National Football League

                  === Chiefs and Panthers will play Sunday ===
 Kansas  City, MO  (Sports  Network)  - The  Kansas  City  Chiefs and  Carolina
 Panthers  will  play as scheduled Sunday  in the wake of Saturday's tragedy at
 the Chiefs' training facility.
 Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed himself Saturday morning, minutes after
 allegedly killing his girlfriend.
 There  was  speculation that Sunday's game  might be postponed, at least for a
 day, after the events of Saturday.
 "After  discussions  between the  league office, head  coach Romeo Crennel and
 Chiefs  team captains, the Chiefs advised the NFL that it will play tomorrow's
 game  vs. the  Carolina Panthers at its originally scheduled time," the Chiefs
 said in a statement.
 Crennel, according to police, witnessed Belcher's suicide.
 Police  on Saturday  said Belcher shot his girlfriend multiple times after the
 two  had been engaged  in an argument at home. She was taken to a hospital and
 pronounced dead.
 Minutes  after  the first shooting,  police said  Belcher drove to the Chiefs'
 training  facility  at  Arrowhead  Stadium  and  spoke  with  team  personnel,
 including  Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli, before taking his own life
 with a gunshot.
 Belcher  was in his  fourth year with the Chiefs after signing as an undrafted
 free  agent  out of Maine.  He started 10  of the 11  games he had played this
 season and registered 38 tackles.
 12/01 16:15:33 ET