Blizzard could effect many fantasy lineups

There is a very good possibility that this snowstorm could effect five games this week.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - For schoolchildren, a snowy forecast is a great and wondrous thing. Unexpected time away from school and with friends makes every child smile.

On the other hand, a heavy snowstorm, such as is forecasted to hit the east coast on Tuesday night and into Wednesday can wreck havoc with NBA and NHL schedules. In postponing games, it can also do damage to your fantasy strategies.

Such is just another of the pitfalls that a fantasy owner has to deal with. Many of us in the NBA are dealing with a rash of injuries, particularly at the guard position, and already have had to cobble together a makeshift lineup.

Now, here comes 12-20 inches of snow to further muck up our plans.

Last week's blizzard saw only one cancellation - a game between Atlanta and Washington. For me, that meant my starting shooting guard, Joe Johnson, played one less game than expected. But it obviously also changes lineups that included; Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Randy Foye, Brendan Haywood, Al Horford, Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford, Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams.

The Tuesday/Wednesday blizzard may cause more "damage" to the schedule because Tuesday has games scheduled in New York, Philadelphia and Cleveland. While the latter (Cleveland) may get off easy with just a limited amount of snow, the "Big Apple" and the "City of Brotherly Love" are expecting to take the brunt of the storm.

Even if they manage to get tonight's games in, what are the possibilities that the Knicks, Kings, T-Wolves and 76ers will be able to fly out of the city to get to their next destinations.

Three of the four are scheduled to play on Wednesday in Detroit, Minnesota and Toronto. There is a very good possibility that this snowstorm could effect five games this week involving a total of seven teams.

If you play in a league with weekly lineups, there is not much you can do at this point, however, if you are in a daily league, beware that you may have to make last minute lineup changes for players on the following teams: Philadelphia, Minnesota, Sacramento, New York, Toronto, Detroit and Charlotte.

Weather forecast for selected cities:

New York: 8-14 inches of snow

Philadelphia: 12-20 inches of snow

Cleveland: 5-9 inches of snow

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