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The Longshots
Distributed by Dimension Films
Reviewed by:
Steve Schwarz for The Sports Network

Movie Sysnopsis:
Based on the story of 11-year old Jasmine Plummer, played by Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee, Madea's Family Reunion), as her life is tranformed from bookworm to the first female quarterback in the 56-year history of Pop Warner football.

But it is more than that. It is a story about how she and her family survive a "broken" home and troubling relationships at school.

Jasmine is forced to spend time with her Uncle Curtis, played by Ice Cube (Are We There Yet?, Barbershop) and neither enjoy the experience at the beginning until they find some common ground - which ends up being on the football field.

Curtis, a struggling former high school football star, has troubles of his own, but evolves from self-absorbed to selfless through his relationship with his niece and her football team - the Minden Browns. At first the team, and the town, don't believe in her talents, but they learn to respect Jasmine as she carries the team to the Pop Warner "Super Bowl" in Miami.

The football scenes aren't quite up to those in sports movies like Brian's Song or Remember the Titans, but this is a movie about relationships which take place in and around a football team.

The DVD version comes with deleted scenes and conversations with the director Fred Durst, Ice Cube and the real Jasmine Plummer.

It's a throughly enjoyable movie which the entire family could watch together.

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