Toronto Maple Leafs
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/22/2015Josh Leivo, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/22/2015Matt Frattin, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/22/2015Stuart Percy, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/20/2015Stuart Percy, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/20/2015Sam Carrick, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/20/2015Troy Bodie, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/20/2015Josh Leivo, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/19/2015Matt Frattin, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/17/2015Matt Frattin, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/15/2015Matt Frattin, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/12/2015William Nylander, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/08/2015Greg McKegg, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/08/2015Troy Bodie, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/07/2015Sam Carrick, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/07/2015Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/07/2015Troy Bodie, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/06/2015Randy Carlyle, HCFired
01/04/2015Troy Bodie, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/01/2015Greg McKegg, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/01/2015Joffrey Lupul, LWPlaced on injured reserve
12/31/2014Leo Komarov, CActivated from injured reserve
12/30/2014Christopher Gibson, GAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/28/2014Leo Komarov, CPlaced on injured reserve
12/28/2014Christopher Gibson, GRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/22/2014Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/19/2014Carter Ashton, RWSuspension over
12/19/2014Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL) for conditioning
12/18/2014Brandon Kozun, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/17/2014Brandon Kozun, RWWaived
12/10/2014Stuart Percy, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/28/2014Brandon Kozun, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL) for conditioning
11/24/2014Korbinian Holzer, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/24/2014David Booth, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/24/2014Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/21/2014David Booth, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL) for conditioning
11/20/2014Matt Frattin, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/20/2014Petri Kontiola, CWaived
11/19/2014Matt Frattin, RWWaived
11/15/2014Korbinian Holzer, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/11/2014Josh Leivo, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/10/2014Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/10/2014Stuart Percy, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/10/2014Sam Carrick, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/09/2014Trevor Smith, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/08/2014Josh Leivo, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/06/2014Carter Ashton, RWSuspended for 20 games, without pay for violating performance enhancing substance program
11/03/2014Stuart Percy, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/01/2014Stuart Percy, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/01/2014Sam Carrick, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/30/2014Stuart Percy, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/26/2014Stuart Percy, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/18/2014Brandon Kozun, RWPlaced on injured reserve
10/09/2014Troy Bodie, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2014Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2014Richard Panik, RWClaimed off waivers from Tampa Bay
10/08/2014Troy Bodie, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
09/29/2014Troy Bodie, RWWaived
09/20/2014Cody Donaghey, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/09/2014Spencer Abbott, LWRe-signed to a one-year contract
08/18/2014William Nylander, RWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/29/2014Jake Gardiner, DSigned to a five-year contract
07/28/2014Daniel Winnik, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/25/2014James Reimer, GRe-signed to a two-year contract
07/22/2014David Booth, LWSigned to a one-year contract
07/21/2014Cody Franson, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/16/2014Peter Holland, CSigned to a two-year contract
07/16/2014Carter Ashton, RWRe-signed to a one-year contract
07/11/2014Jamie Devane, LWRe-signed to a two-year contract
07/10/2014Trevor Smith, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/10/2014Rinat Valiev, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/03/2014Petri Kontiola, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/03/2014Mike Santorelli, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/03/2014Troy Bodie, RWSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014Jerry D`Amigo, RWTraded to Columbus
07/01/2014Matt Frattin, RWAcquired from Columbus
07/01/2014Stephane Robidas, DSigned to a three-year contract
07/01/2014Leo Komarov, CSigned to a four-year contract
06/30/2014Tim Gleason, DWaived
06/28/2014Carl Gunnarsson, DTraded to St. Louis
06/28/2014Roman Polak, DAcquired from St. Louis
06/20/2014Brandon Kozun, RWSigned to a one-year contract
06/03/2014Antoine Bibeau, GSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/16/2014Viktor Loov, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/15/2014Frazer McLaren, LWSuspended two-games by (AHL)
04/10/2014Trevor Smith, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/10/2014Petter Granberg, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/10/2014Ryan Rupert, CSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/09/2014Jerry D`Amigo, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
04/08/2014Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/08/2014Drew MacIntyre, GRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/06/2014Drew MacIntyre, GAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
04/04/2014Drew MacIntyre, GRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/03/2014Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
04/02/2014Carter Verhaeghe, CSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
03/29/2014Jerry D`Amigo, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
03/25/2014Eric Knodel, DSigned to a one-year, entry-level contract
03/22/2014Peter Holland, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/22/2014Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/22/2014Dave Bolland, CActivated from injured reserve
03/15/2014Drew MacIntyre, GRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
03/10/2014Frazer McLaren, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/08/2014Frazer McLaren, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
03/05/2014Trevor Smith, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/05/2014Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
03/05/2014Peter Holland, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
03/04/2014Trevor Smith, LWWaived
03/04/2014Frazer McLaren, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/03/2014Frazer McLaren, LWWaived
03/02/2014Peter Holland, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
03/01/2014Peter Holland, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
02/28/2014Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
02/27/2014Trevor Smith, LWActivated from injured reserve
02/24/2014Peter Holland, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
02/04/2014David Clarkson, RWActivated from injured reserve
02/03/2014Jerred Smithson, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
