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Who is the No.1 Netminder?

Martin Brodeur missed more than half of last season
due to injury, but he didn't forget how to stop the puck.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - Recently I was doing some prep work for one of my fantasy leagues, when I stumbled upon something that took me by surprise. Well, surprise may be an understatement, but I'll let you decide.

While looking over the Pre-Draft rankings at the NHL's official fantasy game over at, I saw something that I never expected to see, Martin Brodeur (The Sports Networks top-ranked goalie) and Roberto Luongo (TSN's second-ranked goalie) did not occupy the top two slots in Yahoo's rankings.

What is going on here?

Now, I know both players lost major time last season to injury, but it's not like they forgot how to be the top-two goaltenders in the league. There also isn't another goalie in the league who had such a great year that they surpassed these two perennial Vezina Trophy candidates for the top spot based on merit either.

But the bigger problem may be that, through however many mock and real drafts have taken place to this point of the fantasy preseason, their Average Draft Position (ADP) reflects this change in the rankings, as Evgeni Nabokov and Miikka Kiprusoff had been selected higher than Brodeur and Luongo on average.

This isn't to take away from Nabokov and Kiprusoff. Not at all. And yes, injuries are a part of the game which needs to be factored into the equation when talking about rankings. But, even still, with these two goalies, who played 70+ games each in the two seasons prior to last, there should be no concern, or question, that they should be No.1 and No.2 overall in your goalie ranks. Or No.1 and No.1A, as they are that close to each other.

2008-09 Goaltending Totals
Roberto Luongo2.345433130.9209
Martin Brodeur2.42301990.9165
Evgeni Nabokov2.446241120.9107
Miikka Kiprusoff2.847645240.9034
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