Playoff baseball returns to KC, as Royals host A's

James Shields was 14-8 with a 3.21 ERA during the regular season.
Kansas City, MO ( - A generation of fans have never seen the Kansas City Royals play a postseason game. That'll change on Tuesday when the Royals host the Oakland Athletics in the American League wild card game at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City ended the year 89-73, just one game back of the American League Central champion Detroit Tigers. James Shields, who certainly earned his "Big Game" moniker down the stretch, as Kansas City won four of the right-hander's five starts in September. Shields also pitched to a 2.31 ERA in the final month, his second-lowest monthly mark behind the 1.60 ERA he posted in April. Shields is no stranger to the postseason, having appeared in six games for the Tampa Bay Rays and has gone 2-4 with a 4.98 ERA.  Full Story

NFL Cold Starts and September Surprises
So...are we all set for the Cardinals/Texans Super Bowl? Would be quite a surprise, wouldn't it, with both combing to go 12-20 last season. They?ve been part of a group of surprise teams so far in the NFL. Atlanta bounced back from an awful campaign by slaying their longtime division rivals (and tormenter) in the opener, a 37-34 comeback over the Saints that may give them some early confidence, though that did't carry over to Week 2. continue>>
Sense and Nonsense from Congress
It's generally known that Congress is about as popular today as cockroaches. That is actually unfair to cockroaches. In a head to head survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, cockroaches had a more favorable rating than Congress. And that was in January 2013. By June, a different polling organization, Gallup, found congressional approval had gone down even further, to a historic low of 10 percent.  continue>>
Handicapping Totals is a Snap
We have stated many times that the single most overrated statistic when it comes to picking spread winners is straight up won-loss record. So what it the most underrated? That?s a lot tougher inquiry because there are many. But when it comes specifically to picking winners on football totals, offensive snaps per game would top the list. continue>>

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