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LA Angels of Anaheim vs. Washington Nationals
04/21/14 7:05 PM ET W/LO/UW/LO/UW/LO/U
LA Angels8-1013- 53-68- 15-45- 4
Washington11-812- 6-16-44- 5-15-48- 1
Quickchart Matchup
19.0 IP
17.0 IP
1.16 WHIP
1.41 WHIP
18 KO
13 KO
18 H
12 H
10 R
6 R
5.29 ERA
2.84 ERA
Clear Clear. Winds blowing from left to right field at 5-10 m.p.h. Game-time temperature: Around 60.
LA AngelsWashington
- No significant injuries. - Starting pitcher Taylor Jordan (8/5, sore right elbow) is on the 60-day disabled list. Outfielder Nate McLouth (8/2, right shoulder inflammation) is on the 60-day disabled list and is expected to miss the remainder of the season. Starting pitcher Matt Purke (7/25, left elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the remainder of the season. Relief pitcher Ross Ohlendorf (3/26, strained lower back) is on the 60-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Erik Davis (2/13, right elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the entire season.
Latest News
LA AngelsWashington
04/21 10:08:37 ET Trout, Harper clash at Nationals Park
04/20 19:45:35 ET Tigers edge Angels
04/20 09:09:48 ET Angels, Tigers play rubber match at Comerica
04/21 10:08:37 ET Trout, Harper clash at Nationals Park
04/20 20:58:53 ET Nationals earn split with Cardinals with walk-off win
04/20 07:10:44 ET Cards take their swings against Strasburg
Starters Overall
Starters Last 3
Overall Stats
LA Angels8-1013- 5.2444.21.441.307
Washington11-812- 6-1.2553.64.419.324
Last 10 Stats
LA Angels5-56- 4.2493.64.468.313
Washington4-67- 2-1.2464.57.396.314
Away Stats
LA Angels5-45- 4.2532.81.443.316
Washington5-48- 1.2855.08.497.345
Home Stats
LA Angels3-68- 1.2365.38.439.299
Washington6-44- 5-1.2242.40.339.302
Recent Meetings
06/28/2011WAS 5.366.659.43ANA 11.297.405.381-127/7.5O
06/27/2011WAS 3.410.436.50ANA 4.171.457.216-135/7P
06/25/2008ANA 4.257.314.27WAS 5.273.364.385163/8O
06/24/2008ANA 8.306.417.33WAS 3.194.387.219148/8.5O
06/23/2008ANA 2.188.344.257186/7.5U
06/15/2005WAS 0.242.333.242-230/8.5U
06/14/2005WAS 6.289.342.34ANA 3.219.313.350-126/8O
06/13/2005WAS 1.488.854.50ANA
06/05/2003ANA 7.218.327.28WAS 8.273.327.333-120/9.5O
Last 10: LA Angels
04/20/2014ANA 1DET 2146/9LU.219.250.242
04/19/2014ANA 2DET 5155/7.5LU.133.333.188
04/18/2014ANA 11DET 6124/8WO.342.789.419
04/16/2014OAK 4ANA 5-110/8.5WO.245.347.288
04/15/2014OAK 10ANA 9-110/8.5LO.261.457.320
04/14/2014OAK 3ANA 2130/8.5LU.152.273.152
04/13/2014NYM 2ANA 14-144/7.5WO.4251.000.500
04/12/2014NYM 7ANA 6-158/7.5LO.200.422.234
04/11/2014NYM 4ANA 5-157/8WO.262.429.415
04/09/2014ANA 2SEA 0-109/8WU.206.294.250
Last 10: Washington
04/20/2014STL 2WAS 3-154/7WU.297.297.413
04/19/2014STL 4WAS 3-120/7LP.229.371.308
04/18/2014STL 1WAS 3111/6.5WU.167.267.167
04/17/2014STL 8WAS 0135/6.5LO.069.069.156
04/16/2014WAS 6MIA 3160/6.5WO.200.429.243
04/15/2014WAS 2MIA 11-176/7LO.161.258.278
04/14/2014WAS 9MIA 2-149/7.5WO.381.810.409
04/13/2014WAS 2ATL 10-125/7LO.194.355.242
04/12/2014WAS 3ATL 6139/7LO.314.486.400
04/11/2014WAS 6ATL 7120/7LO.341.439.400

MLB News
· Phillies, Williams agree on $2.5 million deal

· Giants make no changes for World Series roster

· Royals add Nix, take Colon off World Series roster

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