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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Season: 2014
03/25/2015Brandon Magee, LBWaived
03/20/2015Andy Wilder, PSigned
03/19/2015Sterling Moore, CBSigned to a one-year contract
03/12/2015Henry Melton, DTSigned to a one-year contract
03/12/2015Chris Conte, SSigned to a one-year contract
03/11/2015Michael Johnson, DEReleased
03/11/2015Bruce Carter, LBSigned to a four-year contract
03/10/2015Major Wright, SRe-signed
03/10/2015Leonard Johnson, CBRe-signed
03/10/2015Anthony Collins, OTReleased
03/09/2015Lawrence Sidbury, DERe-signed
03/07/2015Jason Williams, LBRe-signed
03/07/2015Larry English, DERe-signed
03/07/2015Luke Stocker, TERe-signed
03/05/2015Mike Jenkins, CBRe-signed
03/05/2015Bradley McDougald, SRe-signed
03/02/2015Danny Lansanah, LBRe-signed
02/11/2015Josh McCown, QBReleased
01/05/2015M.D. Jennings, SSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015Chase Tenpenny, PSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/05/2015Taylor Sloat, TESigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Shelton Johnson, DBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Chandler Jones, WRSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Seth Lobato, QBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Matthew Masifilo, DTSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Matt Patchan, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Jocquel Skinner, CBSigned to a reserve/future contract
01/01/2015Jeremiah Warren, CSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/26/2014Louis Murphy, WRAgreed to terms on a multi-year contract extension
12/23/2014Shelton Johnson, DBSigned to the practice squad
12/20/2014Major Wright, SPlaced on injured reserve
12/20/2014C.J. Wilson, CBPromoted from the practice squad
12/17/2014Lawrence Sidbury, LBSigned
12/17/2014Varmah Sonie, CBSigned to the practice squad
12/16/2014Crezdon Butler, CBWaived
12/16/2014Louis Murphy, WRPlaced on injured reserve
12/16/2014Chandler Jones, WRSigned to the practice squad
12/16/2014Tavarres King, WRPromoted from the practice squad
12/16/2014Evan Rodriguez, FB/TEPromoted from the practice squad
12/16/2014George Uko, DTPromoted from the practice squad
12/15/2014Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TEPlaced on injured reserve
12/15/2014Gerald McCoy, DTPlaced on injured reserve
12/10/2014Ka'lial Glaud, LBSigned to the practice squad
12/09/2014Taylor Sloat, TEReleased from practice squad
12/08/2014Jason Williams, LBSigned
12/08/2014Brandon Magee, LBPlaced on injured reserve
12/02/2014Solomon Patton, WRSigned from the Arizona practice squad
12/02/2014D.J. Williams, TEReleased
12/02/2014C.J. Wilson, CBSigned to the practice squad
11/30/2014C.J. Wilson, CBReleased
11/30/2014Josh Allen, CSigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Ted Bolser, TEReleased
11/25/2014Cameron Brate, TESigned from the practice squad
11/25/2014Denicos Allen, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Evan Rodriguez, FB/TESigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014Taylor Sloat, TESigned to the practice squad
11/25/2014D.J. Williams, TESigned
11/25/2014Marcus Thigpen, WRReleased
11/25/2014Quinton Pointer, DBReleased
11/24/2014Jorvorskie Lane, FBPlaced on injured reserve
11/19/2014George Uko, DESigned to the practice squad
11/17/2014Jake Schum, PReleased
11/14/2014Jeremy Grable, LBReleased
11/14/2014Jake Schum, PSigned to the practice squad
11/12/2014C.J. Wilson, CBSigned from the practice squad
11/12/2014Jeremiah Warren, CSigned to the practice squad
11/12/2014Jeremy Grable, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/11/2014Kadeem Edwards, GPlaced on injured reserve
11/11/2014Denicos Allen, LBReleased
11/05/2014Quinton Pointer, DBSigned to the practice squad
11/05/2014Matthew Masifilo, DTSigned to the practice squad
11/04/2014Jorvorskie Lane, FBSuspension lifted
11/04/2014Da'Quan Bowers, DESuspension lifted
11/04/2014George Uko, DEReleased
11/03/2014Lonnie Pryor, FBReleased
11/03/2014Mister Alexander, LBReleased
