New York Islanders
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/31/2015Lubomir Visnovsky, DActivated from injured reserve
01/30/2015Colin McDonald, RWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
01/28/2015Cal Clutterbuck, RWFined $2,000 for diving
01/27/2015Kyle Okposo, RWPlaced on injured reserve
01/27/2015Eric Boulton, LWPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to January 17
01/06/2015Michael Grabner, RWActivated from injured reserve
01/06/2015Lubomir Visnovsky, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/28/2014Kevin Poulin, GAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/28/2014Jaroslav Halak, GActivated from injured reserve
12/27/2014Kevin Poulin, GRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
12/27/2014Jaroslav Halak, GPlaced on injured reserve
12/24/2014Kevin Poulin, GAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/23/2014Kevin Poulin, GRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
12/20/2014Sebastian Collberg, RWReassigned from Stockton (ECHL) to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/19/2014Johnny Boychuk, DActivated from injured reserve
12/19/2014Travis Hamonic, DActivated from injured reserve
12/17/2014Griffin Reinhart, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/17/2014Michael Grabner, RWPlaced on injured reserve
12/15/2014Casey Cizikas, CActivated from injured reserve
12/14/2014Cory Conacher, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/12/2014Cory Conacher, LWWaived
12/09/2014Casey Cizikas, CPlaced on injured reserve
12/09/2014Anders Lee, CFined $2,286.29 for elbowing Carl Gunnarsson on December 6
12/09/2014Lubomir Visnovsky, DActivated from injured reserve
12/05/2014Ryan Pulock, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
12/05/2014Travis Hamonic, DPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to December 2
12/03/2014Johnny Boychuk, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/03/2014Lubomir Visnovsky, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/03/2014Griffin Reinhart, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
12/03/2014Michael Grabner, RWActivated from injured reserve
11/27/2014Alexandre Mallet, LWAssigned to Stockton (ECHL)
11/25/2014Alexandre Mallet, LWAcquired from Vancouver
11/25/2014Andrey Pedan, DTraded to Vancouver
11/14/2014Josh Bailey, LWActivated from injured reserve
10/24/2014Josh Bailey, LWPlaced on injured reserve
10/23/2014Colin McDonald, RWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
10/22/2014Colin McDonald, CWaived
10/22/2014Mikhail Grabovski, CPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to October 16
10/22/2014Anders Lee, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
10/16/2014Griffin Reinhart, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
10/16/2014Calvin de Haan, DActivated from injured reserve
10/07/2014Matt Carkner, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/07/2014Anders Lee, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
10/07/2014Ryan Pulock, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
10/04/2014Johnny Boychuk, DAcquired from Boston
10/04/2014Nick Leddy, DAcquired from Chicago
10/04/2014Kent Simpson, DAcquired from Chicago
10/04/2014TJ Brennan, DTraded to Chicago
10/04/2014Ville Pokka, DTraded to Chicago
10/04/2014Anders Nilsson, GTraded to Chicago
09/30/2014Brett Gallant, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/30/2014Andrey Pedan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
09/30/2014Adam Pelech, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Sebastian Collberg, RWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Lukas Sutter, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Loic Leduc, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Andrey Pedan, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Adam Pelech, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Jesse Graham, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Justin Courtnall, LWReleased
09/29/2014Colton Gillies, LWReleased
09/29/2014C.J. Stretch, CReleased
07/24/2014Kevin Poulin, GSigned to a two-year, two-way contract
07/15/2014Calvin de Haan, DSigned to a three-year contract
07/15/2014Kirill Kabanov, LWWaived
07/15/2014Casey Cizikas, CSigned to a two-year contract
07/15/2014Matt Donovan, DRe-signed to a one-year contract
07/15/2014Brett Gallant, LWRe-signed to a one-year contract
07/11/2014Anders Lee, LWRe-signed
07/11/2014Aaron Ness, DRe-signed
07/02/2014Mikhail Grabovski, CSigned to a four-year contract
07/02/2014Nikolai Kulemin, LWSigned to a four-year contract
07/01/2014Chad Johnson, GSigned
07/01/2014TJ Brennan, DSigned to a one-year, one-way contract
07/01/2014Cory Conacher, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014David Leggio, GSigned
07/01/2014Harry Zolnierczyk, LWSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014Jack Skille, RWSigned
06/05/2014Dan Boyle, DAcquired from San Jose for a conditional 2015 draft pick
05/31/2014Jesse Graham, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
05/28/2014Ville Pokka, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
05/22/2014Jaroslav Halak, GSigned to a four-year contract
05/01/2014Jaroslav Halak, GAcquired from Washington
04/28/2014Loic Leduc, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/14/2014John Persson, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Johan Sundstrom, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Mike Halmo, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Justin Johnson, RWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Brett Gallant, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Scott Mayfield, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Matt Donovan, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/14/2014Ryan Pulock, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
