Minnesota Vikings
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/15/2015Jalil Carter, CBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015DeMarcus Van Dyke, CBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015Leon Mackey, DESigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015Chigbo Anunoby, DTSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Justin Anderson, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Kain Colter, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Pat Devlin, QBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Isame Faciane, DTSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Donte Foster, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Zac Kerin, CSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Jordan McCray, GSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Ryan Otten, TESigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Dominique Williams, RBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/27/2014Anthony Barr, LBPlaced on injured reserve
12/27/2014Josh Kaddu, LBPromoted from the practice squad
12/24/2014Henry Josey, RBSigned from the Jacksonville practice squad
12/24/2014Justin Anderson, LBSigned to the practice squad
12/23/2014Ben Tate, RBWaived
12/17/2014Ahmad Dixon, SPromoted from the practice squad
12/17/2014Jordan McCray, GSigned to the practice squad
12/16/2014J'Marcus Webb, TWaived
12/16/2014Chandler Harnish, QBWaived
12/10/2014Michael Mauti, LBPlaced on injured reserve
12/10/2014Carter Bykowski, TSigned from the San Francisco practice squad
12/06/2014Jerick McKinnon, RBPlaced on injured reserve
12/06/2014Ahmad Dixon, SSigned to the practice squad
12/06/2014Justin Trattou, DESigned to the active roster from the practice squad
11/25/2014J'Marcus Webb, TSigned
11/24/2014Phil Loadholt, TPlaced on injured reserve
11/19/2014Ben Tate, RBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
11/19/2014MarQueis Gray, TEWaived
11/18/2014Adrian Peterson, RBSuspended without pay for the rest of the season by (NFL)
11/18/2014Dominique Williams, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/12/2014Ryan Otten, TESigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014Ryan Otten, TEReleased
11/03/2014Pat Devlin, QBSigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014Rashaun Allen, TESigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014Chandler Harnish, QBPlaced on injured reserve
10/07/2014Chandler Harnish, QBSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2014Donte Foster, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2014Pierre Warren, SSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2014McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBReleased
10/03/2014Chandler Harnish, QBWaived
10/03/2014Zach Line, FBSigned from the practice squad
10/02/2014Chandler Harnish, QBActivated from the practice squad
10/02/2014Rodney Smith, WRWaived
09/29/2014Donte Foster, WRReleased
09/29/2014Chandler Harnish, QBSigned to the practice squad
09/24/2014Ryan Otten, TESigned to the practice squad
09/24/2014Matt Cassel, QBPlaced on injured reserve
09/24/2014Brandon Fusco, GPlaced on injured reserve
09/24/2014Chase Ford, TESigned from the practice squad
09/24/2014Austin Wentworth, GSigned from the practice squad
09/24/2014McLeod Bethel-Thompson, QBSigned to the practice squad
09/20/2014Charles Johnson, WRSigned to the 53-man roster off the Cleveland Browns practice squad
09/18/2014Jerome Simpson, WRReleased
09/17/2014Adrian Peterson, RBPlaced on the Exempt/Commissioner`s Permission List
09/16/2014Zach Line, FBSigned to the practice squad
09/13/2014Joe Banyard, RBSigned from the practice squad
09/13/2014Zach Line, FBWaived
09/09/2014Josh Kaddu, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/08/2014Jamarca Sanford, SReleased
09/06/2014Brandon Fusco, GRe-signed to a five-year contract extension
09/03/2014Mike Remmers, G/TReleased
09/03/2014Ahmad Dixon, SSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Kendall James, CBWaived
09/02/2014Austin Wentworth, GSigned to the practice squad
09/01/2014Chris Greenwood, CBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014MarQueis Gray, TEClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
08/31/2014Mike Harris, OTClaimed off waivers from San Diego
08/31/2014Larry Dean, LBWaived
08/31/2014Austin Wentworth, GWaived
