Dallas Cowboys
Transactions (Season: 2014)

03/19/2015Nick Hayden, DTRe-signed
03/18/2015Greg Hardy, DESigned to a one-year contract
03/17/2015Casey Kreiter, LSSigned
03/17/2015Jasper Brinkley, LBSigned to a two-year contract
03/17/2015Andrew Gachkar, LBSigned to a two-year contract
03/14/2015Corey White, CBClaimed off waivers from New Orleans
03/14/2015Ray Agnew, FBSigned
03/13/2015Darren McFadden, RBSigned to a two-year contract
03/12/2015Jed Collins, FBSigned to a one-year contract
03/07/2015Doug Free, OTRe-signed to a three-year contract
03/04/2015Keith Rivers, LBSigned to a one-year contract
03/03/2015Cole Beasley, WRSigned to a four-year, $13.6 million contract
03/02/2015Dez Bryant, WRAssigned the franchise tag
02/19/2015Tom Hornsey, PSigned
02/17/2015Ronald Leary, GRe-signed
02/17/2015Darrion Weems, OTRe-signed
02/17/2015Mister Alexander, LBWaived
02/15/2015DeVonte Holloman, LBWaived
02/15/2015Davon Coleman, DTSigned
02/15/2015Cameron Lawrence, LBSigned
01/23/2015Lavar Edwards, DESigned to a reserve/future contract
01/23/2015Keelan Johnson, SSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/15/2015R.J. Dill, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/15/2015Ryan Miller, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/13/2015Mister Alexander, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/13/2015Ryan Williams, RBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015Chris Boyd, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015Troy Davis, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015Reggie Dunn, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015Will Smith, LBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015Robert Steeples, DBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/12/2015John Wetzel, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/10/2015Ken Bishop, DTPromoted from the practice squad
01/10/2015Jakar Hamilton, DBWaived
12/30/2014James Anderson, LBSigned
12/30/2014Henry Melton, DTPlaced on injured reserve
12/16/2014Mister Alexander, LBSigned to the practice squad
12/10/2014Micah Pellerin, CBSigned to the practice squad
12/10/2014Kenneth Boatright, DESigned from the practice squad
12/10/2014Lavar Edwards, DEPlaced on injured reserve
12/08/2014Micah Pellerin, CBWaived
12/03/2014Jordan Najvar, TEReleased
12/01/2014Kerry Taylor, WRReleased
12/01/2014Chris Boyd, WRSigned to the practice squad
11/29/2014Will Smith, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/26/2014Jack Crawford, DEPlaced on injured reserve
11/26/2014Keith Smith, SSigned from the practice squad
11/24/2014Davon Coleman, DESigned to the practice squad
11/22/2014Davon Coleman, DEReleased
11/22/2014Micah Pellerin, CBSigned from the practice squad
11/18/2014Jeff Baca, G/CReleased
11/18/2014Keith Smith, SSigned to the practice squad
11/18/2014Will Smith, LBReleased
11/18/2014Robert Steeples, DBSigned to the practice squad
11/14/2014Keith Smith, SReleased
11/13/2014Dekoda Watson, LBSigned
11/11/2014Tim Dobbins, LBReleased
11/11/2014Josh Brent, DTSuspension lifted
11/03/2014Nikita Whitlock, FBReleased
11/03/2014Lavar Edwards, DESigned to the practice squad
11/01/2014Demarcus Lawrence, DEActivated from injured reserve
11/01/2014Lavar Edwards, DEWaived
10/30/2014Rishaw Johnson, GReleased
10/30/2014Jeff Baca, G/CSigned to the practice squad
10/29/2014Justin Durant, LBPlaced on injured reserve
10/29/2014Tim Dobbins, LBSigned
10/29/2014Troy Davis, LBReleased
10/29/2014Will Smith, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/21/2014Michael Sam, DEReleased
10/21/2014Troy Davis, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/21/2014Ken Bishop, DTSigned to the practice squad
10/18/2014Ken Bishop, DTReleased
10/18/2014Keith Smith, SSigned from the practice squad
10/17/2014Korey Toomer, LBReleased
10/17/2014Lavar Edwards, DESigned
10/15/2014Lavar Edwards, DEReleased
10/15/2014Tony Hills, TSigned from the Miami practice squad
10/09/2014LaRon Byrd, WRReleased
