Out with the new, in with the Auld

Alex Auld has allowed two goals on 54 shots in three February appearances.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Things have been far from easy for the Ottawa Senators this year. On their third coach in less than 12 months and quickly fading from their "slim chance" shot at the playoffs, the Senators needed something, anything to grab hold to and ride to better times.

This has made things very tough on fantasy owners to get a read on what the fantasy value of players in Ottawa might be. Especially between the pipes, where the "Sens" have been doing a pretty good rendition of musical goalie.

Martin Gerber began the season as the No.1 netminder, but four losses in five starts to begin the year quickly ended that experiment.

In stepped Alex Auld who steadied the ship a bit between the pipes with a 1.94 Goals Against Average and a .924 Save Percentage in the month of November while the rest of the Senator team struggled around him.

But, as things have gone in Ottawa this season, a new month brought new troubles, and Auld himself began to struggle with the end result being a "goaltender-by-hot-hand" approach for the next few months leading up to the firing of Craig Hartsburg in early February.

What also resulted from the slide that lead to Hartsburg's termination was the emergence of Brian Elliott as a new member of the Sens "Goalies-by-Committee" club.

So now, not only did fantasy owners need to figure out which of Auld or Gerber to back, in hopes of them claiming the top job (or needing to own both), they also needed to factor in a third goalie.

Like all things in Ottawa this season, Elliot seemed to be the guy they were waiting for, the one to help turn things around. That is, of course, until he wasn't.

As the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." Ottawa has amended that to "All goaltenders will eventually stop making saves."

And so here we are again, with Auld back between the pipes on a regular basis and stopping almost everything that has come his way. In three appearances during the month of February, Auld has allowed two goals in 54 shots and has seemingly recaptured the starting job he lost only a few months before.

But as the pattern has shown this season, this probably isn't the last time there is a goalie change in Ottawa. So if you have Auld, try and grab Elliot, as Gerber has been sent to the minors. If Auld is available pick him up and ride him until he breaks down again. Which as Ottawa's luck will have it, he inevitably will.

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