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                 ***** 44th Walker Cup Match leaderboard *****
                         National Golf Links of America
                             Southampton, New York
                              Par 72 - 6,986 Yards
                              (All times Eastern)
         Sunday's Singles Matches - (Complete) (USA defeats GB&I, 17-9)
 Bobby Wyatt (USA) def. Neil Raymond (GB&I), 4 & 3
 Justin Thomas (USA) def. Max Orrin (GB&I), 6 & 4
 Matthew Fitzpatrick (GB&I) def. Michael Weaver (USA), 3 & 2
 Todd White (USA) def. Rhys Pugh (GB&I), 4 & 3
 Nathan Smith (USA) def. Nathan Kimsey (GB&I), 4 & 3
 Callum Shinkwin (GB&I) def. Cory Whitsett (USA), 2-up
 Michael Kim (USA) def. Garrick Porteous (GB&I), 4 & 2
 Kevin Phelan (GB&I) def. Max Homa (USA), 2 & 1
 Jordan Niebrugge (USA) def. Jordan Smith (GB&I), 6 & 5
 Patrick Rodgers (USA) def. Gavin Moynihan (GB&I), 1-up
                    Sunday's Foursomes Matches - (Complete)
 Bobby Wyatt/Cory Whitsett (USA) def. Nathan Kimsey/Max Orrin (GB&I), 2 & 1
 Matt Fitzpatrick/Neil Raymond (GB&I) def. Michael Weaver/T. White (USA), 3 & 2
 Max Homa/Michael Kim (USA) def. Garrick Porteous/Rhys Pugh (GB&I), 1-up
 Gavin Moynihan/Kevin Phelan (GB&I) def. P.Rodgers/Jordan Niebrugge (USA), 2-up
                    Saturday's Singles Matches - (Complete)
 Bobby Wyatt (USA) def. Neil Raymond (GBI), 2-up
 Max Homa (USA) def. Max Orrin (GBI), 5 & 3
 Michael Kim (USA) def. Callum Shinkwin (GBI), 2 & 1
 Cory Whitsett (USA) def. Jordan Smith (GBI), 1-up
 Jordan Niebrugge (USA) def. Garrick Porteous (GBI), 1-up
 Michael Weaver (USA) def. Matthew Fitzpatrick (GBI), 3 & 1
 Nathan Kimsey (GBI) vs. Justin Thomas (USA), halved
 Gavin Moynihan (GBI) def. Patrick Rodgers, 2 & 1
                   Saturday's Foursomes Matches - (Complete)
 Nathan Kimsey/Max Orrin (GBI) vs. Cory Whitsett/Bobby Wyatt (USA), halved
 Matt Fitzpatrick/Neil Raymond (GBI) def. Jordan Niebrugge/N. Smith (USA), 1-up
 Garrick Porteous/Rhys Pugh (GBI) def. Michael Weaver/Todd White (USA), 3 & 1
 Patrick Rodgers/Justin Thomas (USA) def. Gavin Moynihan/K. Phelan (GBI), 2 & 1
      The Walker Cup Match began in the wake of World War I and it came
 together following a series of meetings with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club,
 whose purpose was largely to look at modifying the Rules of the game. As part
 of the meeting, an international team competition was discussed, much like
 what was already taking place between the United States and Canada, in 1919
 and 1920. Among those attending the meeting at the R&A was George Herbert
 Walker, USGA President in 1920. The idea of an amateur team competition
 appealed to Walker and he soon presented a plan and offered to donate a
 trophy. When the press dubbed the trophy the Walker Cup, the name stuck.
 The first Walker Cup Match was held in 1922 at the National Golf Links of
 America in Southampton, N.Y. Led by captain (coach) William C. Fownes, Jr.,
 the United States won the inaugural Match, 8-4. The Walker Cup Match consists
 of 16 singles and eight foursomes (alternate shot) matches. The USA leads the
 overall series against Great Britain and Ireland, 35-8-1.
 09/08 18:19:25 ET

· Texas cruises to Men's State Team Championship title

· Texas takes over lead at Men's State Team Championship

· Iowa leads Men's State Team Championship

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