NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
             === NRA sponsoring NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas ===
 Fort   Worth,  TX  (Sports  Network)  -  Texas  Motor  Speedway  has  acquired
 sponsorship  from the  National Rifle  Association for  its NASCAR  Sprint Cup
 Series race next month.
 Track  president Eddie Gossage announced on Monday that the April 13 race will
 be  titled the  NRA 500. The racetrack, which is owned by Speedway Motorsports
 Inc.,  and  the gun-rights  advocacy group signed  a one-year agreement, which
 has a renewal option in it.
 "The  NRA  has been involved in  the sport for  several years and a partner of
 Speedway  Motorsports,  Inc. for many years  in various aspects, and this race
 entitlement  is just another extension of that business relationship," Gossage
 said.  "We look forward to another successful partnership with the NRA for our
 April race week of activities."
 The NRA has had a business relationship with the NASCAR industry for more than
 a  decade. The  organization has supported SMI's Speedway Children's Charities
 and  its fund-raising events since 2000. It has contributed more than $500,000
 to the Texas Chapter of SCC at Texas Motor Speedway as well.
 "The  NRA  500 is  the latest  announcement in  the long  history of a growing
 partnership  between  the NRA,  Speedway  Motorsports  (Inc.) and  the  NASCAR
 community,"  NRA  Executive Vice  President and  CEO Wayne  LaPierre said in a
 video  message during a media event at the track. "NRA members and NASCAR fans
 love  their  country and everything  that is good  and right about America. We
 salute  our flag,  volunteer  in  our churches  and  communities, cherish  our
 families,  and we  love racing. On April  13, we'll all come together at Texas
 Motor Speedway."
 The  NRA  is in the  middle of a nationwide  gun control debate following last
 December's  mass  shooting at Sandy  Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.,
 which killed 20 children and six adults.
 NASCAR  released a statement shortly after the announcement of the sponsorship
 "Race  entitlement partnerships  are agreements directly between the track and
 the  sponsor," NASCAR's  statement read. "NASCAR reserves the right to approve
 or  disapprove those sponsorships. The race sponsor for Texas Motor Speedway's
 April event falls within the guidelines for approval for that event."
 The  NRA sponsored  a 300-mile NASCAR Nationwide Series race last September at
 Atlanta Motor Speedway.
 03/04 18:17:44 ET