Personal Fool: In Contempt of Draft Picks

By Bam Ransom, Contributing Writer

Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - My dog George has been working on a theory. It's a complex theory with a lot of moving parts, so please read this column slowly and maybe even aloud.

George likes his theory because George really LOVES moving parts, especially if they scamper. He is after all a dog.

George has enunciated his theory in this way by saying "Barf, hack, cough," and then running to the back door.

And when he puts it that way, it's hard not to see his point.

His point is: the Chicago Bears football team has the GREATEST WIDE RECIVERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. They're so great, says George, that they don't even need to catch the ball to prove how great they are.

Instead, all they need to do is point to the wide receivers that aren't good enough to play for the Chicago Bears.

Let's start with a few wide receivers who just this year proved they weren't good enough to play for the Bears:

Mark Bradley, 2nd round draft pick from Oklahoma in 2005, was waived by the Bears at the end of September. He had only 6 receptions in 2007 for the Bears because he obviously wasn't good enough to supplant any of the greatest-wide-receivers-ever; hence he rarely saw the field. After being cut by Chicago, Bradley was picked up by the Chiefs and has 22 receptions in five games. That works out to 70 receptions in a season. It looks to George like Bradley's trying to over-compensate for something.

Bernard Berrian, 3rd round pick 2004, who last year was one of the Bears' greatest-wide-receivers-ever, was shown the door this offseason so the Bears could invest in the greatest-defensive-line-ever. Berrian is averaging 20.2 yards per reception for the Vikings. His Viking teammates, Bobby Wade, a 5th round pick of the Bears in 2003, who was cut by the Monsters of the Midway mid-campaign in 2005 now leads all Vikes in receptions. Wade is clearly not good enough to play wide receiver for the Bears.

Justin Gage, also drafted in the 5th round by the Bears in 2003, just had a fantasy football breakout game starting for the undefeated Tennessee Titans with 4 receptions for 147 yards and 2 touchdowns against Jacksonville. Gage too was cut loose by the Bears in 2006. Clearly, Gage is now trying to fool George into believing he's good enough for the Bears.

And let's not forget that show-off, Muhsin Muhammad, who also left the Bears in the offseason and who already has more receptions this year than last. Who is he trying to impress? His propensity to CATCH the ball this season has made him a bad fit for the Bears' group of greatest-wide-receivers-ever. Good call by the Bears.

Lastly there's Bobby Engram, a 1996 2nd-round draft choice of the Bears who was used for just barely over four seasons in Chicago. He's been a fixture since then for the Seahawks, and is coming off a 94-catch season. Again, he is not good enough for the Bears wide receivers, by George.

Maybe, George reasons, the 2008 Chicago Bears are the greatest team of all time.

High Bears draft picks RB Cedric Benson (1st round 2005, now with Cincinnati), DL Tank Johnson (2nd round, 2004 now with Dallas), and RT Marc Colombo (1st round, 2002 now with Dallas) along with coveted free agent RB Thomas Jones (now with the NYJ) are also not good enough to play for the Bears. Obviously the Bears are swimming in talent, says George.

And that's just how George thinks. He is after all a dog.

That's HIS excuse.


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