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            === Skeleton coach Nardiello denied trip to Olympics ===
 Colorado  Springs,  CO (Sports Network)  - The United States Olympic Committee
 announced  Tuesday it  has denied Tim Nardiello a chance to coach the skeleton
 team at the Olympics.
 Nardiello will not coach the team when it heads to Torino next month after the
 USOC completed a four-week investigation into whether he sexually harassed two
 members of his team.
 The   USOC  said  it  interviewed  12  skeleton  athletes,  three  individuals
 associated  with the  United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, Nardiello
 and  others.  The USOC  said evidence "revealed  during the investigation that
 raised  serious  concerns about inappropriate  interactions on the part of Mr.
 Nardiello   with   athletes,  including  a  failure  to  exercise  appropriate
 The  USOC also said Nardiello violated the organization's code of ethics, code
 of  conduct and other standards. The USBSF decided to terminate Nardiello from
 his position after the 2006 Winter Games.
 Nardiello  was suspended  by USBSF on December 31, but was reinstated after an
 independent arbitrator found no evidence of the harassment claims.
 "Based  upon the  information gathered  during  our investigation,  it is  our
 belief  there has been  a pattern of conduct on the part of Mr. Nardiello that
 simply  does not meet  the standard of what is acceptable for a coach with the
 United States Olympic Team," said USOC chief executive officer Jim Scherr.
 The  USBSF will have until January 26 to nominate a new skeleton coach for the
 Olympic team.
 "Equally  troubling  is the manner by  which this matter, and others, has been
 handled  by the  United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, which long ago
 could  have taken  steps to address and correct this situation," added Scherr.
 "As a result, America's skeleton athletes have had to deal with an unnecessary
 distraction  during  their preparation for  the upcoming Olympic Winter Games,
 and that is unacceptable."
 01/24 19:49:11 ET