The Iverson Interrogatory

Make sure you aren't expecting the Allen Iverson of Philadelphia or Denver.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - At one time in his playing life, say around the year 2001, Allen Iverson was a top-five NBA player, both in the real world and the fantasy one. However, with those days being a distant memory, the question fantasy owners are asking is...Where does Iverson belong in today's draft?

The Iverson of 2009-10 is an oft-injured, one-dimensional, shooting guard who has limits on his game and on how much he can help a team. With Detroit last season, Iverson averaged 17.4 ppg, 3.1 rpg and 4.9 apg in 36-plus minutes of action.

He won't get that much court time in Memphis.

Currently, Iverson, who signed a late off-season deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, is dealing with a torn left hamstring. He hasn't practiced since early October and will be rusty when he returns. He also hasn't had a chance to "blend in" with his new teammates, not that Iverson is very good at "blending in" anyway.

According to, Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins has indicated he'll (Iverson) start the season coming off the bench.

"He hasn't had a chance to perform and when he does come back he'll be way behind with how we're doing things. So when he gets into a game, it'll be limited," said Hollins.

Isn't that the reason Iverson left Detroit, because the team thought he should come off the bench and he still thinks he's an NBA starter? And that was on a playoff contending team. This is a young Memphis team which will be hard- pressed to win 30 games and should be thinking about developing it's future stars, not trying to win with an aging one.

This can't be good for Iverson's mental attitude, which is flaky even in the best of times.

Iverson's ADP (Average Draft Position) is around 120, meaning you can pick him up in the 10th round of your draft. In that area, he is fairly priced, given that as a bench player he'll be limited in the amount of points he can score. Just make sure you aren't expecting the "Iverson" of Philadelphia or Denver. I expect that even when he is healthy, "The Answer's" upper limit will be 16.0 ppg, 2.0 rpg and 4.0 apg.

Iverson Statistics - last five seasons
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