Dallas Stars
Season: 2013
Rich PeverleyC07/25/2014is out indefinitelyOutheart surgery
Patrick NemethD04/27/2014played in Game 6 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals Sunday against AnaheimProbableupper body
Brenden DillonD04/25/2014played in Game 5 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals Friday against AnaheimProbablelower body
Ray WhitneyLW04/16/2014played in Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals Wednesday against AnaheimProbablelower body
Aaron RomeD04/13/2014played Sunday's game against PhoenixProbablelower body
Erik ColeRW04/05/2014played Saturday against Tampa BayProbableupper body
Tyler SeguinC03/29/2014played Saturday's game against St. LouisProbablebody soreness
Shawn HorcoffC03/22/2014played Saturday against OttawaProbableupper body
Kari LehtonenG03/18/2014played Tuesday's game against PittsburghProbableconcussion
Cody EakinD03/16/2014played Sunday against WinnipegProbablelower body
Alex GoligoskiD03/16/2014played Sunday against WinnipegProbableupper body
Sergei GoncharD01/18/2014played Saturday against MinnesotaProbablelower body
Trevor DaleyD01/06/2014was activated from the injured reserve and played Monday against the NY IslandersProbablesprained left ankle
Alex ChiassonRW12/29/2013played Sunday's game against St. LouisProbableflu-like symptoms
Vernon FiddlerC12/21/2013played Saturday's game against San JoseProbableupper body
Ryan GarbuttC12/07/2013played Saturday against PhiladelphiaProbablebone bruise in foot/ankle
Lane MacDermidLW04/21/2013played Sunday against Los AngelesProbablebruised chest
Philip LarsenD03/21/2013played Thursday against Los AngelesProbableillness
Jamie BennC03/16/2013played Saturday against ChicagoProbablewrist
Brenden MorrowLW03/14/2013played Thursday against AnaheimProbablestrained groin
Michael RyderRW02/21/2013played Thursday against VancouverProbableillness
Derek RoyC02/04/2013was activated from injured reserve and played Monday against ColoradoProbablestrained groin
Cristopher NilstorpG02/04/2013was activated from injured reserveQuestionablestrained groin
Jaromir JagrRW01/28/2013played Monday agianst ColumbusProbableback