Philadelphia Flyers
Transactions (Season: 2014)

11/28/2014Jason Akeson, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
11/27/2014Jason Akeson, CWaived
11/18/2014Scott Laughton, CRecalled from Lehigh Valley (AHL)
11/18/2014Blair Jones, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
11/08/2014Braydon Coburn, DActivated from injured reserve
11/05/2014Brandon Manning, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
11/04/2014Blair Jones, CWaived
10/31/2014Shayne Gostisbehere, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
10/30/2014Carlo Colaiacovo, DSigned
10/29/2014Brandon Manning, DRecalled from Lehigh Valley (AHL)
10/24/2014Braydon Coburn, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/24/2014Shayne Gostisbehere, DRecalled from Lehigh Valley (AHL)
10/15/2014Chris VandeVelde, CRecalled from Lehigh Valley (AHL)
10/10/2014Marcel Noebels, CWaived
10/03/2014Samuel Morin, DReturned to Rimouski (QMJHL)
10/02/2014Nicolas Aube-Kubel, RWSigned to an entry-level contract
09/25/2014Travis Sanheim, DSigned to an entry-level contract
09/24/2014Nicolas Aube-Kubel, RWReturned to Val D`Or (QMJHL)
09/24/2014Radel Fazleev, CAssigned to Calgary (WHL)
09/24/2014Travis Sanheim, DReturned to Calgary (WHL)
09/24/2014Brandon Alderson, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Nick Cousins, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Austin Fyten, LWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Kevin Goumas, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Brett Hextall, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Andrew Johnston, LWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Derek Mathers, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Marcel Noebels, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Petr Straka, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Mark Alt, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Steven Delisle, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Brett Flemming, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Robert Hagg, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Maxim Lamarche, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Jesper Pettersson, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Connor Knapp, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Martin Ouellette, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Anthony Stolarz, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/02/2014Zac Rinaldo, LWSigned to a two-year contract extension
08/27/2014Brandon Manning, DRe-signed to a one-year contract
08/07/2014Ryan White, CSigned to a one-year contract
08/05/2014Michael Del Zotto, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/14/2014Jesper Pettersson, DSigned to an entry-level contract
07/04/2014Chris VandeVelde, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/02/2014Jason Akeson, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/02/2014Nick Schultz, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/02/2014Andrew Gordon, RWSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/02/2014Zack Stortini, CSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/02/2014Tye McGinn, LWTraded to San Jose
07/01/2014Rob Zepp, GSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/01/2014Ray Emery, GSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014Blair Jones, CSigned
06/23/2014Scott Hartnell, LWTraded to Columbus for R.J. Umberger and a fourth-round 2015 NHL draft pick
06/23/2014R.J. Umberger, CAcquired from Columbus
06/23/2014Brayden Schenn, CRe-signed to a two-year contract
06/13/2014Kimmo Timonen, DSigned to a one-year contract extension
06/11/2014Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, LWSigned
04/24/2014Scott Laughton, CRecalled from Oshawa (OHL)
04/23/2014Brandon Alderson, RWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Nick Cousins, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Ben Holmstrom, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Petr Straka, RWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Mark Alt, DRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Oliver Lauridsen, DRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Brandon Manning, DRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/23/2014Yann Danis, GRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/15/2014Andrew MacDonald, DSigned to a six-year contract extension
04/15/2014Shayne Gostisbehere, DSigned to an entry-level contract
04/14/2014Scott Hartnell, LWFined $5,000 for spearing during April 13th game versus Carolina
04/14/2014Zac Rinaldo, CSuspension over
04/13/2014Cal Heeter, GRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/13/2014Jason Akeson, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
04/07/2014Zac Rinaldo, CSuspended four-games by (NHL)
03/26/2014Kevin Goumas, RWAgreed to terms
03/24/2014Tye McGinn, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
03/22/2014Michael Raffl, LWSigned to a two-year contract extension
03/21/2014Robert Hagg, DSigned
03/13/2014Cal Heeter, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
03/13/2014Chris VandeVelde, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
03/12/2014Yann Danis, GRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
03/11/2014Chris VandeVelde, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
03/05/2014Andrej Meszaros, DTraded to Boston
03/05/2014Michael Raffl, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
03/04/2014Michael Raffl, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
03/04/2014Andrew MacDonald, DAcquired from NY Islanders
03/04/2014Matt Mangene, FTraded to NY Islanders
