Time to sell these guys

In his last 10 games, Vince Carter has scored single-digits four times.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - In these days when most financial stocks are down, it's hard to stay with the adage - sell high.

It's the same when wheeling and dealing your fantasy roster. You would like to always sell at the highest point and buy at the lowest point, but that's not always possible, or realistic.

So let's look at a six pack of players who you should consider trading if you can make a deal.

1) Vince Carter, G, New Jersey - It's not like Carter is having a horrible season, after all, he is averaging 21.1 ppg, 5.1 rpg and 4.6 apg. The problem I am seeing is consistency. In the last 10 games, Carter has scored single-digits in four of them. Worse, when the Nets play badly it looks like Coach Frank has a tendency to sit Carter, and sometimes Devin Harris, as penalty for the team's bad play. This has led to Carter playing less than 30 minutes in four games (of the last 10). Trade Carter now while is ppg average is still over 20 ppg and looks inviting for competing owners.

2) Tracy McGrady, G, Houston - He's hurt again, big surprise. Not being able to game-plan makes running a team impossible. Unfortunately his numbers are down, but I say cut your losses and let someone else say..."my team will be great as soon as McGrady returns to the lineup."

3) Ray Allen, G, Boston - I love his shooting ability, but he's now on a team who shares the ball among four top-quality players. That's great for winning championships, but horrible for fantasy owners. His last five point totals are 12, 23, 12, 14, 22. I think shopping him while his ppg is around 18 a game will still net you a decent player.

4) Wilson Chandler, F, New York - Chandler was an early-season surprise, a pleasant one, but things are going south for the DePaul University product. He now comes off the bench as Coach Mike D'Antoni has elected to start Al Harrington, David Lee, Jared Jeffries, Chris Duhon and Quentin Richardson. He'll still get opportunities in the up tempo Knicks offense, but I think his numbers have peaked. He's averaging less than 10 shots per game over his last five. Sell!.

5) Andrew Bogut, C, Milwaukee - Bogut has struggled with injuries all season and played in just 36 games. Worse, of late, he has not been able to play the entire game, so even when he is in uniform, he isn't helping your team. Since returning from his last stint in street clothes, Bogut is averaging just 16 minutes per game. In those minutes he's averaging 11 points and seven rebounds, but the bad news is the back injury seems like it is going to be a season-long problem. Trade him while he is still getting in the boxscore and you can get some value for him.

6) - Lamar Odom, F, Los Angeles Lakers - Odom shouldn't be traded yet, but wait about two weeks now that he is back into the starting lineup because of the injury to Andrew Bynum. Odom will produce good enough statistics to get value for him. But don't wait too long because the injury to Bynum is only for about 5-6 weeks. Once we start hearing reports of Bynum's improving health, Odom's value will plummet.

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