'Twas the night before bowl games ...

"You Gotta Be Kidding!"
by Mickey Charles, CEO Sports Network

'Twas the night before bowl games and all through the lands
There was action aplenty from the fields to the stands.
Old-timers among us thought back through the years
When they went to the games, had their beers and their cheers.

Santa Claus
It had nothing to do with the jolly old man attired in red
But did your team score enough so you would beat the spread?
Once there were four and they were easy to find.
Now thirty five and watching them all is a heck of a grind.

I remember each but who do you know that says that he knows
That he saw every one, remembers them all ... Peach and Orange, Cotton and Rose?
On Tigers and Gators, Sooners and Buckeyes, Aggies and Eagles, Tigers and Ducks
Cougars and Miners, Huskies and Utes, to remember them all is a task that sucks.

The games played to date were nothing of note.
That means no one so far has wasted a vote.
The big ones are coming and are soon to start,
Choosing the bad from the good to keep them apart.

When many are played the stockings stay hung and children in beds,
Except for the players where winning and headlines dance in their heads.
The clatter they hear are folks tailgating, heading inside to their seats
Where hot dogs and burgers, sodas and coffee, chips and more will soon be their treats.

The trophies wait to be placed near the chimneys and viewed with such pride
But how do you know at this time who will be number one, be the right side?
St. Nick comes too early to deliver the news of who it will be
So it makes no sense to seek out the answer under your tree.

If the schools find a sponsor, a network or two, a field that is empty for one night or a day
They will gather together, get out their sleighs, hook up the reindeer and get ready to play.
Their driver not bearded, nor giving out gifts - just being their coach and game-time guide
For a contest called football, one they must win to bring fame to the school and a sleigh full of pride.

BCS National Title Trophy
BCS National Championship Trophy
On Hawkeyes and Bulldogs, Broncos and Bears, Wildcats and Wolfpack to name a few more
Gamecocks and Spartans, Cardinals and Bulls, do any know what else lies in store?
As the games dwindle down to a precious few, to the one that will name the best of the best
You have to wonder why all the games, why all the fuss, what will happen to all of the rest?

It's a holiday ritual, a result of the sport, the end of the year where they sort it all out.
No matter who, what the polls announce or the records say, "We're number one!" each will soon shout.
So get out the jerseys, hats and paint for the face, make your signs for your moment of fame.
Mark off the calendar, circle the date, as if you must, and make your plans to attend the big game.

It's Christmas time, holidays have arrived and 2011 waits 'round the bend
But for college football it means that the season just past is about to end.
Bowl games are stages where talents are shown and coast to coast we follow them all.
When it is all said and done, the balls put away, the field still and empty, one will stand tall.

This is the week; NFL teams fight it out, playoffs in sight
But Christmas is here and we're all getting ready for a wonderful night.
The bowl games surround us, we can't get away, turn on the tube and there they are.
You want a game for a present, not to worry and no need for Santa or to wish on a star.

Just grab the clicker and head to Fox, ESPN, ABC or our site to find them all.
Rudolph can turn off his nose and there's no one else that you need to call.
Just close your eyes and think Rockets, Falcons, Pirates or Panthers for a start
And then Irish, Tar Heels, 'Canes, Lions, Hokies and try to tell them apart.

And how does Santa appear at so many in the midst of making his rounds
How does he do it, from one chimney to the next and then to the football grounds?
Making everyone happy, creating such a delight, flying through the stillness of the night
Over rooftops, between clouds and stars, creating such wonder as he continues his flight.
Dropping smiles wherever he can, handing out some shirts and trophies for all who have won
And, when all think his trip is over, that Christmas Day is here, the truth is that he is not done.

Santa goes on for a few weeks more with a special bag and prizes held dear
He starts things off in 2011 by creating bowl winners for teams that have had a fantastic year.
You thought it was all kids and tots, little guys and gals with letters written and very big dreams,
You never imagined that the man from the North Pole was such a fan of so many teams.

Well, he is and he makes it known about now, so be a kid for awhile and welcome him in.
If you do that and lay out more than cookies and milk, it might be the thing to help your team win.
Then you will hear that voice wherever he may be, when all is done and he drives out of sight,

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."

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