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The Art of Racing in the Rain

By Garth Stein

Reviewed by: Steve Schwarz for The Sports Network

Book Review:
I was handed this book on Thanksgiving Day by a relative of mine who knows of my passion for auto racing and dogs. With all the football going on, I didn't open in up until the following week, but I found it impossible to put down, as I finished the entire 321 pages in two days.

It's the fictional story of Denny Swift, a race car driver, as told through the mind and eyes of his dog - Enzo, a lab/terrier mix, who is part philosopher and has a nearly human soul.

Enzo is old and near death and looks back on his life with Denny.

The story begins with Denny choosing him at the puppy farm and follows Denny's life as he meets and marries his wife Eve and starts a family.

Enzo, like Denny, loves the sport of racing. Always the loyal dog, he is beside Denny through good times and bad and tries to communicate with his master despite not having the ability to speak. This frustrates Enzo, as does the fact that he doesn't posess opposable thumbs which would make his life so much easier, but he listens and watches the world around him and he definitely understands.

Enzo is comforted by the fact that according to a documentary he saw about Mongolia (yes, he loves to watch television) he will be reincarnated as a human in his next life and he believes he will be a great person with all he has learned in this life.

Enzo is charming and witty as the narrator of this tale. I'm not one to cry, or admit that I did cry, but this ending did bring me to tears.

The Art of Racing in the Rain will be turned into a movie, starring Patrick Dempsey, with a yet to be determined release date.

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