10/09/2014Kerry Taylor, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/08/2014Keith Smith, SSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2014Tim Benford, WRReleased
10/07/2014LaRon Byrd, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/06/2014Keith Smith, SReleased
10/04/2014Keith Smith, SSigned from the practice squad
10/03/2014Morris Claiborne, CBPlaced on injured reserve
09/30/2014Ronald Patrick, OGReleased
09/30/2014Rishaw Johnson, GSigned to the practice squad
09/29/2014Jakar Hamilton, FSSuspension lifted
09/24/2014Keith Smith, SSigned to the practice squad
09/23/2014Lavar Edwards, DESigned
09/22/2014Keith Smith, LBReleased
09/20/2014Keith Smith, LBActivated from the practice squad
09/20/2014Lavar Edwards, DEWaived
09/17/2014Orlando Scandrick, CBSuspension lifted
09/17/2014Darrion Weems, TPlaced on injured reserve
09/17/2014Nikita Whitlock, FBSigned to the practice squad
09/16/2014Jemea Thomas, CBReleased
09/10/2014Nikita Whitlock, FBReleased
09/10/2014Reggie Dunn, WRSigned to the practice squad
09/03/2014Michael Sam, DESigned to the practice squad
09/03/2014Matt Johnson, SReleased
09/03/2014Will Smith, LBReleased
09/02/2014Jack Crawford, DESigned
09/02/2014John Wetzel, OTSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Jemea Thomas, CBSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Josh Brent, DTSuspended 10-games by (NFL)
09/01/2014Ahmad Dixon, SWaived
09/01/2014C.J. Spillman, SSigned
09/01/2014Nikita Whitlock, FBSigned to the practice squad
09/01/2014Jemea Thomas, CBWaived
08/31/2014Korey Toomer, LBClaimed off waivers from Seattle
08/31/2014Donald Hawkins, GClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
08/31/2014John Wetzel, OTWaived
08/31/2014Tim Benford, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Kenneth Boatright, DESigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Ronald Patrick, OGSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Micah Pellerin, CBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Keith Smith, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Will Smith, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Ryan Williams, RBSigned to the practice squad
08/30/2014Uche Nwaneri, GReleased
08/30/2014Asa Watson, TEReleased
08/30/2014Jamar Newsome, WRReleased
08/30/2014Lavar Edwards, DEAcquired from Tennessee
08/30/2014Ryan Williams, RBReleased
08/30/2014Terrance Mitchell, CBReleased
08/30/2014Josh Aladenoye, OTReleased
08/30/2014Kenneth Boatright, DEReleased
08/30/2014Caesar Rayford, DEReleased
08/30/2014LaRon Byrd, WRReleased
08/30/2014Stephen Goodin, GReleased
08/30/2014Ronald Patrick, OGReleased
08/30/2014Dontavis Sapp, LBReleased
08/30/2014Keith Smith, LBReleased
08/30/2014Will Smith, LBReleased
08/30/2014Ryan Smith, DBReleased
08/30/2014Orie Lemon, LBReleased
08/30/2014Zach Minter, DTReleased
08/30/2014Phillip Tanner, RBReleased
08/30/2014D.J. Adams, RBReleased
08/30/2014Dezmon Briscoe, WRReleased
08/30/2014Demarcus Lawrence, DEPlaced on injured reserve/designated for return
08/28/2014B.W. Webb, CBWaived
08/28/2014Jakar Hamilton, FSSuspended four-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s substance abuse policy
08/27/2014Johnny Thomas, SPlaced on injured reserve
08/27/2014Jordan Najvar, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/27/2014Matt Johnson, SPlaced on injured reserve
08/27/2014Justin Green, DBPlaced on injured reserve
08/27/2014Phillip Tanner, RBSigned
08/27/2014Tim Benford, WRWaived
08/27/2014Jemea Thomas, CBAwarded off waivers from New England
08/26/2014Chris Boyd, WRReleased
08/26/2014Tom Hornsey, PReleased
08/26/2014Casey Kreiter, LSReleased
08/26/2014Adewale Ojomo, DEReleased
08/26/2014Wayne Tribue, GReleased
08/26/2014Caleb Hanie, QBReleased
08/26/2014Jordan Najvar, TEReleased
08/26/2014Matt Johnson, SReleased
08/26/2014Justin Green, DBReleased
08/26/2014Johnny Thomas, SReleased
08/26/2014DeVonte Holloman, LBReleased
08/26/2014Ben Gardner, DEPlaced on injured reserve
