Los Angeles Kings
Transactions (Season: 2014)

03/22/2015Mike Richards, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
03/20/2015Alec Martinez, DActivated off injured reserve
02/27/2015Derek Forbort, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/26/2015Alec Martinez, DPlaced on injured reserve
02/25/2015Kyle Clifford, LWSigned to a five-year contract extension
02/25/2015Andrej Sekera, DAcquired from Carolina
02/25/2015Roland McKeown, DTraded to Carolina
02/24/2015Jordan Nolan, CSigned to a three-year contract extension
02/11/2015Derek Forbort, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/28/2015Tyler Toffoli, CActivated from injured reserve
01/28/2015Martin Jones, GActivated from injured reserve
01/27/2015Mike Richards, CCleared waivers, assigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/26/2015Nick Shore, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/26/2015Mike Richards, CWaived
01/22/2015Nick Shore, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2015Jean-Francois Berube, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/21/2015Jeff Schultz, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/19/2015Martin Jones, GPlaced on injured reserve
01/19/2015Robyn Regehr, DActivated from injured reserve
01/17/2015Jean-Francois Berube, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/17/2015Tyler Toffoli, CPlaced on injured reserve
01/11/2015Nick Shore, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/11/2015Tanner Pearson, LWPlaced on injured reserve
12/20/2014Andy Andreoff, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
12/19/2014Jeff Schultz, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
12/19/2014Robyn Regehr, DPlaced on injured reserve
12/09/2014Andy Andreoff, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
12/05/2014Andy Andreoff, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL) for conditioning
12/03/2014Alec Martinez, DSigned to a six-year contract extension
12/02/2014Slava Voynov, DFined $100,000 by (NHL) for violating the terms of his indefinite suspension
11/17/2014Andrew Bodnarchuk, DActivated from injured reserve and assigned to Manchester (AHL)
11/11/2014Jamie McBain, DSigned to a one-year contract
11/11/2014Slava Voynov, DDesignated as a non-roster player
11/05/2014Jordan Nolan, CSuspension over
11/02/2014Jordan Nolan, CSuspended two-games by (NHL)
10/31/2014Trevor Lewis, CActivated from injured reserve
10/31/2014David Van Der Gulik, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
10/30/2014David Van Der Gulik, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
10/23/2014Slava Voynov, DSuspension lifted
10/20/2014Slava Voynov, DSuspended indefinitely by (NHL)
10/15/2014Jake Muzzin, DSigned to a five-year contract extension
09/30/2014David Van Der Gulik, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Justin Auger, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Ryan Horvat, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Maxim Kitsyn, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Michael Mersch, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Scott Sabourin, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Kevin Gravel, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Zachary Leslie, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Kurtis MacDermid, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Colin Miller, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Alex Roach, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Valentin Zykov, LWAssigned to Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)
09/26/2014Alex Lintuniemi, DAssigned to Ottawa (OHL)
07/30/2014Dwight King, LWSigned to a three-year contract extension
07/15/2014Jean-Francois Berube, GRe-signed to a two-year contract
07/14/2014Brayden McNabb, DSigned to a two-year contract
07/14/2014Andy Andreoff, LWSigned to a one-year contract
07/01/2014Adam Cracknell, RWSigned to a one-year contract
06/30/2014Jeff Schultz, DRe-signed to a two-year contract
06/28/2014Linden Vey, RWTraded to Vancouver
06/25/2014Marian Gaborik, RWSigned to a seven-year contract
06/24/2014Matt Greene, DSigned to a four-yeart contract
05/28/2014Nick Ebert, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
05/27/2014Valentin Zykov, LWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
05/21/2014Patrik Bartosak, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Scott Sabourin, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Jordan Weal, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Nick Shore, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Colin Miller, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Andrew Campbell, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/16/2014Derek Forbort, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
05/14/2014Vincent LoVerde, DSigned to a one-year contract
05/07/2014Colin Miller, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Nick Shore, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Derek Forbort, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Andy Andreoff, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Patrik Bartosak, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Jordan Weal, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/07/2014Scott Sabourin, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Brayden McNabb, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Andrew Campbell, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Andrew Bodnarchuk, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Jean-Francois Berube, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Colin Fraser, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/04/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
05/02/2014Mathieu Garon, GRetired
05/01/2014Brian O`Neill, RWRe-signed to a two-year contract
04/30/2014Jeff Schultz, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
04/29/2014Colin Fraser, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
04/22/2014Colin Fraser, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
04/21/2014Linden Vey, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
04/15/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
04/13/2014Andrew Campbell, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
04/09/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Ontario (ECHL)
04/08/2014Trevor Lewis, CSigned to a two-year contract extension
04/05/2014Andrew Campbell, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
04/04/2014Linden Vey, RWAssigned to Ontario (ECHL)
