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Stop the Sway!

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Doug Hammer Scottsdale, AZ (Sports Network) -- Everybody wants to hit the ball further. After 11 years of teaching, I still haven't found someone who wants to hit it shorter. The problem is, most amateurs go about this the wrong way. Distance is the result of clubhead speed correctly applied. I feel that most amateurs apply clubhead speed incorrectly throughout their golf swings.

One way that this happens is in the backswing. I see backswings that look like the first photo everyday. This is the result of trying to "wind up" and "kill it." The problem is that there was no "wind up." The backswing is too much of a sway away from the target. The body hasn't turned away from the target much at all, which is not a very powerful position, even though it may feel as though you have made a full backswing.

The "feet together drill" just might help improve your length off the tee.
If you really want to add distance, try the "feet together drill" This drill is as simple as it sounds...simply hit balls with your feet together. You will immediately realize that you cannot sway in either direction. Notice in the picture how my hips AND shoulders have turned fully, and my upper body is tilted away from the target. This is a truly "wound up" position and is storing a lot of energy for the downswing, which is where your clubhead speed should be applied.

I will add a small footnote to this tip. In order to store the maximum amount of power in your backswing, it is ideal to hold your hips and turn your shoulders as much as possible, creating the "X Factor" so perfectly explained by Jim McLean. However, if you cannot hold your hips without swaying away from the target in the backswing, then you need to let your hips turn in the backswing and stay inside your back foot.

Good luck with this drill. I know it will help you increase your distance and consistency. Be sure to hit every club with this drill to get a good consistent feel throughout your bag.

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