08/26/2014Amobi Okoye, DTPlaced on the reserve/non-football injury list
08/25/2014Martez Wilson, LBReleased
08/25/2014J.C. Copeland, FBReleased
08/14/2014Korey Lindsey, DBWaived
08/14/2014Zach Minter, DTSigned
08/14/2014Dallas Walker, TEWaived
08/14/2014Asa Watson, TESigned
08/14/2014Ben Malena, RBReleased
08/13/2014Justin Green, DBAcquired from New England
08/13/2014Ben Bass, DTTraded to New England
08/12/2014Andre Cureton, GWaived
08/12/2014Stephen Goodin, GSigned
08/12/2014Tom Hornsey, PSigned
08/12/2014Orlando Scandrick, CBSuspended four-games by (NFL) for PEDS
08/11/2014Ben Malena, RBPlaced on injured reserve
08/09/2014D.J. Adams, RBSigned
08/09/2014Ben Malena, RBReleased
08/09/2014Cody Mandell, PReleased
08/07/2014Dashaun Phillips, DBWaived
08/06/2014Joe Windsor, DEReleased
08/06/2014Korey Lindsey, DBSigned
08/06/2014Johnny Thomas, SSigned
08/04/2014Brian Clarke, OLWaived
08/04/2014Wayne Tribue, GSigned
08/02/2014Darius Morris, OTWaived
08/02/2014Kenneth Boatright, DESigned
08/02/2014Adewale Ojomo, DESigned
07/31/2014Ronald Leary, GActivated from the PUP list
07/30/2014Tyron Smith, OTSigned to a eight-year contract extension
07/24/2014Amobi Okoye, DTPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/24/2014Anthony Spencer, DEPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/24/2014Ronald Leary, GPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/24/2014Tyronne Green, GReleased
07/21/2014Dezmon Briscoe, WRSigned
07/21/2014Chris Whaley, DTReleased
07/17/2014Dallas Walker, TESigned
07/16/2014Kyle Orton, QBReleased
07/01/2014Rolando McClain, LBAcquired from Baltimore
07/01/2014Sean Lee, LBPlaced on injured reserve
06/27/2014Tyronne Green, GPlaced on injured reserve
06/24/2014Uche Nwaneri, GSigned
06/18/2014Demarcus Lawrence, DESigned to a four-year contract
06/16/2014Zack Martin, OTSigned to a four-year contract
06/10/2014Jocquel Skinner, DBReleased
06/10/2014Dartwan Bush, DLSigned
06/02/2014Anthony Hitchens, LBSigned to a four-year contract
05/27/2014Evan Wilson, TEWaived
05/27/2014Tyronne Green, GSigned
05/23/2014Devin Street, WRSigned to a four-year contract
05/22/2014Jarrod Pughsley, OLWaived
05/22/2014Darius Morris, OTSigned
05/21/2014Marvin Robinson, DBWaived
05/21/2014Tyler Patmon, CBSigned
05/20/2014Ken Bishop, DTSigned to a four-year contract
05/19/2014Glasco Martin, RBReleased
05/19/2014Ryan Williams, RBSigned
05/17/2014Jonathan Stewart, LBSigned
05/16/2014Amobi Okoye, DTSigned
05/16/2014Jonathan Stewart, LBReleased
05/16/2014Ahmad Dixon, SSigned to a four-year contract
05/15/2014Ben Gardner, DESigned to a four-year contract
05/15/2014Will Smith, LBSigned to a four-year contract
05/15/2014Terrance Mitchell, CBSigned to a four-year contract
05/12/2014Chris DeGeare, GReleased
05/12/2014Frank Kearse, DTReleased
05/12/2014Lance Lewis, WRReleased
05/12/2014Tristan Okpalaugo, DEReleased
05/12/2014Quinton Spears, LBReleased
05/12/2014Jabara Williams, LBReleased
05/11/2014Dustin Vaughn, QBSigned
05/11/2014Cody Mandell, PSigned
05/11/2014Evan Wilson, TESigned
05/11/2014Ronald Patrick, OGSigned
05/11/2014Ryan Smith, DBSigned
05/11/2014Chris Whaley, DTSigned
05/11/2014Andre Cureton, OLSigned
05/11/2014Joe Windsor, DESigned
05/11/2014Casey Kreiter, LSSigned
05/11/2014L`Damian Washington, WRSigned
05/11/2014Ben Malena, RBSigned
05/11/2014J.C. Copeland, FBSigned
05/11/2014Davon Coleman, DESigned
05/11/2014Kolton Browning, QBSigned
05/11/2014Jarrod Pughsley, OLSigned
05/11/2014Glasco Martin, RBSigned
05/11/2014Josh Aladenoye, OTSigned
05/11/2014Jocquel Skinner, DBSigned
05/11/2014Marvin Robinson, DBSigned
05/11/2014Keith Smith, LBSigned
05/11/2014Dontavis Sapp, LBSigned
05/11/2014Dashaun Phillips, DBSigned
05/11/2014Jordan Najvar, TESigned
05/11/2014Brian Clarke, OLSigned
05/06/2014Bradie James, LBSigned to a one-day contract and retired
05/01/2014LaRon Byrd, WRSigned
04/26/2014Anthony Spencer, DERe-signed to a one-year contract
04/23/2014Caleb Hanie, QBSigned to a one-year contract