03/04/2014Cal Heeter, GRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
03/03/2014Cal Heeter, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
03/01/2014Cal Heeter, GRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
02/18/2014Kris Newbury, CSuspended four-games by (AHL)
02/18/2014Cal Heeter, GSuspended three-games by (AHL)
02/18/2014Zack FitzGerald, DSuspended two-games by (AHL)
02/18/2014Ben Holmstrom, CSuspended one-game by (AHL)
02/18/2014Tye McGinn, LWSuspended one-game by (AHL)
01/30/2014Zac Rinaldo, LWActivated from injured reserve
01/29/2014Chris VandeVelde, CWaived
01/18/2014Steve Mason, GSigned to a multi-year contract extension
01/14/2014Matt Read, RWActivated from injured reserve
01/13/2014Tye McGinn, LWLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
01/10/2014Zac Rinaldo, LWPlaced on injured reserve
01/10/2014Tye McGinn, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
01/02/2014Matt Read, RWPlaced on injured reserve
12/28/2013Steve Downie, RWActivated from injured reserve
12/23/2013Erik Gustafsson, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/21/2013Vincent Lecavalier, CActivated from injured reserve
12/21/2013Steve Downie, RWPlaced on injured reserve
12/12/2013Tye McGinn, LWLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
12/12/2013Chris VandeVelde, CSigned to a one-year contract
12/09/2013Vincent Lecavalier, CPlaced on injured reserve
12/09/2013Tye McGinn, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
11/12/2013Steve Downie, RWActivated from injured reserve
11/06/2013Kris Newbury, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
11/06/2013Tye McGinn, LWLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
11/02/2013Tye McGinn, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
11/02/2013Steve Downie, RWPlaced on injured reserve
10/31/2013Steve Downie, RWAcquired from Colorado
10/31/2013Maxime Talbot, CTraded to Colorado
10/25/2013Tye McGinn, LWLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/25/2013Scott Hartnell, LWActivated from injured reserve
10/24/2013Vincent Lecavalier, CActivated from injured reserve
10/23/2013Kris Newbury, CLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/12/2013Scott Hartnell, LWPlaced on injured reserve
10/12/2013Vincent Lecavalier, CPlaced on injured reserve
10/12/2013Tye McGinn, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
10/12/2013Michael Raffl, LWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
10/03/2013Scott Laughton, CLoaned to Oshawa (OHL)
10/03/2013Kris Newbury, CRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2013Adam Hall, RWRecalled from Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2013Hal Gill, DSigned to a one-year contract
09/30/2013Adam Hall, RWLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/30/2013Bruno Gervais, DLoaned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/30/2013Chris Pronger, DPlaced on injured reserve
09/27/2013Michael Raffl, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2013Oliver Lauridsen, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/22/2013Kris Newbury, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/22/2013Ben Holmstrom, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/22/2013Yann Danis, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/20/2013Matt Read, RWSigned to a four-year contract
09/18/2013Samuel Morin, DReturned to Rimouski (QMJHL)
09/18/2013Brandon Alderson, RWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Jason Akeson, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Mark Alt, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Rob Bordson, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Tyler Brown, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Nick Cousins, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Steven Delisle, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Cullen Eddy, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Kyle Flanagan, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Cal Heeter, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Tyler Hostetter, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Andrew Johnston, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Matt Konan, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Maxim Lamarche, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Matt Mangene, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Brandon Manning, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Derek Mathers, RWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Tye McGinn, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Marcel Noebels, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Petr Straka, RWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Zack Fitzgerald, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/18/2013Taylor Leier, LWAssigned to Portland (WHL)
09/17/2013Samuel Morin, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/09/2013Taylor Leier, LWSigned to an entry-level contract
08/29/2013Brandon Manning, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/20/2013Sean Couturier, CSigned to a two-year contract extension
07/10/2013Oliver Lauridsen, DSigned to a two-year contract extension
07/09/2013Erik Gustafsson, DSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Ray Emery, GSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Claude Giroux, CSigned to a multi-year contract extension
07/05/2013Yann Danis, GSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/02/2013Vincent Lecavalier, CSigned to a multi-year contract
07/01/2013Danny Syvret, DTraded to NY Rangers for Kris Newbury
07/01/2013Kris Newbury, CAcquired from NY Rangers