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               === Russia and Japan go 1-2 in synchro swimming ===
 Athens, Greece (Sports Network) - After a near-perfect performance in
 Thursday's technical routine, the eight-woman Russian team followed up with an
 even better outing.
 Defending their gold medal was tough, as the teams from China and United States
 each had their shots. However, the dynamic duo of Anastasia Davydova and
 Anastasia Ermakova guided their teammates through a perfect artistic impression
 routine, getting perfect 10s from all five judges.
 They came into their final performance already with a lead after Thursday's
 technical portion and finished with 99.501 points out of a possible 100.
 The Russian team had to overcome a technical malfunction during the opening
 moments, as their music actually stopped, just 17 seconds in. After a restart,
 which the judges granted, they finished with a 10 for technical merit and a
 string of perfect scores.
 Japan, which finished second to Russia in the 2000 Sydney Games, took the
 silver after a the second-best performance.
 The United States, which won the gold medal when the sport debuted in 1996,
 took the bronze. The team consisted of Alison Bartosik, Tammy Crow, Rebecca
 Jasontek, Anna Kozlova, Sara Lowe, Lauren McFall, Stephanie Nesbitt and Kendra
 Zanotto finished with a score of 97.667 points.
 "We are very excited," said Kozlova, who teamed with Bartosik to win the bronze
 medal in the duet competition. "We have worked very hard, for so many years. As
 a team we are very close together, we get on well with each other and finally
 we are very happy to have the bronze medal."
 On the dark side for Crow though is her impending trip to jail for a wreck that
 killed two people. Crow is due to serve 90 days for her role in a car accident
 that killed her boyfriend, Cody Tatro, and 12-year-old Brett Slinger. The
 accident took place in February 2003 when Crow lost control of her SUV on a
 snowy road in California. She pleaded no-contest to vehicular manslaughter and
 will begin serving time October 25.
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