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                     === Bode bombs again; Ligety, too ===
 Sestriere,  Italy (Sports  Network)  - There  will  be no  medal  in the  2006
 Olympics  for American  skier Bode Miller after  he missed a gate early in the
 first run of the slalom.
 Miller,  a two-time silver medal winner at the Salt Lake Games four years ago,
 finished  the Torino  Games 0-for-5. His best finish was fifth in the downhill
 on the first Sunday of the Games.
 Following  the  downhill, Miller was  disqualified from the combined event for
 straddling a gate in the first slalom run after he had posted the best time in
 the downhill portion of the event.
 He  then crashed  through a gate during  the super-G and failed to finish that
 race, but was sixth in the giant slalom on Monday.
 Earlier  this week, Miller apparently twisted an ankle playing basketball, but
 the U.S. ski team said it was not a significant injury.
 Miller  was 16th  out of the gate  Saturday afternoon and was just one of many
 skiers that had difficulty with the course.
 Included  was American Ted  Ligety, who won a gold medal in the combined event
 last week.
 Ligety  was second when  he crossed the finish line Saturday, but it was ruled
 that he missed a gate during the run and was subsequently disqualified.
 02/25 09:41:05 ET