02/03/2014Greg McKegg, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
02/01/2014Greg McKegg, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
02/01/2014Frazer McLaren, LWActivated from injured reserve
02/01/2014Carter Ashton, RWPlaced on injured reserve
01/31/2014Cameron Abney, RWAcquired from Edmonton
01/31/2014Teemu Hartikainen, LWAcquired from Edmonton
01/31/2014Mark Fraser, DTraded to Edmonton
01/22/2014Brandon Kozun, RWAcquired from Los Angeles
01/22/2014Andrew Crescenzi, CTraded to Los Angeles
01/18/2014Troy Bodie, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/17/2014David Clarkson, RWPlaced on injured reserve
01/17/2014Frazer McLaren, LWPlaced on injured reserve
01/13/2014Jerry D`Amigo, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/13/2014Peter Holland, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/08/2014Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
01/08/2014Peter Holland, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
01/03/2014Joffrey Lupul, RWFined $10,000 by (NHL) for cross-checking
01/01/2014Tim Gleason, DAcquired from Carolina
01/01/2014John-Michael Liles, DTraded to Carolina
12/31/2013Dion Phaneuf, DSigned to a seven-year contract extension
12/29/2013Tyler Bozak, CActivated from injured reserve
12/29/2013Jerred Smithson, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/23/2013Troy Bodie, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/23/2013Colton Orr, RWActivated off injured reserve
12/18/2013Trevor Smith, LWPlaced on injured reserve
12/18/2013Jerred Smithson, CRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/17/2013David Clarkson, RWSuspension over
12/14/2013Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/14/2013Troy Bodie, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/14/2013David Clarkson, RWSuspended two games by (NHL)
12/13/2013Dion Phaneuf, DSuspension over
12/11/2013Joffrey Lupul, RWActivated from injured reserve
12/10/2013Dion Phaneuf, DSuspended two-games by (NHL)
12/06/2013John-Michael Liles, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/05/2013Jerry D`Amigo, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
12/05/2013Tyler Bozak, CPlaced on injured reserve
12/05/2013Colton Orr, RWPlaced on injured reserve
12/05/2013Jerred Smithson, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
12/04/2013Jerred Smithson, CWaived
11/29/2013Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/28/2013Joffrey Lupul, RWPlaced on injured reserve
11/27/2013Frederik Gauthier, LWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
11/25/2013Tyler Bozak, CActivated from injured reserve
11/22/2013Connor Brown, RWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
11/21/2013Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/20/2013Nazem Kadri, CSuspension over
11/19/2013Matthew Finn, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
11/19/2013Jamie Devane, LWSuspended one-game by (AHL)
11/16/2013Jesse Blacker, DTraded to Anaheim
11/16/2013Peter Holland, CAcquired from Anaheim
11/16/2013Brad Staubitz, RWAcquired from Anaheim and assigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/16/2013Troy Bodie, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/15/2013Trevor Smith, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
11/15/2013John-Michael Liles, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/14/2013Nazem Kadri, CSuspended three-games by (NHL)
11/09/2013Carter Ashton, RWSuspension over
11/08/2013Mark Fraser, DActivated from injured reserve
11/06/2013Trevor Smith, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
11/06/2013Jerred Smithson, CSigned to a one-year contract
11/05/2013Dave Bolland, CPlaced on injured reserve
11/02/2013Nikolai Kulemin, LWActivated from injured reserve
11/01/2013Carter Ashton, RWSuspended two-games without pay by (NHL)
10/28/2013John-Michael Liles, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/27/2013Tyler Bozak, CPlaced on injured reserve
10/26/2013Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/26/2013Carter Ashton, RWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/25/2013Frazer McLaren, LWActivated from injured reserve
10/24/2013Josh Leivo, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/23/2013David Clarkson, RWSuspension over
10/23/2013Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/21/2013Trevor Smith, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/20/2013Carter Ashton, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/20/2013David Broll, LWReassigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/20/2013Trevor Smith, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/15/2013Trevor Smith, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/11/2013TJ Brennan, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2013Trevor Smith, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2013Jamie Devane, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2013David Broll, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2013Josh Leivo, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/09/2013TJ Brennan, DRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/07/2013Jamie Devane, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/06/2013Spencer Abbott, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/06/2013Jamie Devane, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
10/05/2013Spencer Abbott, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/05/2013Nikolai Kulemin, LWPlaced on injured reserve
10/04/2013Jamie Devane, LWRecalled from Toronto (AHL)
10/03/2013Mark Fraser, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/01/2013Phil Kessel, RWSigned to an eight-year contract extension
09/29/2013Joe Colborne, CTraded to Calgary
09/26/2013Cody Franson, DSigned to a one-year contract
09/24/2013Phil Kessel, RWSuspended for the final three-games of the preseason by (NHL)
09/24/2013David Clarkson, RWSuspended 10-games by (NHL)
09/23/2013Mason Raymond, LWSigned to a one-year contract
09/18/2013Jesse Blacker, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/18/2013Tyler Biggs, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Sam Carrick, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Jerry D`Amigo, RWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Dylan Yeo, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Zach Yuen, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Garret Sparks, GAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Andrew Crescenzi, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Josh Leivo, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Greg Mckegg, CAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Christopher Gibson, GAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Petter Granberg, DAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Brad Ross, LWAssigned to Toronto (AHL)
09/17/2013Ryan Rupert, CAssigned to junior club
09/17/2013Frederik Gauthier, LWAssigned to junior club
09/10/2013Nazem Kadri, CSigned to a two-year contract
07/30/2013Spencer Abbott, LWSigned to a one-year contract extension
07/30/2013Mark Fraser, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/24/2013Paul Ranger, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/22/2013Carl Gunnarsson, DSigned to a three-year contract
07/21/2013Christopher Gibson, GSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/10/2013Joe Colborne, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/10/2013Troy Bodie, RWSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Tyler Bozak, CSigned to a five-year contract
07/05/2013Frazer McLaren, LWSigned
07/05/2013Trevor Smith, LWSigned
07/05/2013TJ Brennan, DSigned
07/05/2013Kevin Marshall, DSigned
07/05/2013David Clarkson, RWSigned to a seven-year contract
07/05/2013Jonathan Bernier, GSigned to a two-year contract
07/04/2013Mikhail Grabovski, CWaived