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Canadian Football League Transactions
For The Last 10 Days
06/02/2015Terence Jeffers-Harris, WRSigned
06/01/2015Spencer Watt, WRInjured
06/01/2015Linden Gaydosh, DTInjured
06/01/2015Patrick Watkins, DBSuspended
06/01/2015Zebrie Sanders, OTReleased
06/01/2015Chris Ackie, OLSigned
06/01/2015Paul Hazel, DESigned
06/01/2015Patrick Hall, DBSigned
05/31/2015Travell Dixon, DBSigned
05/31/2015Chad Johnson, WRPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Chip Cox, LBPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Jerald Brown, DBPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Jonathan Bryant, WRSigned
05/31/2015James Huguely, DBSigned
05/31/2015Chandler Jones, WRSigned
05/31/2015Bryn Roy, LBPlaced on the injured list
05/31/2015Eric Deslauriers, WRPlaced on the injured list
05/31/2015Dan LeFevour, QBPlaced on the injured list
05/31/2015Tramaine Thompson, WRReleased
05/31/2015Chris Smith, DBReleased
05/31/2015John Skelton, QBReleased
05/31/2015Nick Boyd, KReleased
05/31/2015Mackenzie Sarro, FBSigned
05/31/2015William Latu, OLSigned
05/31/2015Jonathan Hefney, CBSigned
05/31/2015Pierce Burton, OTSigned
05/31/2015Chris Baker, DLSigned
05/31/2015Chaz Schilens, WRPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Ronlee King-Fileen, RBRetired
05/31/2015Cameron Sheffield, DLSigned
05/31/2015Ray Early, KSigned
05/31/2015Harold Mutobola, DBSigned
05/31/2015Dawud Lane, LBSigned
05/31/2015David Griffin, OLSigned
05/31/2015D.J. Bryant, DESigned
05/31/2015Deion Belue, DBSigned
05/31/2015Skye Dawson, WRSigned
05/31/2015Denarius Appling, WRSigned
05/31/2015Steve Myddelton, OLReleased
05/31/2015Micah Johnson, DLPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Corey Mace, DLPlaced on the suspended list
05/31/2015Kyle Tyo, LSSigned
05/31/2015Maudrecus Humphrey, WRSigned
05/31/2015Richie Leone, KSigned
05/30/2015Matt McGarva, DBSigned
05/30/2015Brandon Underwood, DBSigned
05/30/2015Aaron Kelly, WRSigned
05/30/2015Branndon Braxton, OLPlaced on the suspended list
05/30/2015Cleyon Laing, DLPlaced on the suspended list
05/30/2015Ridge Wilson, DEReleased
05/30/2015Chuck Hunter, DTReleased
05/30/2015Dontay Moch, DLSigned
05/30/2015Korey Lindsey, DBReleased
05/30/2015Anthony Alix, KSigned
05/30/2015Aaron Wilmer, QBReleased
05/30/2015Grant Hedrick, QBReleased
05/30/2015Terence Bullitt, LBReleased
05/30/2015David Mims, OLReleased
05/30/2015David Gettis, WRReleased
05/30/2015Kheeston Randall, DLReleased
05/30/2015Gabe Lynn, DBReleased
05/30/2015Ryan Steed, DBReleased
05/30/2015Mike Willie, WRSigned
05/30/2015Chad Rempel, LSSigned
05/29/2015Jordan Sullen, DBReleased
05/29/2015Brandon Terry, WRSigned
05/29/2015Zack Ramirez, KReleased
05/29/2015Trey Barrow, KReleased
05/29/2015Delbert Alvarado, KSigned
05/29/2015Randy Richards, OLSigned
05/29/2015Michael Philipp, OLSigned
05/29/2015Terrance Cobb, RBSigned
05/29/2015Marc Beswick, LBRetired
05/29/2015Jason Pottinger, LBRetired
05/28/2015Daryl Waud, DLSigned
05/28/2015Blake Sims, QBSigned
05/28/2015Chris Faulk, OLReleased
05/28/2015Jarvis West, WRReleased
05/28/2015Joe Circelli, OLSigned
05/28/2015Jake Cotton, OLSigned
05/28/2015Kevin Henry, OLSigned
05/28/2015Stephane Milhim, OLSigned
05/28/2015Ray Holley, RBSigned
05/28/2015Drake Nevis, DTSigned
05/28/2015Blair Smith, LBSigned
05/28/2015Andrew Johnson, WRSigned
05/28/2015Adam Konar, LBSigned
05/28/2015David Beard, OLSigned
05/28/2015Danny Groulx, OLSigned
05/28/2015Garry Williams, OLSigned