08/31/2014Joe Banyard, RBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Kain Colter, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Donte Foster, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Isame Faciane, DLSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Chase Ford, TESigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Kendall James, CBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Zac Kerin, CSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Mike Remmers, G/TSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Justin Trattou, DESigned to the practice squad
08/30/2014Fred Evans, DTReleased
08/30/2014Jamarca Sanford, SPlaced on injured reserve
08/30/2014Joe Banyard, RBReleased
08/30/2014Kain Colter, WRReleased
08/30/2014Mike Remmers, G/TReleased
08/30/2014Chase Baker, DTReleased
08/30/2014Allen Reisner, TEReleased
08/30/2014Michael Zimmer, LBReleased
08/30/2014Chris Crocker, SReleased
08/30/2014Kurt Coleman, FSReleased
08/30/2014Chase Ford, TEReleased
08/30/2014Kendall James, CBReleased
08/30/2014Julian Posey, DBReleased
08/30/2014Justin Trattou, DEReleased
08/30/2014Isame Faciane, DLReleased
08/30/2014Donte Foster, WRReleased
08/30/2014Justin Jackson, LBReleased
08/30/2014Zac Kerin, CReleased
08/30/2014Jeff Baca, OGReleased
08/30/2014Dominique Williams, RBReleased
08/29/2014Jerome Simpson, WRSuspended three-games by (NFL)
08/26/2014Mike Higgins, TEReleased
08/25/2014Brandan Bishop, SReleased
08/25/2014Pierce Burton, OLReleased
08/25/2014Kamar Jorden, WRReleased
08/25/2014Andy Cruse, WRReleased
08/25/2014Derek Cox, CBReleased
08/25/2014Mistral Raymond, SWaived
08/25/2014Kevin Murphy, OTReleased
08/25/2014Robert Steeples, CBReleased
08/25/2014Erik Lora, WRReleased
08/25/2014Ty Walker, WRReleased
08/25/2014Kheeston Randall, DTReleased
08/25/2014Tyler Scott, DLReleased
08/25/2014Jake Snyder, DEReleased
08/25/2014Kory Sperry, TEReleased
08/25/2014Chase Ford, TEActivated from the PUP list
08/19/2014Dom DeCicco, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/18/2014Dom DeCicco, LBWaived
08/18/2014Justin Jackson, LBClaimed off waivers from Detroit
08/10/2014Kory Sperry, TESigned
08/06/2014A.C. Leonard, TEWaived
08/04/2014Rakim Cox, DEWaived
08/04/2014Chris Crocker, SSigned
07/30/2014Captain Munnerlyn, CBActivated from the PUP list
07/27/2014Kyle Rudolph, TESigned to a five-year contract extension
07/25/2014Captain Munnerlyn, CBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/25/2014Andy Cruse, WRSigned
07/25/2014Tyrone Walker, WRSigned
07/25/2014Matt Hall, OLReleased
07/25/2014Josh Cooper, WRReleased
07/25/2014Chase Ford, TEPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Andrew Sendejo, DBPlaced on the PUP list
07/23/2014Spencer Nealy, DEWaived
07/23/2014Mike Higgins, TESigned
07/11/2014Spencer Nealy, DESuspended four-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s policy against performance enhancing drugs
06/13/2014Josh Cooper, WRSigned
06/12/2014Lestar Jean, WRReleased
06/10/2014Jerick McKinnon, RBSigned to a four-year contract
06/02/2014Kip Edwards, CBWaived
06/02/2014Julian Posey, DBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
05/21/2014Antone Exum, SSigned to a four-year contract
05/21/2014Scott Crichton, DESigned to a four-year contract
05/20/2014Shamar Stephen, DTSigned to a four-year contract
05/20/2014Brandon Watts, LBSigned to a four-year contract
05/20/2014Teddy Bridgewater, QBSigned to a four-year contract
05/20/2014Anthony Barr, LBSigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014Dom DeCicco, LBSigned
05/19/2014Michael Zimmer, LBSigned
05/19/2014Conor Boffeli, GWaived
05/16/2014David Yankey, GSigned to a four-year contract
05/16/2014Kendall James, CBSigned to a four-year contract
05/16/2014Jabari Price, CBSigned to a four-year contract
05/16/2014Josh Samuda, GPlaced on injured reserve
05/16/2014Austin Wentworth, GSigned
05/13/2014Simoni Lawrence, LBReleased
05/13/2014Terrell Manning, LBReleased
05/13/2014Bradley Randle, RBReleased
05/13/2014Josh Samuda, GReleased
05/10/2014Dominique Williams, RBSigned
05/10/2014Jake Snyder, DESigned
05/10/2014Tyler Scott, DLSigned
05/10/2014Rakim Cox, DESigned
05/10/2014A.C. Leonard, TESigned
05/10/2014Kain Colter, WRSigned
05/10/2014Erik Lora, WRSigned
05/10/2014Donte Foster, WRSigned
05/10/2014Antonio Richardson, OTSigned
05/10/2014Pierce Burton, OLSigned
05/10/2014Matt Hall, OLSigned
05/10/2014Zac Kerin, CSigned
05/10/2014Austin Wentworth, OTSigned
05/10/2014Conor Boffeli, OLSigned
05/10/2014Isame Faciane, DLSigned
04/17/2014Kurt Coleman, FSSigned
04/15/2014Allen Reisner, TESigned
04/15/2014Terrell Manning, LBClaimed off waivers from San Diego
04/08/2014Lestar Jean, WRSigned