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Special Edition Using XHTML

Author: Molly Holzschlag

First there was HTML. Next came XML. Then along came a new transitional language named XHTML and it was developed until browsers could fully support the power of XML. If you are familiar with HTML, XHTML will be very easy to learn. The author, Molly Holzschlag, has written many books on web design and is familiar with conveying the message and learning experience in the easiest manner possible. She puts many pictures and examples in her book in order to maintain a simple understanding of the content. The book covers almost all of the different facets of web design.

The first 16 chapters are in-depth study of HTML. Most web developers will be very familiar with all of the information found there. Chapters 17-23 dive right into XHTML and how it functions within web pages. Applying style sheets to XHTML will allow you to have a different look and feel for varied clients on the same web page. In order to expand and keep users continually coming to our own site we must adapt to their needs and change the look and feel of our data accordingly. It is our belief and considered opinion that XHTML is a fine example of how this can be achieved. Using XHTML can provide most web developers with the edge they need in order to achieve separation from the non- dynamic web pages most sites have now.

There is also large section describing all the different tools you can use for graphics for your web site. This can be especially useful for new developers who don?t have a great deal of graphics experience. Determining when to use a GIF or a JPEG is very important and can save a couple of seconds off load time. Wireless devices have become a part of the Internet, especially in Europe, and we would recommend taking a look at those chapters discussing WML is order to gain a firmer grasp on how to develop wireless web pages.

XML has probably been the most talked about web language in the last two years. Holzschlag, therefore, discusses XML and related technologies in detail in the last three chapters and she covers all facets of web design. We would recommend this book to any level of developer. You'll find that it has something for everyone.

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