11/03/2014Matthew Masifilo, DTReleased
11/03/2014Denicos Allen, LBSigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014Ted Bolser, TESigned to the practice squad
11/03/2014Matt Patchan, OTSigned to the practice squad
11/01/2014Trindon Holliday, WRReleased
11/01/2014Matthew Masifilo, DTSigned from the practice squad
10/31/2014Trindon Holliday, WRPlaced on injured reserve
10/31/2014Marcus Thigpen, WRSigned from the practice squad
10/30/2014Charles Sims, RBActivated from injured reserve/designated for return
10/29/2014Mike Kafka, QBSigned to the practice squad
10/28/2014Jonathan Casillas, LBTraded to New England
10/28/2014Mark Barron, STraded to St. Louis
10/28/2014Tavarres King, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/27/2014Mike Kafka, QBReleased
10/27/2014Eric Page, WRReleased
10/27/2014Derrius Brooks, CBReleased
10/25/2014Gerald McCoy, DTSigned to a seven-year contract extension
10/23/2014Orie Lemon, LBSigned from the Kansas City practice squad
10/21/2014Solomon Patton, WRWaived
10/21/2014Trindon Holliday, WRSigned
10/21/2014Da'Quan Bowers, DESuspended two-games by (NFL)
10/21/2014Scott Solomon, DLReleased
10/21/2014Shayne Skov, LBReleased
10/21/2014T.J. Fatinikun, DESigned from the practice squad
10/21/2014Mister Alexander, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/21/2014Marcus Thigpen, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/15/2014Isaiah Frey, CBSigned
10/15/2014Jorvorskie Lane, FBSuspended two-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s policy against PEDS
10/13/2014Kevin Cone, WRReleased
10/13/2014Jeff Demps, RBReleased
10/13/2014Lonnie Pryor, FBSigned to the practice squad
10/13/2014George Uko, DESigned to the practice squad
10/08/2014Eric Page, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2014Taylor Sloat, TEReleased
10/01/2014Taylor Sloat, TESigned to the practice squad
09/30/2014Carlos Fields, LBReleased
09/30/2014Ian Thompson, TEReleased
09/30/2014Kevin Cone, WRSigned to the practice squad
09/25/2014Rishaw Johnson, GReleased
09/25/2014Mike Kafka, QBSigned from the practice squad
09/25/2014Josh Allen, CSigned to the practice squad
09/24/2014T.J. Fatinikun, DESigned to the practice squad
09/24/2014Ian Thompson, TESigned to the practice squad
09/24/2014Shayne Skov, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/23/2014Ka'lial Glaud, LBReleased
09/23/2014Chris Owusu, WRReleased
09/23/2014Louis Murphy, WRSigned
09/23/2014Adrian Robinson, LBReleased
09/22/2014Kimario McFadden, SReleased
09/15/2014Brandon Magee, LBSigned from the practice squad
09/15/2014Rashaan Melvin, CBReleased
09/15/2014Ka'lial Glaud, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/12/2014Adrian Clayborn, DEPlaced on injured reserve
09/12/2014Scott Solomon, DLRe-signed
09/10/2014Scott Solomon, DLReleased
09/10/2014C.J. Wilson, CBSigned to the practice squad
09/10/2014Mike Jenkins, CBPlaced on injured reserve
09/10/2014Crezdon Butler, CBSigned
09/10/2014Adrian Robinson, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/09/2014Steven Means, DEWaived
09/09/2014Larry English, LBSigned
09/09/2014Jacquies Smith, LBClaimed off waivers from Buffalo
09/06/2014Quinton Pointer, DBReleased
09/06/2014Brandon Dixon, CBSigned from the practice squad
09/06/2014Solomon Patton, WRSigned from the practice squad
09/06/2014Louis Murphy, WRReleased
09/03/2014Charles Sims, RBPlaced on injured reserve/designated for return
09/03/2014Major Wright, SRe-signed
09/02/2014Derrius Brooks, CBSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Brandon Dixon, CBSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Carlos Fields, LBSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2014Kimario McFadden, SSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Jeff Demps, RBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Mike Kafka, QBSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Garrett Gilkey, OLClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
