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Starting Lineup: Seattle at NY Yankees

2BAckley, Dustin732.227
CFWells, Casper626.240
3BSeager, Kyle1163.251
DHMontero, Jesus1040.260
1BCarp, Mike518.212
COlivo, Miguel721.208
RFThames, Eric413.245
LFRobinson, Trayvon02.400
SSRyan, Brendan227.206
PMillwood, Kevin (4-8, 3.90)
NY Yankees
CFGranderson, Curtis2960.247
SSJeter, Derek832.316
2BCano, Robinson2462.312
1BTeixeira, Mark2071.256
DHIbanez, Raul1445.243
RFSwisher, Nick1455.263
3BChavez, Eric922.263
LFSuzuki, Ichiro530.260
CMartin, Russell1230.190
PSabathia, CC (10-3, 3.57)
HP Umpire: Vic Carapazza
1B Umpire: Larry Vanover
2B Umpire: Angel Campos
3B Umpire: Jerry Layne

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· Braves seek revenge in visit to Mets

· Orioles kick off road trip at Fenway

· Mariners pin hopes on Young in rare trip to Miami

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