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Southern Conference Basketball Tournament
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Site: U.S. Cellular Center (7,654) -- Asheville, North Carolina
Dates: Friday, March 7th through Monday, March 10th
Annual: 94th
Defending Champion: Davidson def. College of Charleston, 74-55
Television: ESPN3/CSS, ESPN2 (Championship Game)
Friday, March 7th - First Round
Samford 70, (9) Appalachian State (9-21) 56
Georgia Southern 65, (10) Furman (9-21) 50
The Citadel 86, (6) UNC Greensboro (14-18) 76
Saturday, March 8th - Quarterfinal Round
Davidson 77, (8) Samford (13-20) 54
Western Carolina 66, (4) Elon (18-14) 64
Georgia Southern 62, (2) Chattanooga (18-14) 55
Wofford 68, (11) The Citadel (7-26) 51
Sunday, March 9th - Semifinal Round
Western Carolina 99, (1) Davidson (20-12) 97 OT
Wofford 71, (7) Georgia Southern (15-19) 57
Monday, March 10th - Championship Game
(3) Wofford (20-12) 56, (5) Western Carolina (19-15) 53
Tournament Titles and Records
 SchoolTitlesLast Tourney Record  
 Davidson122013 63-46  
 Chattanooga102009 52-26  
 Furman61980 46-54  
 Appalachian State22000 42-40  
 Wofford22011 11-13  
 Western Carolina11996 20-34  
 NC-Greensboro12001 14-15  
 Georgia Southern0 13-20  
 Elon0 11-10  
 Citadel0 11-60  
 Samford0 2-5  
Past Southern Conference Tournament Winners, Results and MVPs
2014Wofford def. Western Carolina, 56-53
2013Davidson def. College of Charleston, 74-55 (De'Mon Brooks)
2012Davidson def. Western Carolina, 93-91 2OT (De'Mon Brooks)
2011Wofford def. College of Charleston, 77-67 (Noah Dahlman)
2010Wofford def. Appalachian State, 56-51 (Noah Dahlman)
2009Chattanooga def. College of Charleston, 80-69 (Stephen McDowell)
2008Davidson def. Elon, 65-49 (Stephen Curry)
2007Davidson def. College of Charleston, 72-65 (Stephen Curry)
2006Davidson def. Chattanooga, 80-55 (Brendan Winters)
2005Chattanooga def. UNC Greensboro, 66-62 (Mindaugas Katelynas)
2004East Tennessee State def. Chattanooga, 78-62 (Tim Smith)
2003East Tennessee State def. Chattanooga, 97-90 (Tim Smith)
2002Davidson def. Furman, 62-57 (Peter Anderer)
2001UNC Greensboro def. Chattanooga, 67-66 (Toot Young)
2000Appalachian State def. College of Charleston, 68-56 (Tyson Patterson)
1999College of Charleston def. Appalachian St, 77-67 (Marshall Phillips)
1998Davidson def. Appalachian State, 66-62 (Ben Ebong)
1997Chattanooga def. Marshall, 71-70 (OT) (John Brannen)
1996Western Carolina def. Davidson, 69-60 (Anquell McCollum)
1995Chattanooga def. Western Carolina, 63-61 (Frankie King)
1994Chattanooga def. Davidson, 65-64 (Chad Copeland)
1993Chattanooga def. East Tennessee St, 86-75 (Tim Brooks)
1992East Tennessee State def. Chattanooga, 74-63 (Greg Dennis)
1991East Tennessee State def. Appalachian St, 101-82 (Keith Jennings)
1990East Tennessee State def. Appalachian St, 96-75 (Keith Jennings)
1989East Tennessee State def. Marshall, 96-73 (John Taft)
1988Chattanooga def. Virginia Military, 75-61 (Benny Green)
1987Marshall def. Davidson, 66-64 (OT) (Derek Rucker)
1986Davidson def. Chattanooga, 42-40 (Gerry Born)
1985Marshall def. Virginia Military, 70-65 (Gay Elmore)
1984Marshall def. Chattanooga, 111-107 (2 OT) (LaVerne Evans)
1983Chattanooga def. East Tennessee St, 70-62 (Willie White)
1982Chattanooga def. Davidson, 69-58 (Russ Schoene)
1981Chattanooga def. Appalachian St, 59-55 (Nick Morken)
1980Furman def. Marshall, 80-62 (Jonathan Moore)
1979Appalachian St def. Furman, 86-83 (Darryl Robinson)
1978Furman def. Marshall, 69-53 (Jonathan Moore)
1977Virginia Military def. Appalachian St, 69-67 (OT) (Dave Montgomery)
1976Virginia Military def. Richmond, 41-33 (Ron Carter)
1975Furman def. William & Mary, 66-55 (Clyde Mayes)
1974Furman def. Richmond, 62-60 (Aron Stewart)
