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Sacramento Kings 2014 Draft Report Card

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

Additions: Nik Stauskas (8)

( - The Sacramento Kings got one of the draft's best shooters in Stauskas. Every team needs a shooter and Stauskas is much more than that.

He's a pretty good athlete and he strikes me as the type who will get better at the next level. I like that Stauskas improved during his time in college and I get the feeling he likes the spotlight attached to the next level.

Problem for me is, where exactly does Stauskas fit in Sacramento's rotation? Rudy Gay opted in, so he's the small forward. Ben McLemore was taken in the first round last year, and, despite being a bit of a disappointment, he seems to be the shooting guard of the future.

They could have used help at point guard. They must not have valued Elfrid Payton highly.

Again, Stauskas is more than just a shooter and even if he was just a shooter, he's really good at it. He'll see time on the floor, but I think Sacramento could've done a better job addressing needs.

Grade: B-

06/27 18:11:57 ET