NFL Draft 2013 - Compensatory Pick Order
Compensatory Pick Order | Compensatory Picks By Team
RoundRound ChoiceOverall SelectionTeam
33395Houston Texans
33496Kansas City Chiefs
33597Tennessee Titans
433130Baltimore Ravens
434131San Francisco 49ers
435132Detroit Lions
436133Atlanta Falcons
533166Miami Dolphins
534167Green Bay Packers
535168Baltimore Ravens
633201Houston Texans
634202Tennessee Titans
635203Baltimore Ravens
636204Kansas City Chiefs
637205Oakland Raiders
638206Pittsburgh Steelers
733239Philadelphia Eagles
734240Cincinnati Bengals
735241Seattle Seahawks
736242Seattle Seahawks
737243Atlanta Falcons
738244Atlanta Falcons
739245Detroit Lions
740246San Francisco 49ers
741247Baltimore Ravens
742248Tennessee Titans
743249Atlanta Falcons
744250Miami Dolphins
745251Cincinnati Bengals
746252San Francisco 49ers
747253NY Giants
748254Indianapolis Colts

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