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2008 Summer Olympic Games Schedule - Canoe/Kayak

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(All Times Local)

All Events at Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park
Monday, August 11
15:00-16:42Men's Slalom Heats: C1 Canoe Singles (2 runs)
17:00-18:42Men's Slalom Heats: K1 Kayak Singles (2 runs)
Tuesday, August 12
15:40-16:10Men's Slalom Semifinals: C1 Canoe Singles
16:20-16:57Men's Slalom Semifinals: K1 Kayak Singles
17:10-17:30Men's Slalom Finals: C1 Canoe Singles
17:40-18:05Men's Slalom Finals: K1 Kayak Singles
Wednesday, August 13
15:00-15:30Men's Slalom Heats: C2 Canoe Doubles (2 runs)
17:00-18:32Women's Slaom Heats: K1 Kayak Singles (2 runs)
Thursday, August 14
15:40-16:05Men's Slalom Semifinals: C2 Canoe Doubles
16:15-16:52Women's Slalom Semifinals: K1 Kayak Singles
17:10-17:25Men's Slalom Finals: C2 Canoe Doubles
17:35-18:00Women's Slalom Finals: K1 Kayak Singles
Monday, August 18
15:30-15:54Men's Flatwater Heats: K1 1000m
16:00-16:24Men's Flatwater Heats: C1 1000m
16:30-16:42Women's Flatwater Heats: K4 500m
16:50-17:04Men's Flatwater Heats: K2 1000m
17:10-17;24Men's Flatwater Heats: C2 1000m
17:30-17:44Men's Flatwater Heats: K4 1000m
Tuesday, August 19
15:30-16:02Men's Flatwater Heats: K1 500m
16:10-16:32Men's Flatwater Heats: C1 500m
16:40-17:02Women's Flatwater Heats: K1 500m
17:10-17:32Men's Flatwater Heats: K2 500m
17:40-17:52Men's Flatwater Heats: C2 500m
18:00-18:12Women's Flatwater Heats: K2 500m
Wednesday, August 20
15:30-15:44Men's Flatwater Semifinals K1 1000m
15:50-16:04Men's Flatwater Semifinals: C1 1000m
16:10-16:12Women's Flatwater Semifinals: K4 500m
16:20-16:24Men's Flatwater Semifinals: K2 1000m
16:30-16:34Men's Flatwater Semifinals: C2 1000m
16:40-16:44Men's Flatwater Semifinals: K4 1000m
Thursday, August 21
15:30-15:52Men's Flatwater Semifinals: K1 500m
16:00-16:12Men's Flatwater Semifinals: C1 500m
16:20-16:32Women's Flatwater Semifinals: K1 500m
16:40-16:52Men's Flatwater Semifinals: K2 500m
17:00-17:02Men's Flatwater Semifinals: C2 500m
17:10-17:12Women's Flatwater Semifinals: K2 500m
Friday, August 22
15:30-15:34Men's Flatwater Finals: K1 1000m
15:45-15:49Men's Flatwater Finals: C1 1000m
16:20-16:22Women's Flatwater Finals: K4 500m
16:35-16:39Men's Flatwater Finals: K2 1000m
17:05-17:09Men's Flatwater Finals: C2 1000m
17:20-17:24Men's Flatwater Finals: K4 1000m
Saturday, August 23
15:30-15:32Men's Flatwater Finals: K1 500m
15:45-15:47Men's Flatwater Finals: C1 500m
16:20-16:22Women's Flatwater Finals: K1 500m
16:35-16:37Men's Flatwater Finals: K2 500m
17:05-17:07Men's Flatwater Finals: C2 500m
17:20-17:22Women's Flatwater Finals: K2 500m

*Times Subject to Change*

As of July 30, 2008, at 01:47 PM ET

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