04/03/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
04/01/2014Michael Mersch, LWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
04/01/2014Nic Dowd, CSigned to a one-year, entry-level contract
03/22/2014Patrik Bartosak, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
03/11/2014Jordan Nolan, CSuspension over
03/10/2014Jordan Nolan, CSuspended for one game, without pay
03/05/2014Marian Gaborik, RWAcquired from Columbus
03/05/2014Matt Frattin, RWTraded to Columbus
03/05/2014Nicolas Deslauriers, DTraded to Buffalo
03/05/2014Jonathan Parker, RWAcquired from Buffalo
03/05/2014Patrik Bartosak, GSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
03/05/2014Brayden McNabb, DAcquired from Buffalo
03/05/2014Hudson Fasching, RWTraded to Buffalo
03/05/2014Linden Vey, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
03/05/2014James Livingston, RWAcquired from San Jose
02/24/2014Martin Jones, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
02/24/2014Jean-Francois Berube, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/19/2014Tyler Toffoli, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
02/19/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
02/19/2014Tanner Pearson, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
02/09/2014Colin Fraser, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/08/2014Colin Fraser, CWaived
02/07/2014Martin Jones, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/07/2014Tyler Toffoli, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/07/2014Jean-Francois Berube, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
02/06/2014Robert Czarnik, CTraded to Montreal
02/06/2014Steven Quailer, RWAcquired from Montreal and assigned to Manchester (AHL)
02/05/2014Jeff Schultz, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2014Tyler Toffoli, CRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2014Jeff Schultz, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2014Tanner Pearson, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2014Linden Vey, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/22/2014Brandon Kozun, RWTraded to Toronto
01/22/2014Andrew Crescenzi, CAcquired from Toronto
01/16/2014Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/15/2014Ben Scrivens, GTraded to Edmonton
01/15/2014Martin Jones, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/14/2014Tyler Toffoli, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/07/2014Tanner Pearson, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
01/05/2014Martin Jones, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
01/04/2014Jonathan Quick, GActivated from injured reserve
01/04/2014Daniel Carcillo, LWTraded to NY Rangers for a conditional seventh round pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft
12/19/2013Colin Fraser, CActivated from injured reserve
12/19/2013Linden Vey, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
12/14/2013Trevor Lewis, CActivated from injured reserve
12/14/2013Colin Fraser, CPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to December 11
12/10/2013Matt Greene, DActivated from injured reserve
12/08/2013Jeff Schultz, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
12/03/2013Tanner Pearson, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
12/03/2013Jeff Schultz, DRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
11/25/2013Jeff Carter, CActivated from injured reserve
11/25/2013Jonathan Quick, GPlaced on injured reserve, retroactive to November 12
11/23/2013Kyle Clifford, LWActivated from injured reserve
11/22/2013Trevor Lewis, CPlaced on injured reserve
11/13/2013Martin Jones, GRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
11/13/2013Tanner Pearson, LWRecalled from Manchester (AHL)
11/13/2013Kyle Clifford, LWPlaced on injured reserve
11/13/2013Matt Greene, DPlaced on injured reserve
11/02/2013Linden Vey, RWRecalled from Ontario (ECHL)
11/02/2013Keaton Ellerby, DWaived
11/02/2013Tyler Toffoli, CRecalled from Ontario (ECHL)
11/01/2013Jeff Carter, CPlaced on injured reserve
10/28/2013Kyle Clifford, LWFined $2,756.41 by (NHL)
10/07/2013Scott Sabourin, RWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/29/2013Linden Vey, RWLoaned to Manchester (AHL)
09/29/2013Tyler Toffoli, CLoaned to Manchester (AHL)
09/29/2013Tanner Pearson, LWLoaned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Jordan Weal, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Jean-Francois Berube, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Nicolas Deslauriers, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Alex Roach, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Andy Andreoff, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Martin Jones, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Robert Czarnik, CAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Maxim Kitsyn, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Brandon Kozun, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/22/2013Andrew Campbell, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/21/2013Valentin Zykov, LWAssigned to junior club
09/21/2013Colin Miller, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/21/2013Scott Sabourin, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/21/2013Brian O`Neill, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/21/2013Matthias Niederberger, GAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/16/2013Justin Auger, RWAssigned to junior club
09/16/2013Patrik Bartosak, GAssigned to junior club
09/16/2013Nick Ebert, DAssigned to junior club
09/16/2013Dominik Kubalik, LWAssigned to junior club
09/16/2013Zachary Leslie, DAssigned to junior club
09/16/2013Kurtis MacDermid, DAssigned to junior club
09/10/2013Martin Jones, GRe-signed to a two-year contract
08/02/2013Kyle Clifford, LWSigned to a two-year contract
07/29/2013Andrew Bodnarchuk, DSigned to a two-year contract
07/29/2013Colin Miller, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/23/2013Trevor Lewis, CSigned to a one-year contract
07/19/2013Jordan Nolan, CSigned to a two-year contract
07/18/2013Dustin Brown, RWSigned to an eight-year contract extension
07/16/2013Daniel Carcillo, LWAcquired from Chicago for a 2015 conditional draft pick
07/14/2013Alec Martinez, DSigned to a two-year contract
07/12/2013Jake Muzzin, DSigned to a two-year contract
07/10/2013Maxim Kitsyn, LWSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
07/10/2013Brian O`Neill, RWSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2013Jeff Schultz, DSigned
07/04/2013Keaton Ellerby, DRe-signed to a one-year contract