Please guys, communicate a little more

Bill Belichick must believe that his Patriots' players health is a national defense issue.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Injuries are a part of every sport and play a role in determining who wins fantasy leagues. That's just a part of nature and we all deal with it.

We read everything we can throughout the week about our player's injury and make plans to start a backup or to pick up a replacement on the waiver wire when we know he won't play.

But what really makes things difficult for fantasy owners, is when we are deceived, sometimes purposefully. It creates unfair advantages to our opponents, or sometimes in our favor, when there is little or no information throughout the week pertaining to an injury and come Sunday morning we are stunned with a "late-breaking news story," like....Wes Welker inactive for today's game.

That was the one that broke just before kickoff this week.

Prior to the New England season opener, Welker had been suffering from an ailing knee, but it didn't stop him from playing and playing well. His first game stats were typical for him - 12 receptions for 93 yards. Those are solid fantasy numbers, very good for a PPR league.

Welker was limited in practice prior to Week 2, but there were no signs out of New England, and nothing was said, that the situation was any worse than the previous week. Of course, we never get much information from Coach Bill Belichick who must believe that his Patriots' players health is a national defense issue.

Then just before noon on Sunday, word came out that Welker had been made inactive. Thanks for the heads up Bill. That left precious little time to change our lineup or if necessary pick a player off of waivers. In fact, some leagues have a 12 p.m. deadline and for them, it was too late.

I was fortunate to be working at my desk on Sunday, not so much fortunate as a requirement, so that I could remove Welker from my lineup and replace him with Tim Hightower. As it turns out it didn't effect the outcome of my matchup because Chris Johnson and Drew Brees took care of my opponent early and often, but what of those with no access to a computer at the last minute. They would eventual find out the bad news and end up playing with one less body on the field - advantage opponent.

Please Bill, and the other 31 head coaches, all I'm asking for is a little better communication. You're not fighting a war, you're not curing cancer, you are entertaining fans with a game. Since we will be more entertained if we know the truth, how about letting us have all the information. We can handle the truth.

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