04/11/2014Justin Johnson, RWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
04/09/2014Johan Sundstrom, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
04/07/2014Brett Gallant, LWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
04/05/2014Scott Mayfield, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
04/05/2014Johan Sundstrom, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
04/05/2014Johan Sundstrom, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
03/27/2014John Persson, LWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
03/23/2014Eric Boulton, LWSigned to a one-year contract
03/15/2014Adam Pelech, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
03/13/2014Johan Sundstrom, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
03/11/2014Kevin Czuczman, DSigned to a two-year, entry-level contract
03/05/2014Thomas Vanek, LWTraded to Montreal
03/05/2014Sebastian Collberg, RWAcquired from Montreal
03/05/2014Mike Halmo, LWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
03/05/2014Matt Donovan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
03/04/2014Andrew MacDonald, DTraded to Philadelphia
03/04/2014Matt Mangene, FAcquired from Philadelphia
03/03/2014Justin Johnson, RWSigned to a two-way contract and assigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
03/03/2014Travis Hamonic, DSuspension over
03/02/2014Mike Halmo, LWReturned to Bridgeport (AHL)
03/02/2014Frans Nielsen, CActivated off injured reserve
03/01/2014Anders Nilsson, GRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
03/01/2014Kevin Poulin, GLoaned to Bridgeport (AHL)
03/01/2014Travis Hamonic, DSuspended one-game by (NHL)
02/24/2014Frans Nielsen, CPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to February 8
02/24/2014Ryan Strome, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL) on an emergency basis
02/24/2014Anders Lee, LWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL) on an emergency basis
02/24/2014Mike Halmo, LWRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL) on an emergency basis
02/24/2014John Tavares, CPlaced on injured reserve
02/08/2014Matt Donovan, DLoaned to Bridgeport (AHL)
02/07/2014Travis Hamonic, DActivated from injured reserve
02/06/2014Peter Regin, LWTraded to Chicago
02/06/2014Pierre-Marc Bouchard, RWTraded to Chicago
02/06/2014Andrey Pedan, DAssigned to Stockton (ECHL)
02/04/2014Marc Cantin, DSuspended four-games by (AHL)
01/28/2014Matt Donovan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
01/28/2014Travis Hamonic, DPlaced on injured reserve
01/27/2014Lubomir Visnovsky, DActivated from injured reserve
01/27/2014Evgeni Nabokov, GActivated from injured reserve
01/27/2014Matt Donovan, DLoaned to Bridgeport (AHL)
01/27/2014Anders Nilsson, GAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
01/17/2014Kirill Kabanov, LWLoaned to Modo (SEL)
01/16/2014Radek Martinek, DActivated from injured reserve
01/15/2014Ryan Strome, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
01/07/2014Evgeni Nabokov, GPlaced on injured reserve
01/07/2014Anders Nilsson, GRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
01/02/2014Matt Donovan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
01/01/2014Aaron Ness, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/12/2013Brian Strait, DActivated from injured reserve
12/12/2013Evgeni Nabokov, GActivated from injured reserve
12/12/2013Radek Martinek, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/12/2013Anders Nilsson, GAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/11/2013Ryan Strome, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
12/10/2013Pierre-Marc Bouchard, RWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
12/09/2013Pierre-Marc Bouchard, RWWaived
11/28/2013Calvin de Haan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
11/28/2013Matt Donovan, DLoaned to Bridgeport (AHL)
11/17/2013Anders Nilsson, GRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
11/17/2013Evgeni Nabokov, GPlaced on injured reserve
11/13/2013Kirill Kabanov, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
11/07/2013Aaron Ness, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
11/04/2013Brian Strait, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/27/2013Thomas Vanek, LWAcquired from Buffalo
10/27/2013Matt Moulson, LWTraded to Buffalo
10/26/2013Michael Grabner, RWSuspension over
10/23/2013Radek Martinek, DSigned to a one-year contract
10/21/2013Lubomir Visnovsky, DPlaced on injured reserve
10/21/2013Brock Nelson, CRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
10/21/2013Michael Grabner, RWSuspended two-games by (NHL)
10/19/2013Brock Nelson, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
10/09/2013Cal Clutterbuck, RWActivated from injured reserve
10/09/2013Frans Nielsen, CFined $5,000 by (NHL)
10/09/2013Griffin Reinhart, DAssigned to Edmonton (WHL)
10/08/2013Kirill Kabanov, LWReassigned to Stockton (ECHL)
09/29/2013Ryan Pulock, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/18/2013Thomas Hickey, DSigned to a two-year contract extension
07/15/2013Josh Bailey, LWSigned to a five-year contract
07/09/2013Cal Clutterbuck, RWSigned to a four-year contract
07/08/2013Kevin Poulin, GSigned to a one-year, two-way contract
07/05/2013Evgeni Nabokov, GSigned a one-year contract
07/05/2013Pierre-Marc Bouchard, RWSigned a one-year contract
07/05/2013Peter Regin, LWSigned a one-year contract
07/05/2013Travis Hamonic, DSigned to a seven-year contract
07/02/2013Rick DiPietro, GWaived