1973Furman def. Davidson, 99-81 (Clyde Mayes)
1972East Carolina def. Furman, 77-75 (OT) (Roy Simpson)
1971Furman def. Richmond, 68-61 (Jerry Martin)
1970Davidson def. Richmond, 81-61 (Doug Cook)
1969Davidson def. East Carolina, 102-76 (Doug Cook)
1968Davidson def. West Virginia, 87-70 (Mike Maloy)
1967West Virginia def. Davidson, 81-65 (Johnny Moates)
1966Davidson def. West Virginia, 80-69 (Dick Snyder)
1965West Virginia def. William & Mary, 70-67 (2 OT) (Fred Hetzel)
1964Virginia Military def. George Washington, 61-56 (Fred Hetzel)
1963West Virginia def. Davidson, 79-74 (Rod Thorn)
1962West Virginia def. Virginia Tech, 88-72 (Rod Thorn)
1961George Washington def. William & Mary, 93-82 (Jon Feldman)
1960West Virginia def. Virginia Tech, 82-72 (Jerry West)
1959West Virginia def. Citadel, 85-66 (Jerry West)
1958West Virginia def. William & Mary, 74-58 (Jerry West)
1957West Virginia def. Washington & Lee, 67-52 (Lloyd Sharrar)
1956West Virginia def. Richmond, 58-56 (Rod Hundley)
1955West Virginia def. George Washington, 58-48 (Rod Hundley)
1954George Washington def. Richmond, 83-70 (Joe Holup)
1953Wake Forest def. North Carolina State, 71-70 (Gene Shue)
1952North Carolina State def. Duke, 77-68 (Dick Groat)
1951North Carolina State def. Duke, 67-63 (Dick Groat)
1950North Carolina State def. Duke, 67-47 (Sam Ranzino)
1949North Carolina State def. George Washington, 55-39 (Chet Giermak)
1948North Carolina State def. Duke, 58-50 (Jere Bunting)
1947North Carolina State def. North Carolina, 50-48
1946Duke def. Wake Forest, 49-30
1945North Carolina def. Duke, 49-38
1944Duke def. North Carolina, 44-27
1943George Washington def. Duke, 56-40
1942Duke def. North Carolina State, 45-34
1941Duke def. South Carolina, 53-30
1940North Carolina def. Duke, 43-23
1939Clemson def. Maryland, 39-27
1938Duke def. Clemson, 40-30
1937Washington & Lee def. North Carolina, 44-33
1936North Carolina def. Washington & Lee, 50-45
1935North Carolina def. Washington & Lee, 35-27
1934Washington & Lee def. Duke, 30-29
1933South Carolina def. Duke, 33-21
1932Georgia def. North Carolina, 26-24
1931Maryland def. Kentucky, 29-27
1930Alabama def. Duke, 31-24
1929North Carolina State def. Duke, 44-35
1928Ole Miss def. Auburn, 31-30
1927Vanderbilt def. Georgia, 46-44
1926North Carolina def. Mississippi State, 37-23
1925North Carolina def. Tulane, 36-28
1924North Carolina def. Alabama, 26-18
1923Mississippi State def. Chattanooga, 31-21
1922North Carolina def. Mercer, 40-25
1921Kentucky def. Georgia, 20-19
Winner receives an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. All times Eastern. The Southern Conference is the oldest league tournament in the nation. This is the 94th year of the tournament, with the first being held in 1921. The top five seeds receive byes into the quarterfinals. Davidson won its record 12th Southern Conference title and second straight last year, as it defeated College of Charleston, 74-55, in the final. Davidson lost to Marquette, 59-58, in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. West Virginia won this tournament 10 times, North Carolina eight, North Carolina State seven, East Tennessee State six, Duke five, George Washington and Marshall three, Washington & Lee twice and Alabama, Clemson, East Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and College of Charleston once each when they were members of the conference. Former NBA great Jerry West is the only player in conference history to win three consecutive tournament MVP honors when he played for West Virginia (1958-60). Georgia Southern has never won a semifinal game (0-4). The Citadel has only advanced to the championship game once (1959).

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