Philadelphia 76ers
Transactions (Season: 2013)

08/26/2014Hasheem Thabeet, CAcquired from Oklahoma City
08/26/2014Joel Embiid, CSigned
08/22/2014Thaddeus Young, FTraded to Minnesota
08/22/2014Luc Mbah a Moute, FAcquired from Minnesota
08/22/2014Alexey Shved, GAcquired from Minnesota
08/12/2014Ronald Roberts Jr., FSigned to a three-year contract
07/01/2014Jason Richardson, GContract option exercised
06/30/2014James Anderson, GWaived
06/26/2014Elfrid Payton, GDraft rights traded to Orlando
06/26/2014Dario Saric, FDraft rights acquired from Orlando
06/26/2014Pierre Jackson, GAcquired from New Orleans
06/26/2014Russ Smith, GDraft rights traded to New Orleans
06/26/2014Jordan McRae, GDraft rights acquired from San Antonio
04/07/2014Adonis Thomas, FSigned to a 10-day contract
04/07/2014James Nunnally, FReleased
04/04/2014Casper Ware, GSigned to a second 10-day contract
03/31/2014Arnett Moultrie, FSuspended five-games by (NBA) for violating the league`s drug policy
03/27/2014James Nunnally, FSigned to a second 10-day contract
03/24/2014Casper Ware, GSigned to a 10-day contract
03/24/2014Darius Johnson-Odom, GReleased
03/17/2014Eric Maynor, GWaived
03/17/2014James Nunnally, FSigned to a 10-day contract
03/15/2014Arnett Moultrie, FAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
03/14/2014Lorenzo Brown, GReleased
03/14/2014Darius Johnson-Odom, GSigned to a 10-day contract
03/11/2014Jarvis Varnado, FSigned for the remainder of the season
03/01/2014Jarvis Varnado, FSigned to a 10-day contract
02/26/2014Danny Granger, FWaived
02/21/2014Earl Clark, FWaived
02/20/2014Spencer Hawes, CTraded to Cleveland
02/20/2014Earl Clark, FAcquired from Cleveland
02/20/2014Henry Sims, CAcquired from Cleveland
02/20/2014Eric Maynor, GAcquired from Washington
02/20/2014Byron Mullens, CAcquired from the LA Clippers
02/20/2014Danny Granger, FAcquired from Indiana
02/20/2014Evan Turner, GTraded to Indiana
02/20/2014Lavoy Allen, FTraded to Indiana
02/09/2014Arnett Moultrie, FRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
02/05/2014Lorenzo Brown, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
02/04/2014Arnett Moultrie, FAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
02/04/2014Lorenzo Brown, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
02/03/2014Lorenzo Brown, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
02/03/2014Dewayne Dedmon, CReleased
01/27/2014Lorenzo Brown, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
01/24/2014Dewayne Dedmon, CSigned to a second 10-day contract
01/15/2014Lorenzo Brown, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
01/14/2014Dewayne Dedmon, CSigned to a 10-day contract
01/14/2014Lorenzo Brown, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
01/10/2014Lorenzo Brown, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
01/09/2014Lorenzo Brown, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
01/07/2014Daniel Orton, CWaived
01/06/2014Elliot Williams, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
01/06/2014Lorenzo Brown, GRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
01/05/2014Elliot Williams, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
12/26/2013Lorenzo Brown, GAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
12/17/2013Daniel Orton, CSuspension over
12/15/2013Daniel Orton, CSuspended one-game by (NBA)
11/20/2013Kwame Brown, CWaived
11/20/2013Darius Morris, GWaived
11/20/2013Elliot Williams, GSigned
11/20/2013Lorenzo Brown, GSigned
10/31/2013Arnett Moultrie, FThird year contract option exercised
10/31/2013Tony Wroten, GThird year contract option exercised
10/28/2013Brandon Davies, FSigned
10/26/2013Rodney Williams, FWaived
