Not Werth-less

Fantasy owners may be expecting too much from Jayson Werth this season.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - To many Phillies fans and fantasy owners, Jayson Werth is having a "bad" season. After all, here it is the end of July and Werth has just 13 homers after blasting 36 last year.

The problem is not Jayson Werth's, its fantasy owners who expected too much from the Philadelphia rightfielder.

Check out his statistics and you will see that Werth has 56 runs scored, 52 RBI, seven stolen bases, a batting average of .285 and an OPS of 883. Compare that with his last two seasons in Philadelphia and you can see that he's very close to his career numbers.

An "average" season for Werth in 2008 and 2009 was 85 runs, 134 hits, 30 HR, 83 RBI, 20 SB, a .270 batting average and an OPS of 0.870.

In 2010 he's got a better batting average and OPS and is right on pace to match his runs and RBI numbers. Werth's only failing is that he's behind in stolen bases and hitting too many doubles and not enough homers. Even so, he'll still hit 20+ home runs.

The problem is our great expectations. The Sports Network preseason rankings had Werth as the No.7 outfielder and No.43 overall player. Other fantasy sites had similar ratings. Fantasy owners, and experts alike, believed that his 2009 season was just a stepping stone towards greatness and that 36 home runs and 99 RBIs weren't his top-end, that there was more in the tank.

And therein lies the problem, because Werth might not have a 40-HR season in his bat. He might not have a 100+ RBI season in him. Don't blame Werth. He never promised you the "world."

At this point in the fantasy season, all you can do is remember this lesson and don't repeat it in 2011.

Jayson Werth Statistics as a Full-Time Starter
2010 PHI 96 333 56 95 13 52 7 0.285 0.883
2010 PHI 159 571 98 153 36 99 20 0.268 0.879
2010 PHI 134 418 73 114 24 67 20 0.273 0.861

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