shinnimin, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/28/2014Brendan Shinnimin, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/24/2014Lucas Lessio, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/18/2014David Schlemko, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/18/2014Brandon Gormley, DPlaced on injured reserve
11/15/2014David Schlemko, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/15/2014Lucas Lessio, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/14/2014David Schlemko, DWaived
11/03/2014Justin Hodgman, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/03/2014Brandon Gormley, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/02/2014Tobias Rieder, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/24/2014Justin Hodgman, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/12/2014Justin Hodgman, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/05/2014Laurent Dauphin, CSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/27/2014Krys Barch, LWReleased
09/27/2014Matt Kassian, LWReleased
09/27/2014Jamie McBain, DReleased
09/27/2014Alexandre Bolduc, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Darian Dziurzynski, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Tyler Gaudet, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Philip Lane, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Jordan Martinook, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Henrik Samuelsson, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Brendan Shinnimin, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Dylan Reese, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Mike McKenna, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Mark Visentin, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
07/18/2014Brendan Perlini, LWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/15/2014Brandon McMillan, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/15/2014Jordan Szwarz, RWSigned to a two-year, two-way contract
07/01/2014Joe Vitale, CSigned to a three-year contract
07/01/2014Dylan Reese, DSigned to a two-way contract
07/01/2014Devan Dubnyk, GSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014Alexandre Bolduc, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/01/2014Justin Hodgman, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/01/2014Andrew Campbell, DSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/01/2014Mike McKenna, GSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
06/29/2014Sam Gagner, CAcquired from Tampa Bay
06/29/2014B.J. Crombeen, RWAcquired from Tampa Bay
05/12/2014Chris Summers, DRe-signed to a two-year contract
05/08/2014Marek Langhamer, GSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/15/2014Connor Murphy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
04/15/2014Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
04/15/2014Mark Visentin, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
04/15/2014Tyler Gaudet, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
04/13/2014Darian Dziurzynski, LWSuspended three-games by (AHL)
04/12/2014Tyler Gaudet, CRecalled from Sault Ste. Marie (OHL)
04/12/2014Dan O`Donoghue, LWSigned to a two-year, entry-level contract
04/07/2014Justin Hache, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
03/26/2014Connor Murphy, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
03/25/2014Mark Visentin, GRecalled from Portland (AHL)
03/19/2014Greg Carey, CSigned to a one-year, entry-level contract
03/18/2014Andy Miele, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
03/12/2014Cade Fairchild, DAcquired from St. Louis
03/09/2014Andy Miele, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
03/07/2014Brandon Gormley, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
03/04/2014David Rundblad, DTraded to Chicago
03/04/2014Mathieu Brisebois, DTraded to Chicago
03/04/2014David Rundblad, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
03/04/2014Martin Erat, RWAcquired from Washington
03/04/2014John Mitchell, CAcquired from Washington
03/04/2014Rostislav Klesla, DTraded to Washington
03/04/2014Chris Brown, RWTraded to Washington
02/24/2014Brandon McMillan, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
02/24/2014Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
02/21/2014David Rundblad, DAssigned to Portland (AHL) for conditioning
02/20/2014Chris Summers, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
02/19/2014Brandon Gormley, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
02/18/2014Kyle Hagel, DSuspended two-games by (AHL)
02/09/2014Connor Murphy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
02/09/2014Tim Kennedy, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
02/04/2014Mark Louis, DSuspended one-game by (AHL)
01/31/2014Tim Kennedy, LWWaived
01/27/2014Connor Murphy, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/27/2014Jordan Szwarz, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/17/2014Rostislav Klesla, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/17/2014Martin Hanzal, CFined $5,000 by (NHL)
01/16/2014Zbynek Michalek, DActivated from injured reserve
01/16/2014Rostislav Klesla, DWaived
01/12/2014Jordan Szwarz, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
01/12/2014Connor Murphy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/04/2014Shane Doan, RWActivated from injured reserve
01/03/2014Chris Brown, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
01/02/2014Rostislav Klesla, DActivated from injured reserve
01/01/2014Gilbert Brule, RWRetired
12/30/2013Chris Brown, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/29/2013Gilbert Brule, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/29/2013Jordan Szwarz, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
12/27/2013Rostislav Klesla, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/21/2013Lauri Korpikoski, LWActivated from injured reserve
12/19/2013Rostislav Klesla, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/19/2013Zbynek Michalek, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/10/2013Gilbert Brule, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
12/10/2013Zbynek Michalek, DActivated from injured reserve
12/06/2013Shane Doan, RWPlaced on injured reserve
12/02/2013Rostislav Klesla, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/30/2013Gilbert Brule, RWSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
