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Summer Olympic Games Schedules - Day 10

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Friday, 22 September 2000
08:30 -RowingWomen's Lightweight Double
11:50Sculls Semifinals, Men'sSydney
Lightweight Double ScullsInternational
Semifinals, Men'sRegatta Centre
Lightweight Coxless Four
Semifinals, Men's
Quadruple Sculls
Semifinals, Women's Single
Sculls Classification,
Men's Single Sculls
Classification, Women's
Coxless Pairs
Classification, Men's
Coxless Pair
Classification, Women's
Double Sculls
Classification, Men's
Double Sculls
Classification, Men's
Coxless Four
09:00 -ArcheryMen's Team 1/8
12:00Eliminations, Men's TeamSydney
Archery Park
09:00 -BeachMen's 1/8 Finals
12:30VolleyballBeach Volleyball
09:00 -ShootingWomen's 25m Sport Pistol
14:30Qualification, Men's 10mSydney
Running TargetInternational
Qualification, Men's SkeetShooting Centre
Qualification, Women's 25m
Sport Pistol Final, Men's
10m Running Target Final
09:30 -BasketballWomen's Preliminaries
13:10RUS vs. KORThe Dome
09:30 -FencingMen's Team Foil
15:30Preliminaries, Men's TeamSydney Exhibition
Foil Classifications,Centre Hall 5
Men's Team Foil
Quarterfinals, Men's Team
Foil Semifinals
09:30 -HandballMen's Preliminaries
13:10KOR vs. EGYRoss Pavilion
YUG vs. CUB(Pavilion 2)
10:00 -AthleticsWomen's 800m Round 1,
14:30Men's Javelin ThrowOlympic Stadium
Qualifying Round, Men's
400m Round 1, Women's 100m
Round 1, Men's 20km Walk
Final, Men's Shot Put
Qualifying Round, Men's
100m Round 1
10:00 -SwimmingWomen's 50m Freestyle
12:15Heats, Men's 1500mSydney
Freestyle Heats, Women's 4International
x 100m Medley Relay Heats,Aquatic Centre
Men's 4 x 100m Medley
Relay Heats
10:00 -Table TennisMen's Singles Third Round,
13:00Women's SinglesState Sports Centre
10:00 -VolleyballWomen's Preliminaries
14:00CHN vs. KENBuring Pavilion
CUB vs. ITA(Pavilion 4)
10:30 -SoftballWomen's Team Preliminaries
14:45NZL vs. USASoftball Centre
10:30 -WeightliftingGroup B - Men's 77kg
12:30Snatch, Men's 77kg CleanSydney Convention
and JerkCentre
11:00 -EquestrianIndividual Three-Day Event
15:45Jumping - FinalEquestrian Centre
11:00 -TennisMen's Singles Second
17:00Round, Women's SinglesTennis Centre
Third Round, Men's Doubles
First Round, Women's
Doubles First Round
11:00 -TennisMen's Singles Second17:00Round, Women
Third Round, Men's Doubles
First Round, Women's
Doubles First Round
11:30 -BaseballMen's Team Preliminaries
14:30KOR vs. NEDBaseball Centre
12:00 -SailingMen's Sailboard (Mistral)
17:00Fleet Races, Women'sSydney Harbour
Sailboard (Mistral) Fleet
Races, Open High
Performance Dinghy (49er)
Fleet Races, Men's Double
Handed Dinghy (470) Fleet
Races, Women's Double
Handed Dinghy (470) Fleet
Races, Open Multihull
(Tornado) Fleet Races
12:30 -BaseballMen's Team Preliminaries
15:30CUB vs. AUSBaseball Stadium
12:30 -VolleyballWomen's Preliminaries
16:30KOR vs. PERSydney
GER vs. RUSEntertainment
13:00 -BoxingMen's Light Flyweight 48kg
16:00Round 2, Men's LightweightSydney Exhibition
60kg Round 2, Men'sCentre Hall 3
Middleweight 75kg Round 2
13:00 -Water PoloWomen's Semifinals
14:15AUS vs. RUSRyde Aquatic
Leisure Centre
13:30 -HockeyWomen's Preliminaries
17:00NED vs. GERState Hockey Centre
14:00 -ArcheryMen's Team Semifinals,
