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Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers
04/21/14 7:08 PM ET W/LO/UW/LO/UW/LO/U
Chicago WSox9-1012- 6-16-47- 33-65- 3-1
Detroit9-66- 8-17-34- 5-12-32- 3
Quickchart Matchup
19.0 IP
14.0 IP
1.26 WHIP
1.29 WHIP
13 KO
17 KO
10 H
14 H
8 R
7 R
3.21 ERA
3.32 ERA
Clear Clear. Winds blowing out to right field at 5-15 m.p.h. Game-time temperature: Around 55.
Chicago WSoxDetroit
- No significant injuries. - *Left fielder J.D. Martinez (7/25, sore quadriceps) is questionable for Friday's game against the LA Angels. Relief pitcher Pat McCoy (7/6, strained right hamstring) is on the 15-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Joel Hanrahan (5/2, strained right elbow) is on the 60-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Luke Putkonen (4/19, right elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list. Relief pitcher Bruce Rondon (3/29, right elbow surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list and will miss the entire season. Shortstop Jose Iglesias (3/29, stress fractures in shins) is on the 60-day disabled list and is expected to miss the entire season. Left fielder Andy Dirks (3/21, back surgery) is on the 60-day disabled list.
Latest News
Chicago WSoxDetroit
04/21 10:31:26 ET Central rivals collide as Tigers host White Sox
04/20 21:44:11 ET White Sox rip Texas
04/20 09:18:33 ET Rangers target sixth straight win vs. White Sox
04/21 10:31:26 ET Central rivals collide as Tigers host White Sox
04/20 19:45:35 ET Tigers edge Angels
04/20 13:20:39 ET Tigers release Alex Gonzalez
Starters Overall
Starters Last 3
Overall Stats
Chicago WSox9-1012- 6-1.2685.18.425.334
Detroit9-66- 8-1.2603.59.394.326
Last 10 Stats
Chicago WSox5-56- 3-1.2504.94.397.322
Detroit5-54- 6.2453.83.345.320
Away Stats
Chicago WSox3-65- 3-1.2746.24.417.328
Detroit2-32- 3.2184.06.324.278
Home Stats
Chicago WSox6-47- 3.2624.36.433.339
Detroit7-34- 5-1.2823.36.430.349
Recent Meetings
09/21/2013CWS 6.245.327.26DET 7.268.439.380-133/7.5O
09/20/2013CWS 5.265.559.28DET 12.419.605.468-310/8O
09/11/2013DET 0.278.333.333175/8U
09/10/2013DET 1.349.488.383156/9O
09/09/2013DET 1.267.333.35CWS
08/14/2013DET 6.359.359.42CWS 4.243.324.282153/9O
08/13/2013DET 3.256.308.35CWS
08/12/2013DET 2.412.441.44CWS 6.257.371.257122/7O
08/04/2013CWS 2.244.439.27DET
Last 10: Chicago WSox
04/20/2014CWS 16TEX 2173/9WO.391.739.408
04/19/2014CWS 3TEX 6122/9LP.265.294.324
04/18/2014CWS 0TEX 12158/9LO.100.133.129
04/17/2014BOS 3CWS 1-110/7LU.242.303.242
04/16/2014BOS 6CWS 4125/7.5LO.192.250.250
04/15/2014BOS 1CWS 2146/8.5WU.161.290.316
04/13/2014CLE 3CWS 4-111/8.5WU.273.515.314
04/12/2014CLE 12CWS 6130/9LO.222.333.349
04/11/2014CLE 6CWS 9-158/7.5WO.333.424.465
04/10/2014CLE 3CWS 7130/8WO.281.625.361
Last 10: Detroit
04/20/2014ANA 1DET 2-146/9WU.179.179.324
04/19/2014ANA 2DET 5-155/7.5WU.323.548.410
04/18/2014ANA 11DET 6-124/8LO.297.351.381
04/17/2014CLE 5DET 7-138/7.5WO.300.433.378
04/16/2014CLE 3DET 2-143/8LU.265.324.306
04/13/2014DET 1SDP 5-150/6.5LU.212.242.278
04/12/2014DET 6SDP 2-134/6.5WO.289.421.357
04/11/2014DET 0SDP 6-102/6.5LU.036.036.100
04/09/2014DET 7LOS 6-115/7WO.333.538.378
04/08/2014DET 2LOS 3-118/6.5LU.156.281.206

MLB News
· Sweeney, Cubs edge Cards

· Giants promote 2B Uggla

· Rangers summon Williams for Friday start

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