11/29/2013Rostislav Klesla, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/29/2013Chris Brown, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/27/2013Chris Brown, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/27/2013Connor Murphy, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/27/2013Rostislav Klesla, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/26/2013Rostislav Klesla, DWaived
11/21/2013Zbynek Michalek, DPlaced on injured reserve
11/21/2013Derek Morris, DActivated from injured reserve
11/20/2013Tim Kennedy, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/19/2013Lauri Korpikoski, LWPlaced on injured reserve
11/17/2013Connor Murphy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/16/2013Connor Murphy, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/14/2013Chris Brown, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/12/2013Chris Brown, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
11/12/2013Derek Morris, DPlaced on injured reserve
11/09/2013Jeff Halpern, CActivated from injured reserve
11/07/2013Andy Miele, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/05/2013Rostislav Klesla, DActivated from injured reserve
11/04/2013Tyler Gaudet, CSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
11/03/2013Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
11/01/2013Martin Hanzal, CSuspension over
10/31/2013Brandon Gormley, DRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/31/2013Tim Kennedy, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/31/2013Lauri Korpikoski, LWActivated from injured reserve
10/29/2013Jeff Halpern, CPlaced on injured reserve
10/28/2013Jordan Szwarz, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/28/2013Martin Hanzal, CSuspended for two games by the (NHL)
10/27/2013Andy Miele, CRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/27/2013Brandon Yip, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/26/2013Rostislav Klesla, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/25/2013Tim Kennedy, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/25/2013Lauri Korpikoski, LWPlaced on injured reserve
10/22/2013Brandon Yip, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/22/2013Tim Kennedy, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/14/2013Brandon Yip, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/12/2013Jeff Halpern, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
10/11/2013Chris Summers, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/11/2013Brandon Yip, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/10/2013Brandon Yip, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/10/2013Rostislav Klesla, DActivated from injured reserve
10/10/2013Chris Summers, DWaived
10/09/2013Tim Kennedy, LWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/09/2013Brandon Yip, RWRecalled from Portland (AHL)
10/09/2013Lucas Lessio, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/09/2013Chris Brown, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
10/09/2013Paul Bissonnette, LWSuspension over
09/26/2013Andy Miele, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/26/2013Jordan Szwarz, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/24/2013Tim Kennedy, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/24/2013Brandon McMillan, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/24/2013Brandon Yip, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/22/2013Brandon Gormley, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/22/2013Connor Murphy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/22/2013Michael Lee, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/22/2013Mark Visentin, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/22/2013Brendan Shinnimin, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/21/2013Mathieu Brodeur, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/21/2013James Melindy, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Darian Dziurzynski, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Brett Hextall, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Philip Lane, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Mark Louis, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Jordan Martinook, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Tobias Rieder, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Ethan Werek, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Mathieu Brisebois, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Daine Todd, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/19/2013Louis Domingue, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/17/2013Henrik Samuelsson, CAssigned to Edmonton (WHL)
09/16/2013Paul Bissonnette, LWSuspended for ten regular-season games without pay by (NHL) for being assessed a game misconduct penalty for leaving the bench on an illegal line change to join an altercation during a preseason game
09/15/2013Kyle Hagel, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/15/2013Keven Veilleux, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/15/2013Laurent Dauphin, CAssigned to junior club
09/15/2013Pavel Laplante, CAssigned to junior club
09/15/2013Justin Hache, DAssigned to junior club
09/15/2013Brendan Burke, GAssigned to junior club
09/07/2013Mikkel Boedker, LWRe-signed to a two-year contract
07/22/2013David Rundblad, DSigned to a two-year contract
07/22/2013Mark Louis, DSigned to a two-year, two-way contract
07/22/2013Mathieu Brodeur, DSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/22/2013Brett Hextall, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/22/2013Brandon McMillan, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/19/2013Brandon Yip, RWSigned to a one-year contract
07/14/2013Max Domi, CSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/11/2013Lauri Korpikoski, LWRe-signed to a four-year contract
07/11/2013Tim Kennedy, LWSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/09/2013Andy Miele, CRe-signed to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Chris Summers, DRe-signed to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Michael Stone, DRe-signed to a three-year contract
07/05/2013Mike Ribeiro, CSigned to a four-year contract
07/05/2013Thomas Greiss, GSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Kyle Chipchura, CRe-signed to a multi-year contract
07/01/2013Mike Smith, GSigned to a six-year contract