17:00Men's Team Bronze MedalSydney
Match, Men's Team GoldInternational
Medal MatchArchery Park
14:00 -BadmintonWomen's Doubles
17:40Semifinals, Women'sBinnie Pavilion
Singles Bronze Medal Match(Pavilion 3)
14:00 -DivingWomen's 10m Platform
Aquatic Centre
14:30 -BasketballWomen's Preliminaries
18:10FRA vs. BRAThe Dome
14:30 -BeachMen's 1/8 Finals
18:00VolleyballBeach Volleyball
14:30 -HandballMen's Preliminaries
18:10TUN vs. AUSRoss Pavilion
ESP vs. SLO(Pavilion 2)
14:30 -WeightliftingGroup A - Women's 75+kg
16:50Snatch, Women's 75+kgSydney Convention
Clean and Jerk - FinalsCentre
15:00 -JudoWomen's Heavyweight 78+kg
18:30First Round, Women'sSydney Exhibition
Heavyweight 78+kg SecondCentre Halls 1 & 2
Round, Women's Heavyweight
78+kg Third Round, Men's
Heavyweight +100kg First
Round, Men's Heavyweight
+100kg Second Round, Men's
Heavyweight +100kg Third
15:00 -Table TennisMen's Doubles Semifinals
17:30State Sports Centre
17:30 -FencingMen's Team Foil Bronze
20:50Medal Match, Men's TeamSydney Exhibition
Foil Gold Medal MatchCentre Hall 4
17:30 -SoftballWomen's Team Preliminaries
21:45AUS vs. CHNSoftball Centre
18:00 -AthleticsMen's High Jump Qualifying
22:30Round, Women's 400m RoundOlympic Stadium
1, Men's Shot Put Final,
Women's Triple Jump
Qualifying Round, Women's
100m Round 2, Men's 100m
Round 2, Women's 5000m
Round 1, Men's 10000m
Round 1
18:00 -Water PoloWomen's Classifications,
20:15CAN vs. KAZRyde Aquatic
USA vs. NED (semifinal)Leisure Centre
18:30 -BaseballMen's Team Preliminaries
21:30RSA vs. JPNBaseball Centre
18:30 -HockeyWomen's Preliminaries
22:00CHN vs. RSAState Hockey Centre
18:30 -VolleyballWomen's Preliminaries
22:30CRO vs. BRASydney
USA vs. AUSEntertainment
18:30 -WeightliftingGroup A - Men's 77kg
21:00Snatch, Men's 77kg CleanSydney Convention
and Jerk - FinalsCentre
19:00 -GymnasticsWomen's Qualification,
21:10TrampolineWomen's FinalSydney SuperDome
19:00 -SwimmingWomen's 200m Backstroke
20:40Final, Men's 100mSydney
Butterfly Final, Women'sInternational
800m Freestyle Final,Aquatic Centre
Men's 50m Freestyle Final,
Women's 50m Freestyle
19:00 -TennisMen's Singles Second
22:00Round, Women's SinglesTennis Centre
Third Round
19:30 -BaseballMen's Team Preliminaries
22:30USA vs. ITABaseball Stadium
19:30 -BadmintonMen's Singles Semifinals,
22:30Women's Singles Gold MedalBinnie Pavilion
Match(Pavilion 3)
19:30 -BasketballWomen's Preliminaries
23:10SEN vs. AUSThe Dome
19:30 -BoxingMen's Light Flyweight 48kg
22:30Round 2, Men's LightweightSydney Exhibition
60kg Round 2, Men'sCentre Hall 3
Middleweight 75kg Round 2
19:30 -HandballMen's Preliminaries
23:10GER vs. RUSRoss Pavilion
FRA vs. SWE(Pavilion 2)
20:00 -Table TennisWomen's Doubles Bronze
23:00Medal Match, Women'sState Sports Centre
Doubles Gold Medal Match
20:30 -JudoWomen's Heavyweight 78+kg
22:00Final Repechage, Women'sSydney Exhibition
Heavyweight 78+kgCentre Halls 1 & 2
Semifinals, Women's
Heavyweight 78+kg Bronze
Medal Match, Women's
Heavyweight 78+kg Final,
Men's Heavyweight +100kg
Final Repechage, Men's
Heavyweight +100kg
Semifinals, Men's
Heavyweight +100kg Bronze
Medal Match, Men's
Heavyweight +100kg Final
* - Times Subject to Change
As of September 21, 2000, at 09:19 AM ET
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