Philadelphia Eagles
Transactions (Season: 2014)

12/10/2014Jerome Couplin, SSigned from the Detroit practice squad
12/09/2014Roc Carmichael, CBReleased
11/18/2014Earl Wolff, SPlaced on injured reserve
11/18/2014Roc Carmichael, CBRe-signed
11/05/2014Evan Mathis, GActivated from injured reserve
11/04/2014Todd Herremans, G/TPlaced on injured reserve
11/04/2014Kenjon Barner, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014DeMeco Ryans, LBPlaced on injured reserve
11/03/2014Chris Prosinski, SSigned
10/24/2014Kevin Kolb, QBRetired
10/14/2014Julian Vandervelde, GRe-signed
10/14/2014Wade Smith, GReleased
10/08/2014Brandon Hepburn, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/06/2014Cobi Hamilton, WRReleased
10/06/2014Jordan Kovacs, SSigned to the practice squad
10/03/2014Jake Knott, LBReleased
09/30/2014Brandon Hepburn, LBReleased
09/30/2014Tyler Hoover, OLReleased
09/30/2014Kevin Graf, OTSigned to the practice squad
09/30/2014Jake Knott, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/29/2014Kevin Graf, OTReleased
09/29/2014Lane Johnson, OTSuspension lifted
09/10/2014Tyler Hoover, OLSigned to the practice squad
09/10/2014Brandon Hepburn, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/10/2014Cobi Hamilton, WRSigned to the practice squad
09/09/2014Emmanuel Acho, LBActivated from the practice squad
09/09/2014Kevin Graf, OTActivated from the practice squad
09/09/2014Colton Underwood, LBReleased
09/09/2014Wade Smith, GSigned
09/09/2014Evan Mathis, GPlaced on injured reserve/designated to return
09/09/2014Allen Barbre, OLPlaced on injured reserve
09/09/2014Najee Goode, LBPlaced on injured reserve
09/06/2014Arrelious Benn, WRReleased
09/03/2014Colton Underwood, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/01/2014G.J. Kinne, QBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Josh Andrews, OLSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Kevin Graf, OTSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Wade Keliikipi, DTSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Ed Reynolds, SSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Emmanuel Acho, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Will Murphy, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Quron Pratt, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Matthew Tucker, RBSigned to the practice squad
08/30/2014Roc Carmichael, CBReleased
08/30/2014Emmanuel Acho, LBReleased
08/30/2014Alex Henery, KReleased
08/30/2014Kenjon Barner, RBReleased
08/30/2014Damaris Johnson, WRReleased
08/30/2014Kevin Graf, OTReleased
08/30/2014Keelan Johnson, SReleased
08/30/2014Josh Kaddu, LBReleased
08/30/2014Wade Keliikipi, DTReleased
08/30/2014Will Murphy, WRReleased
08/30/2014Ed Reynolds, SReleased
08/30/2014Damion Square, DLReleased
08/30/2014Quron Pratt, WRReleased
08/30/2014G.J. Kinne, QBReleased
08/30/2014Curtis Marsh, CBReleased
08/30/2014Matthew Tucker, RBReleased
08/30/2014Travis Long, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/29/2014Josh Andrews, OLReleased
08/29/2014Henry Josey, RBReleased
08/29/2014Ifeanyi Momah, WRReleased
08/29/2014Arrelious Benn, WRPlaced on injured reserve
08/26/2014Julian Vandervelde, GReleased
08/23/2014Alejandro Villanueva, DEWaived
08/23/2014Casey Spear, KWaived
08/23/2014Davon Morgan, SWaived
08/23/2014Frank Mays, DEWaived
08/23/2014Daytawion Lowe, SWaived
08/23/2014Joe Kruger, DEWaived
08/23/2014Emil Igwenagu, TEWaived
08/23/2014Donald Hawkins, OTWaived
08/23/2014B.J. Cunningham, WRWaived
08/23/2014Kadron Boone, WRWaived
08/23/2014Karim Barton, GWaived
08/23/2014Blake Annen, TEWaived
08/23/2014Michael Bamiro, OTWaived
08/20/2014Cody Parkey, KAcquired from Indianapolis
08/20/2014David Fluellen, RBTraded to Indianapolis
08/19/2014Jason Phillips, LBReleased
08/19/2014Kenjon Barner, RBAcquired from Carolina
06/30/2014Lane Johnson, OTSuspended four-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s policy against performance-enhancing drugs
06/09/2014Marcus Smith, DESigned to a four-year contract
06/03/2014Allen Barbre, OLSigned to a three-year contract extension
05/27/2014Jordan Matthews, WRSigned to a four-year contract
05/21/2014Ed Reynolds, SSigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014Taylor Hart, DESigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014Davon Morgan, SSigned
05/19/2014Jaylen Watkins, CBSigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014John Fulton, CBReleased
05/19/2014Arrelious Benn, WRRe-signed
05/16/2014Arrelious Benn, WRWaived
05/15/2014Beau Allen, DTSigned to a four-year contract
05/13/2014Josh Huff, WRSigned to a four-year contract
05/13/2014Karim Barton, GSigned
05/11/2014David Fluellen, RBSigned
05/11/2014John Fulton, CBSigned
05/11/2014Kevin Graf, OTSigned
05/11/2014Donald Hawkins, OTSigned
05/11/2014Henry Josey, RBSigned
05/11/2014Daytawion Lowe, SSigned
05/11/2014Josh Andrews, OLSigned
05/11/2014Blake Annen, TESigned
05/11/2014Karim Barton, OLSigned
05/11/2014Kadron Boone, WRSigned
05/11/2014Trey Burton, TESigned
05/11/2014Wade Keliikipi, DTSigned
05/11/2014Frank Mays, DESigned
05/11/2014Quron Pratt, WRSigned
05/11/2014Casey Spear, KSigned
05/10/2014Bryce Brown, RBTraded to Buffalo for a conditional 2015 fourth-round draft pick
05/05/2014Alejandro Villanueva, DESigned
04/04/2014Jake Knott, LBSuspended four-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s policy on PEDS