10/26/2013Gani Lawal, FWaived
10/24/2013Khalif Wyatt, GWaived
10/24/2013Vander Blue, GWaived
10/24/2013Royce White, FWaived
10/24/2013Mac Koshwal, FWaived
10/16/2013Daniel Orton, CSigned
10/16/2013Tim Ohlbrecht, CWaived
10/09/2013Mac Koshwal, FWaived
10/05/2013Gani Lawal, FSigned
10/05/2013Solomon Alabi, CWaived
09/28/2013Solomon Alabi, CSigned
09/28/2013Mac Koshwal, FSigned
09/24/2013Nerlens Noel, CSigned
09/24/2013Michael Carter-Williams, GSigned
09/20/2013John Kuester, ANamed assistant coach
09/19/2013Vander Blue, GSigned
09/13/2013Khalif Wyatt, GSigned to a multi-year contract
08/22/2013Tony Wroten, GAcquired from Memphis
08/21/2013Allen Iverson, GRetired
08/16/2013Michael Curry, AWill not return as assistant coach
08/16/2013Aaron McKie, AWill not return as assistant coach
08/16/2013Jeff Capel, AWill not return as assistant coach
08/14/2013Justin Holiday, FWaived
08/12/2013Brett Brown, HNamed head coach and signed to a four-year contract
07/23/2013Nerlens Noel, CSigned
07/16/2013James Anderson, GClaimed off waivers from Houston
07/16/2013Tim Ohlbrecht, CClaimed off waivers from Houston
07/13/2013Royce White, FAcquired from Houston
07/13/2013Furkan Aldemir, FAcquired from Houston
07/12/2013Pierre Jackson, GTraded to New Orleans
07/10/2013Jrue Holiday, GTraded to New Orleans
06/27/2013Ricky Ledo, GDraft rights acquired from Milwaukee
06/27/2013Ricky Ledo, GDraft rights traded to Dallas
06/27/2013Nate Wolters, GDraft rights traded to Milwaukee
06/27/2013Glen Rice Jr., GDraft rights traded to Washington
06/27/2013Nate Wolters, GDraft rights acquired from Washington
06/27/2013Arsalan Kazemi, FDraft rights acquired from Washington
06/27/2013Nerlens Noel, CDraft rights acquired from New Orleans
04/18/2013Doug Collins, HResigned
04/01/2013Jeremy Pargo, GWaived
04/01/2013Justin Holiday, FSigned
02/21/2013Charles Jenkins, GAcquired from Golden State
02/18/2013Jeremy Pargo, GSigned for the remainder of the season
02/07/2013Shelvin Mack, GWaived
02/07/2013Jeremy Pargo, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/28/2013Shelvin Mack, GSigned to a second 10-day contract
01/17/2013Shelvin Mack, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/17/2013Maalik Wayns, GReleased
01/08/2013Maalik Wayns, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/06/2013Arnett Moultrie, FRecalled from Sioux Falls (NBADL)
01/06/2013Maalik Wayns, GWaived
12/21/2012Arnett Moultrie, FAssigned to Sioux Falls (NBADL)
10/31/2012Jrue Holiday, GSigned to a multi-year contract extension
10/27/2012Devin Searcy, FWaived
10/25/2012Evan Turner, GFourth-year contract option exercised
10/18/2012Dan Gadzuric, CWaived
10/10/2012Mikki Moore, CWaived
10/10/2012Xavier Silas, FWaived
10/01/2012Mikki Moore, CSigned
10/01/2012Doug Collins, HContract option picked up for the 2013-14 season
09/27/2012Dan Gadzuric, CSigned
09/27/2012Xavier Silas, FSigned
09/27/2012Damien Wilkins, FSigned
09/27/2012Devin Searcy, FSigned
08/10/2012Andre Iguodala, FTraded to Denver
08/10/2012Moe Harkless, FTraded to Orlando
08/10/2012Nikola Vucevic, FTraded to Orlando
08/10/2012Andrew Bynum, CAcquired from the LA Lakers
08/10/2012Jason Richardson, GAcquired from Orlando
07/30/2012Maalik Wayns, GSigned
07/24/2012Moe Harkless, FSigned
07/24/2012Arnett Moultrie, FSigned
07/18/2012Royal Ivey, GSigned
07/16/2012Darryl Watkins, CWaived
07/13/2012Kwame Brown, CSigned to a two-year contract
07/13/2012Spencer Hawes, CRe-signed
07/11/2012Dorell Wright, FAcquired from Golden State
07/11/2012Lavoy Allen, FSigned
07/11/2012Edin Bavcic, CDraft rights traded to New Orleans
07/11/2012Darryl Watkins, CAcquired from New Orleans
07/06/2012Nick Young, FSigned to a one-year contract
07/06/2012Elton Brand, CWaived