Tennessee Titans
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/15/2015Jacoby Ford, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/15/2015Clyde Gates, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015Dorin Dickerson, TESigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Ri'Shard Anderson, CBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Nate Askew, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Justin McCray, GSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014William Poehls, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Lache Seastrunk, RBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Yawin Smallwood, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Chaz Sutton, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/30/2014Alex Tanney, QBSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/23/2014Ri'Shard Anderson, CBSigned to the practice squad
12/18/2014Dexter McCluster, RBPlaced on injured reserve
12/18/2014Rico Richardson, WRPromoted from the practice squad
12/16/2014Brett Brackett, TEPlaced on injured reserve
12/16/2014Matthew Mulligan, TESigned
12/16/2014Alex Tanney, QBSigned to the practice squad
12/15/2014Jake Locker, QBPlaced on injured reserve
12/15/2014Jordan Palmer, QBSigned
12/15/2014Jake Locker, QBPlaced on injured reserve
12/14/2014Khalid Wooten, CBSigned from the practice squad
12/13/2014Michael Oher, OTPlaced on injured reserve
12/09/2014Jamon Meredith, OTSigned
12/09/2014Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CBPlaced on injured reserve
12/03/2014Jemea Thomas, DBSigned from the St. Louis practice squad
12/03/2014Brandon Ghee, DBReleased
12/02/2014Justin Hunter, WRPlaced on injured reserve
12/02/2014Terren Jones, OTSigned from the Baltimore practice squad
11/26/2014Richard Gordon, TEReleased
11/26/2014Chaz Sutton, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/26/2014Kaelin Burnett, LBSigned from the Arizona practice squad
11/25/2014Shaun Phillips, LBWaived
11/25/2014Eric Olsen, CSigned
11/25/2014Dontay Moch, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Brian Schwenke, CPlaced on injured reserve
11/20/2014Justin Staples, LBSigned from the practice squad
11/20/2014Yawin Smallwood, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014James Anderson, LBReleased
11/05/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned from the Seattle practice squad
11/05/2014Taylor Thompson, TEPlaced on injured reserve
10/22/2014Akeem Ayers, LBTraded to New England
10/22/2014Richard Gordon, TESigned
10/22/2014Nate Askew, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/22/2014Derek Moye, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/21/2014Antonio Andrews, RBSigned from the practice squad
10/20/2014Brett Brackett, TEWaived
10/18/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned from the practice squad
10/15/2014Will Svitek, OTSigned
10/15/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned to the practice squad
10/15/2014Craig Stevens, TEPlaced on injured reserve
10/13/2014Brett Brackett, TEReleased
10/11/2014Michael Roos, TPlaced on injured reserve
10/11/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned from the practice squad
10/08/2014Bernard Pollard, SPlaced on injured reserve
10/08/2014Brandon Ghee, DBSigned
10/01/2014Lache Seastrunk, RBSigned to the practice squad
09/30/2014Brad Sorensen, QBReleased
09/24/2014Ri`Shard Anderson, CBReleased
09/24/2014Brad Sorensen, QBSigned to the practice squad
09/23/2014T.J. Graham, WRReleased
09/23/2014Chase Coffman, TESigned
09/16/2014James Anderson, LBSigned
09/16/2014Zach Brown, LBPlaced on injured reserve
09/16/2014Justin Staples, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/16/2014Brandon Copeland, LBReleased
09/10/2014Orson Charles, TEReleased
09/10/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned to the practice squad
09/08/2014Antonio Johnson, DTReleased
09/05/2014Dominique Davis, QBSuspended one-game by (NFL)
09/02/2014Eric Ward, WRReleased
09/01/2014Ryan Succop, KSigned
09/01/2014Travis Coons, KWaived
09/01/2014Patrick Bailey, LBReleased
09/01/2014Quentin Groves, LBSigned
08/31/2014RiShard Anderson, CBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Dontay Moch, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Orson Charles, TESigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014T.J. Graham, WRClaimed off waivers from Buffalo