05/28/2015Ciante Evans, DBSigned
05/28/2015Aaron Picton, OLSigned
05/28/2015Lemar Durant, WRSigned
05/28/2015Karl Lavoie, OLSigned
05/28/2015Brandon Sermons, DBSigned
05/28/2015Philip Enchill, WRSigned
05/28/2015Derek Wendel, QBSigned
05/28/2015Lee Pegues, DLSigned
05/28/2015Tyree Hollins, DBSigned
05/28/2015Jake Doughty, LBSigned
05/28/2015Darious Lane, DBSigned
05/28/2015Robert Jordan, WRSigned
05/27/2015Ryan Mouton, DBReleased
05/27/2015Nehemie Kankolongo, LBSigned
05/27/2015Tim Agbaje, DLSigned
05/27/2015Melvin Abankwah, RBSigned
05/27/2015Kwame Adjei, DBSigned
05/27/2015Matt Rea, FBSigned
05/27/2015Brandon Tennant, DLSigned
05/27/2015Tyler Langlais, DLSigned
05/27/2015Rory Connop, DLSigned
05/27/2015Jesse Joseph, DTSigned
05/27/2015Nick Shortill, LBSigned
05/27/2015Jacob Ruby, OLSigned
05/27/2015Shaquille Richardson, DBSigned
05/27/2015Dominique Franks, DBSigned
05/27/2015David Gettis, WRSigned
05/27/2015Addison Richards, WRSigned
05/27/2015Garrett Waggoner, LBSigned
05/27/2015Greg Childs, WRSigned
05/27/2015Preston Huggins, LBSigned
05/27/2015Daniel English, WRSigned
05/27/2015Everett Ellefsen, DESigned
05/27/2015Ron Omara, LBSigned
05/27/2015Jonathan Langa, DBSigned
05/27/2015Byron Archambault, LBSigned
05/27/2015Evan Gill, DLSigned
05/27/2015Terence Bullitt, LBSigned
05/27/2015Myron Lewis, DBSigned
05/27/2015Alex Tillman, DBSigned
05/26/2015Michael Coe, DBReleased
05/26/2015Ellis Lankster, DBReleased
05/26/2015Arthur Williams, DBReleased
05/26/2015Drayton Calhoun, DBReleased
05/26/2015Jeff Scott, RBReleased
05/26/2015Pawel Kruba, LBReleased
05/26/2015Dan Giordano, DLRetired
05/26/2015Joel Reinders, OLRetired
05/26/2015Cleshawn Page, DBSigned
05/26/2015Antoine Lewis, DBSigned
05/26/2015Bobby Felder, DBSigned
05/26/2015Serderius Bryant, LBSigned
05/26/2015Anthony Fera, KSigned
05/26/2015Josh Aladenoye, OLSigned
05/26/2015Jason Foster, OLSigned
05/26/2015Grant Hedrick, QBSigned
05/26/2015Akwasi Antwi, LBSigned
05/26/2015Cameron Walker, DLSigned
05/26/2015Jordan Sullen, DBSigned
05/26/2015Henry Josey, RBSigned
05/26/2015A.J. Jefferson, DBSigned
05/26/2015Austin Roy, OLSigned
05/26/2015Dillon Campbell, RBSigned
05/26/2015Matt Norzil, WRSigned
05/25/2015Alexandre Laganiere, OLSigned
05/25/2015Kienan LaFrance, RBSigned
05/25/2015Jefferson Court, FBSigned
05/25/2015Tanner Doll, LBSigned
05/25/2015Jake Harty, WRSigned
05/25/2015Nic Demski, WRSigned
05/25/2015Quinn Lawlor, OLSigned
05/25/2015Alex Charette, WRSigned
05/25/2015James Bodanis, OLSigned
05/25/2015Anthony Coady, DBSigned
05/25/2015Mikhail Davidson, WRSigned
05/25/2015Brandon Bridge, QBSigned
05/25/2015Anthony Woodard, DLSigned
05/25/2015Greg Wilson, SBSigned
05/25/2015Tahj Jones, LBSigned
05/25/2015Maleki Harris, LBSigned
05/25/2015Rico Forbes, OLSigned
05/25/2015Trevor Coston, DBSigned
05/25/2015Royce Adams, DBSigned
05/25/2015Cory Brandon, OLRetired
05/25/2015Nick Johnson, WRReleased
05/25/2015Maalik Bomar, LBReleased
05/25/2015Bo Palmer, RBReleased
05/25/2015Dexter Janke, DBSigned
05/25/2015Tevaughn Campbell, DBSigned
05/25/2015Andrew Buckley, QBSigned
05/25/2015Andre Ramsey, OTReleased
05/25/2015Steven Shott, KReleased
05/25/2015Kito Poblah, WRReleased
05/25/2015Tim Brown, RBReleased
05/25/2015Josh Brinkworth, DBSigned
05/25/2015Campbell Allison, OLSigned
05/25/2015Adrian Clarke, LBSigned
05/25/2015Shaquille Murray-Lawrence, RBSigned
05/25/2015Maxx Forde, DLSigned
05/25/2015Ese Mrabure-Ajufo, DLSigned

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