Dallas Mavericks
Transactions (Season: 2014)

01/04/2015Ricky Ledo, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
12/18/2014Ricky Ledo, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
12/18/2014Rajon Rondo, GAcquired from Boston
12/18/2014Jae Crowder, FTraded to Boston
12/18/2014Jameer Nelson, GTraded to Boston
12/18/2014Dwight Powell, FAcquired from Dallas
11/23/2014Raymond Felton, GSuspension lifted
11/20/2014Ricky Ledo, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
10/28/2014Gal Mekel, GWaived
10/28/2014J.J. Barea, GSigned
10/25/2014Doron Lamb, GWaived
10/25/2014Ivan Johnson, FWaived
10/25/2014Bernard James, CWaived
10/21/2014Eric Griffin, FWaived
10/21/2014Yuki Togashi, GWaived
10/15/2014Yuki Togashi, GSigned
09/23/2014Charlie Villanueva, FSigned
09/22/2014Doron Lamb, GSigned
08/22/2014Bernard James, CSigned to a one-year contract
08/07/2014Raymond Felton, GSuspended for the first four-games of the 2014-15 season by (NBA) for pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon
07/29/2014Ivan Johnson, FSigned
07/24/2014Jameer Nelson, GSigned
07/23/2014Al-Farouq Aminu, FSigned to a two-year contract
07/23/2014Rashard Lewis, FContract voided
07/18/2014Eric Griffin, FSigned
07/16/2014Rashard Lewis, FSigned to a one-year contract
07/16/2014DeJuan Blair, FTraded to Washington
07/16/2014Emir Preldzic, GDraft rights acquired from Washington
07/14/2014Tadija Dragicevic, FDraft rights traded to Chicago
07/13/2014Greg Smith, FAcquired from Chicago
07/13/2014Chandler Parsons, FSigned to a three-year contract
07/13/2014Richard Jefferson, FSigned to a one-year contract
07/05/2014Devin Harris, GSigned to a three-year contract
07/03/2014Dirk Nowitzki, FSigned to a three-year contract
07/01/2014DeJuan Blair, FContract option exercised
06/25/2014Raymond Felton, GAcquired from New York
06/25/2014Tyson Chandler, CAcquired from New York
06/25/2014Shane Larkin, GTraded to New York
06/25/2014Samuel Dalembert, FTraded to New York
06/25/2014Jose Calderon, GTraded to New York
06/25/2014Wayne Ellington, GTraded to New York
05/01/2014DeJuan Blair, FSuspension over
04/29/2014DeJuan Blair, FSuspended for one game by (NBA)
03/04/2014Gal Mekel, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
02/28/2014Jae Crowder, FRecalled from Texas (NBADL)
02/28/2014Bernard James, CRecalled from Texas (NBADL)
02/28/2014Shane Larkin, GRecalled from Texas (NBADL)
02/27/2014Ricky Ledo, GRecalled from Texas (NBADL)
02/27/2014Jae Crowder, FAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
02/27/2014Bernard James, CAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
02/27/2014Shane Larkin, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
01/18/2014Ricky Ledo, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
01/06/2014Ricky Ledo, GRecalled from Texas (NBADL)
11/09/2013Vince Carter, GSuspension over
11/08/2013Vince Carter, GSuspended one-game by (NBA)
10/22/2013Renaldo Balkman, FWaived
10/22/2013Devin Ebanks, FWaived
10/22/2013Fab Melo, CWaived
10/22/2013D.J. Kennedy, GWaived
10/14/2013Devin Ebanks, FSuspended two-games without pay by (NBA)
09/13/2013Devin Ebanks, FSigned
09/10/2013Fab Melo, CSigned
09/10/2013D.J. Kennedy, GSigned
09/10/2013Mickey McConnell, GSigned
07/31/2013Devin Harris, GSigned
07/30/2013DeJuan Blair, FSigned
07/26/2013Bernard James, CRe-signed
07/23/2013Brandan Wright, FSigned to a two-year contract
07/22/2013Josh Akognon, GWaived
07/22/2013Nick Calathes, GDraft rights traded to Memphis
07/17/2013Samuel Dalembert, FSigned
07/13/2013Monta Ellis, GSigned
07/11/2013Gal Mekel, GSigned
07/11/2013Shane Larkin, GSigned
07/11/2013Ricky Ledo, GSigned
07/10/2013Wayne Ellington, GSigned to a two-year contract
07/10/2013Jose Calderon, GSigned