08/31/2014Michael Preston, WRWaived
08/31/2014Kris Durham, WRClaimed off waivers from Detroit
08/31/2014Brandon Harris, CBClaimed off waivers from Houston
08/31/2014Khalid Wooten, CBWaived
08/31/2014Steve Vallos, CWaived
08/31/2014Antonio Andrews, RBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Chigbo Anunoby, DTSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Brandon Copeland, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Justin McCray, OLSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014William Poehls, OLSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Rico Richardson, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/30/2014Maikon Bonani, KReleased
08/30/2014Moise Fokou, LBReleased
08/30/2014Dominique Davis, QBReleased
08/30/2014Chase Coffman, TEReleased
08/30/2014Brian Robiskie, WRReleased
08/30/2014Lavar Edwards, DETraded to Dallas
08/30/2014Antonio Johnson, DTPlaced on injured reserve
08/30/2014RiShard Anderson, CBReleased
08/30/2014Brandon Copeland, LBReleased
08/30/2014Eric Olsen, CReleased
08/30/2014William Poehls, OLReleased
08/30/2014Rico Richardson, WRReleased
08/30/2014Jason Schepler, TEReleased
08/30/2014Winston Wright, DBReleased
08/29/2014Marc Mariani, WRReleased
08/29/2014Justin McCray, OLReleased
08/29/2014Jeff Adams, OTReleased
08/29/2014Marcus Dixon, DTReleased
08/29/2014Collin Mooney, RBReleased
08/29/2014Chigbo Anunoby, DTReleased
08/29/2014Tommie Campbell, DBReleased
08/29/2014Antonio Andrews, RBReleased
08/27/2014Jurrell Casey, DTSigned to a multi-year contract extension
08/27/2014Gabe Ikard, CPlaced on injured reserve
08/26/2014Dominique Davis, QBSigned
08/26/2014Colin McCarthy, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/26/2014Gabe Ikard, CReleased
08/26/2014David Hinds, LBReleased
08/26/2014Isaiah Williams, WRReleased
08/25/2014Marc Anthony, CBReleased
08/25/2014Lanier Coleman, DTReleased
08/25/2014Tyler Horn, CReleased
08/25/2014Julien Horton, WRReleased
08/25/2014Waymon James, RBReleased
08/25/2014Jaz Reynolds, WRReleased
08/25/2014Hakeem Smith, SReleased
08/25/2014Derel Walker, WRReleased
08/25/2014Kendrick Adams, DEReleased
08/25/2014Jonathan Willard, LBReleased
08/25/2014Micah Pellerin, SReleased
08/25/2014Kevin Danser, OGReleased
08/13/2014David Gilbert, DLWaived
08/13/2014Viondy Merisma, OTWaived
08/13/2014Steve Vallos, CSigned
08/13/2014Kendrick Adams, DESigned
08/12/2014Dorin Dickerson, TEReleased
08/06/2014Chase Coffman, TESigned
08/06/2014Lanier Coleman, DTSigned
08/06/2014Dorin Dickerson, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/06/2014Tyler Wilson, QBWaived
07/30/2014James Gayle, DEReleased
07/25/2014Adam Schiltz, TEWaived
07/25/2014Kevin Danser, OGSigned
07/24/2014Taylor Lewan, OTSigned to a four-year contract
06/19/2014David Wright, TEReleased
06/19/2014Dorin Dickerson, TESigned
06/17/2014Derek Hagan, WRSigned
06/17/2014Bishop Sankey, RBSigned to a four-year contract
06/17/2014Lamont Bryant, WRReleased
06/16/2014James Gayle, DEPlaced on injured reserve
06/13/2014James Gayle, DEWaived
06/13/2014Rico Richardson, WRSigned
06/04/2014Marc Anthony, CBSigned
06/04/2014Josh Stewart, WRWaived
05/20/2014Zach Mettenberger, QBSigned to a four-year contract
05/20/2014Avery Williamson, LBSigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014Julien Horton, WRSigned
05/19/2014Waymon James, RBSigned
05/19/2014Viondy Merisma, OTSigned
05/19/2014Winston Wright, DBSigned
05/19/2014David Gilbert, DLSigned
05/19/2014Quinn Johnson, FBWaived
05/19/2014George Baker, CBWaived
05/19/2014Jamal Merrell, DEWaived
05/19/2014Eric Ward, WRPlaced on injured reserve
05/15/2014Marqueston Huff, SSigned to a four-year contract
05/15/2014DaQuan Jones, DTSigned to a four-year contract
05/11/2014Gabe Ikard, CSigned
05/11/2014Antonio Andrews, RBSigned
05/11/2014James Gayle, DESigned
05/11/2014Josh Stewart, WRSigned
05/11/2014Eric Ward, WRSigned
05/11/2014Hakeem Smith, SSigned
05/11/2014David Wright, TESigned
05/11/2014Gabriel Lynn, DBSigned
05/11/2014Travis Coons, KSigned
05/11/2014Justin McCray, OLSigned
05/11/2014Jamal Merrell, DESigned
05/11/2014Derel Walker, WRSigned
05/11/2014RiShard Anderson, CBSigned
05/11/2014William Poehls, OLSigned
05/02/2014Brian Robiskie, WRSigned to a one-year contract
04/07/2014Adewale Ojomo, DEWaived
04/07/2014Kamerion Wimbley, LBSigned to a three-year contract
04/04/2014Chris Johnson, RBReleased
04/03/2014Eric Olsen, CSigned
04/02/2014Chris Spencer, CRe-signed