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Adam LaRoche has always been one of the best second-half hitters in baseball.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - In the last week, Aramis Ramirez, Andre Ethier, Jorge Posada, Matt Wieters, Grady Sizemore, Asdrubal Cabrera and Jimmy Rollins (for the second time) have all gotten injured and will miss time. With injuries adding up throughout the league, it's time to check the waiver wire for replacements.

Listed below are players with around 50% ownership, who are "fantasy-worthy" least in the short-term.


Rod Barajas - The New York Mets' backstop leads all catchers with 10 homers this season and is tied with Yadier Molina and John Buck for the most RBIs (24). He's already halfway to his career high in home runs, but it seems that while he's in the groove you should take advantage. If you own Posada or Wieters or just haven't been getting enough production from your catcher, here is an option that is only owned in 55% of all leagues.

John Buck - Buck has exploded offensively over the past three weeks and is now hitting .270 with eight homers and 24 RBI in just 36 games. With the way the Blue Jays are knocking the ball out of the park, it must be contagious. He's owned in less than 45% of all leagues.

First Base

Adam LaRoche - LaRoche has always been one of the best second-half hitters in baseball (career OPS jumps 93 points after the All-Star break) and if he improves off this first half (.283, 28 runs, 7 HR, 30 RBI, OPS 0.930) he'll be a candidate for the 2010 TSN Best Bargain Award. Owned in under 48% of all leagues.

Troy Glaus - Not much was expected out of Glaus after his 29 at-bat 2009 season, but the former All-Star has returned to form. He's batting a solid .289 with six homers and 27 RBI in his first year with the Braves. Owned in less than one-in-four leagues.

Second Base

Alberto Callaspo - Though he plays for a team that doesn't score many runs, Callaspo hasn't let that effect his offense. He's batting .314 with 21 runs scored, seven homers and 28 RBI. He's owned in slightly over half of all leagues and is eligible for both second and third base.


Juan Uribe - I wouldn't want to play him at shortstop for an entire season, but right now Uribe wouldn't pull your team down. He's batting .277 with 18 runs scored, five homers and 25 RBI on a team that doesn't produce a whole lot of offense. He's hitting .364 for the past week and if you just had Rollins get injured again, he could help your team.

Third Base

Scott Rolen - The former All-Star has regained some of his old form and hitting in the middle of the hot Cincinnati Reds lineup is producing like old. He's batting .291 with 21 runs scored, eight homers and 23 RBI. Owned in under 40% of all leagues, he out-performing players like Pablo Sandoval, Miguel Tejada and Ian Stewart.

Jose Bautista - Bautista is one of the hottest hitters in the league and his home run total is up to 13 with 34 RBIs and an OPS of 0.916. He's owned in a little over 60% of all leagues, up from 35% when I wrote about him on May 17th, so get your waiver request in quickly. He's hit six home runs in the last seven days. He's eligible at both third base and outfield.


Jose Guillen - Guillen is one of those streaky hitters who can carry you for a week or two when he gets hot and then "falls off the map." Given that he hit two homers last night and is batting .346 for the past seven days, he must be in the middle of one of those hot streaks. Owned in 55% of all leagues, you should pick him up and start him for the next week.

Jonny Gomes - Another streaky hitter, Gomes is batting .421 over the past seven days and .304 for the season. As a lifetime .245 hitter, you know this isn't going to last, but you should get in on the "ride" while you can. He's owned in just 13% of all leagues.

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