08/31/2014Solomon Patton, WRSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Matthew Masifilo, DTSigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Cameron Brate, TESigned to the practice squad
08/31/2014Brandon Magee, LBSigned to the practice squad
08/30/2014Matthew Masifilo, DTReleased
08/30/2014Mike Kafka, QBReleased
08/30/2014Jeff Demps, RBReleased
08/30/2014Major Wright, SReleased
08/30/2014Solomon Patton, WRReleased
08/29/2014Lonnie Pryor, FBWaived
08/29/2014Keith Lewis, CBWaived
08/29/2014T.J. Fatinikun, DEWaived
08/29/2014Ka'lial Glaud, LBWaived
08/29/2014Larry English, LBReleased
08/29/2014Anthony Gaitor, CBReleased
08/29/2014Kip Edwards, CBReleased
08/29/2014Nate Askew, LBReleased
08/29/2014Edawn Coughman, TReleased
08/29/2014Andrew Miller, OGReleased
08/29/2014Jamon Meredith, OTReleased
08/29/2014Connor Barth, KReleased
08/27/2014Matt Patchan, OTPlaced on injured reserve
08/27/2014Danny Gorrer, CBReleased
08/26/2014Logan Mankins, GAcquired from New England
08/26/2014Tim Wright, WRTraded to New England
08/25/2014Damaso Munoz, LBReleased
08/24/2014Tommy Streeter, WRReleased
08/24/2014Jace Daniels, TReleased
08/24/2014Skye Dawson, WRReleased
08/24/2014Euclid Cummings, DTReleased
08/24/2014Jason Foster, GReleased
08/24/2014Eric Page, WRReleased
08/24/2014Chaz Sutton, DEReleased
08/24/2014Alex Tanney, QBReleased
08/24/2014Ryne Giddins, DEReleased
08/24/2014R.J. Mattes, GReleased
08/24/2014Ian Thompson, TEReleased
08/24/2014Jeremy Cain, LSReleased
08/21/2014James Ruffin, DEWaived
08/21/2014R.J. Mattes, GSigned
08/21/2014Rishaw Johnson, GAcquired from Kansas City
08/21/2014Kelcie McCray, STraded to Kansas City
08/20/2014Lavelle Hawkins, WRReleased
08/20/2014Edawn Coughman, TClaimed off waivers from Buffalo
08/14/2014Larry English, LBSigned
08/14/2014Jibreel Black, DTReleased
08/12/2014T.J. Fatinikun, DESigned
08/11/2014Mark Joyce, SReleased
08/05/2014Jeremy Grable, LBReleased
08/05/2014Mycal Swaim, OLReleased
08/05/2014Ryne Giddins, DESigned
08/05/2014James Ruffin, DESigned
08/04/2014David Gettis, WRWaived
08/04/2014Mark Joyce, SSigned
07/30/2014Kip Edwards, CBSigned
07/28/2014Brendan Bigelow, RBWaived
07/28/2014Quintin Payton, WRWaived
07/28/2014Anthony Gaitor, CBSigned
07/28/2014Jibreel Black, DTSigned
07/25/2014Carl Nicks, GReleased
07/24/2014Brandon Magee, LBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
07/22/2014D.J. Moore, CBReleased
07/22/2014J.B. Shugarts, TSigned
07/22/2014Jeremy Grable, LBSigned
06/19/2014David Gettis, WRSigned
06/19/2014Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TESigned to a four-year contract
06/17/2014Steven Jenkins, LBReleased
06/17/2014Emmett Cleary, OTReleased
06/13/2014Everett Dawkins, DTWaived
06/13/2014Aaron Burks, WRWaived
06/13/2014Ronald Talley, DESigned
06/12/2014Mike Evans, WRSigned to a four-year contract
06/12/2014Charles Sims, RBSigned to a four-year contract
05/30/2014Quinton Pointer, DBSigned
05/30/2014Marc Anthony, CBWaived
05/21/2014Brett Smith, QBWaived
05/21/2014Jake Schum, PReleased
05/21/2014Alex Tanney, QBSigned
05/21/2014David Hunter, NTReleased
05/21/2014Quintin Payton, WRSigned
05/21/2014Ian Thompson, TESigned
05/21/2014Cameron Brate, TESigned
05/19/2014Kevin Pamphile, OTSigned to a four-year contract
05/18/2014Tom Crabtree, TEReleased
05/16/2014Kadeem Edwards, GSigned to a four-year contract
05/16/2014Robert Herron, WRSigned to a four-year contract
05/15/2014Brendan Bigelow, RBSigned
05/14/2014Anthony Gaitor, CBWaived
05/14/2014Andrew DePaola, LSSigned
05/11/2014Brett Smith, QBSigned
05/11/2014Matt Patchan, OTSigned
05/11/2014Solomon Patton, WRSigned
05/11/2014Keith Lewis, CBSigned
05/11/2014Chaz Sutton, DESigned
05/11/2014Aaron Burks, WRSigned
05/11/2014Toney Hurd, DBSigned
05/11/2014Matt Patchan, OLSigned
05/11/2014Chris Burnette, OLSigned
04/09/2014Patrick Scales, LSReleased
04/07/2014Marvin Booker, LBReleased
04/07/2014Lavelle Hawkins, WRSigned
04/04/2014Mike Williams, WRTraded to Buffalo
04/04/2014Major Wright, SSigned to a one-year contract
04/01/2014Jorvorskie Lane, FBSigned
04/01/2014Josh Baker, FB/TESigned

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