Los Angeles Clippers
Transactions (Season: 2014)

05/10/2015Glen Davis, FFined $5,000 for violating NBA's anti-flopping rules
05/08/2015Matt Barnes, FFined $50,000 for directing inappropriate language at a fan on 5/6
04/30/2015Doc Rivers, HCFined $25,000 by the NBA
04/11/2015Lester Hudson, GSigned to a multi-year contract
03/31/2015Glen Davis, FFined $15,000 for kicking a seat cushion into the stands at Boston on 3/29
03/29/2015Lester Hudson, GSigned to a 10-day contract
03/27/2015Nate Robinson, GReleased
03/20/2015Jordan Hamilton, FSigned for the remainder of the season
03/17/2015Nate Robinson, GSigned to a second 10-day contract
03/09/2015Dahntay Jones, GFined $10,000 for bumping into Golden State forward Draymond Green during a postgame interview
03/07/2015Nate Robinson, GSigned to a 10-day contract
03/06/2015Jordan Hamilton, FSigned to a second 10-day contract
02/24/2015Jordan Hamilton, FSigned to a 10-day contract
02/03/2015Dahntay Jones, GSigned for the remainder of the season
01/24/2015Dahntay Jones, GSigned to a second 10-day contract
01/21/2015C.J. Wilcox, GRecalled from Fort Wayne (NBADL)
01/16/2015Jordan Farmar, GWaived
01/15/2015Dahntay Jones, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/15/2015Chris Douglas-Roberts, FTraded to Boston
01/15/2015Reggie Bullock, FTraded to Phoenix
01/15/2015Austin Rivers, GAcquired from Boston
01/07/2015Jared Cunningham, GTraded to Philadelphia
01/06/2015C.J. Wilcox, GAssigned to Fort Wayne (NBADL)
10/25/2014Joe Ingles, FWaived
09/29/2014Sam Cassell, ANamed assistant coach
09/29/2014Lawrence Frank, ANamed assistant coach
09/23/2014Jared Cunningham, GSigned
09/16/2014Joe Ingles, FSigned to a one-year contract
09/12/2014Hedo Turkoglu, FRe-signed
09/03/2014Ekpe Udoh, CSigned to a one-year contract
09/03/2014Chris Douglas-Roberts, GSigned
08/29/2014Carlos Delfino, GWaived
08/29/2014Miroslav Raduljica, CWaived
08/27/2014Doc Rivers, HSigned to a contract extension through the 2018-19 season
08/26/2014Jared Dudley, FTraded to Milwaukee
08/26/2014Carlos Delfino, GAcquired from Milwaukee
08/26/2014Miroslav Raduljica, CAcquired from Milwaukee
07/17/2014Glen Davis, FSigned to a one-year contract
07/12/2014C.J. Wilcox, GSigned
07/10/2014Mike Woodson, ANamed assistant coach
07/06/2014Jordan Farmar, GSigned to a two-year contract
07/04/2014Spencer Hawes, CSigned to a four-year contract
06/29/2014Willie Green, GWaived
05/15/2014Doc Rivers, HFined $25,000 by (NBA) for public criticism of officiating
04/17/2014Blake Griffin, FSuspension over
04/16/2014Blake Griffin, FSuspended one-game by (NBA)
02/28/2014Danny Granger, FSigned
02/24/2014Glen Davis, FSigned
02/20/2014Antawn Jamison, FTraded to Atlanta
02/20/2014Byron Mullens, CTraded to Philadelphia
02/20/2014Cenk Akyol, GDraft rights acquired from Atlanta
02/03/2014Sasha Vujacic, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/16/2014Maalik Wayns, GWaived
01/16/2014Darius Morris, GSigned to a second 10-day contract
01/15/2014Hedo Turkoglu, FSigned
01/08/2014Maalik Wayns, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/07/2014Stephen Jackson, FWaived
01/06/2014Darius Morris, GSigned to a 10-day contract
01/05/2014Maalik Wayns, GWaived
12/23/2013Matt Barnes, FFined $25,000 by (NBA)
12/09/2013Stephen Jackson, FSigned
11/14/2013Matt Barnes, FFined $25,000 by (NBA)
10/26/2013Lou Amundson, FWaived
10/21/2013Brandon Davies, FWaived
10/08/2013Mustapha Farrakhan, GWaived
10/08/2013JaMychal Green, FWaived
09/30/2013Mustapha Farrakhan, GSigned to training camp roster
09/30/2013Lou Amundson, FSigned to training camp roster
09/30/2013JaMychal Green, FSigned to training camp roster
09/05/2013Brandon Davies, FSigned
08/26/2013Antawn Jamison, FSigned to a one-year contract
08/21/2013Chris Paul, GElected head of the National Basketball Players Association
07/22/2013Byron Mullens, CSigned
07/11/2013Reggie Bullock, FSigned
07/10/2013Chris Paul, GSigned to a five-year contract extension
07/10/2013Jared Dudley, FAcquired from Phoenix
07/10/2013J.J. Redick, GAcquired from Milwaukee for a second-round future draft pick
07/10/2013Eric Bledsoe, GTraded to Phoenix
07/10/2013Caron Butler, FTraded to Phoenix
07/10/2013Matt Barnes, FSigned
07/10/2013Darren Collison, GSigned
07/10/2013Ryan Hollins, CSigned
07/09/2013DaJuan Summers, FWaived
07/08/2013Armond Hill, ANamed assistant coach
07/08/2013Kevin Eastman, ANamed assistant coach
07/08/2013Alvin Gentry, ANamed associate head coach