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Developing Secure Applications with Visual Basic

Author: Davis Chapman

As the internet continues to grow and more data becomes available to the expanding consumer base, it is accompanied by the increasing need for additional security to protect that data. Most of the new standard encryption methodologies are considered safe for now but, as computers become increasingly more powerful, the easier it is for hackers to break in and go where they do not belong. As a Visual Basic programmer, the need to incorporate this security into one's applications is very important. Being able to adapt to new encryption methods without having to recompile your project can extend program life beyond the norm. Thanks to Davis Chapman?s Developing Secure Applications with Visual Basic, published by SAMS, adding encryption to your Visual Basic application can be an easier task than you might imagine.

This book covers many different areas of encryption. Mr. Chapman discusses how Microsoft incorporated interfaces directly into the operating system. This allowed varied types of applications to use whatever encryption methodologies were available on the machine. Some of the other topics he covers are Public/Private Key Communications, Certificates, SSL, COM+, and Microsoft Certificate Server.

Windows 2000 has many security features of which your applications can take advantage. The book shows you step by step instructions with great examples on how to set up SSL using DCOM on IIS 4.0 or IIS 5.0., allowing you to send a result set from a database securely over the Internet to a particular user. Active Directory has been out for awhile now but most people have not taken advantage of this service. It permits your applications to easily interface with most objects on your network. Sometimes, however, you need to secure some of these objects with special permissions. The good news is that Chapman?s book goes into great detail concerning this area.

Everyone from a novice to an expert in this area will truly enjoy this book. It was easy to understand and the examples allow you to make easy adjustments to applications to provide the security your clients need. It is an excellent addition for any Visual Basic programmer out there.

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