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Canadian Football League

Inside the CFL: Grey Cup Report

By Ted Michaels, CFL Editor

Regina, SK ( - Four days of a build-up to what will be an electric evening at Mosaic Stadium in Regina Sunday night, when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats meet the hometown Saskatchewan Roughriders in the 101st Grey Cup.

Wednesday morning, Grey Cup week got underway with the coaches' news conference.

Saskatchewan's Corey Chamblin surprised many when he was asked about his team's biggest obstacle this year.

"The biggest pressure for our team was making sure no one else sat in our locker room. It's about working all offseason, all year to protect your house and that was the biggest thing and the biggest pressure we had.

"We're in it now, and as I tell the guys, if we're good enough to be in it we're good enough to win it. It's time for it to be decided now on the football field, not in the media, not with trash talking."

Kent Austin, who quarterbacked the Riders to a Grey Cup win in 1989 over Hamilton, then coached the Riders to a Grey Cup win in 2007, is still, for the most part, revered by the Rider faithful.

Outside of Mosaic Stadium, on the west side, hangs a large banner of Austin, and there's a parking lot that bears his name.

"I'm very honored to be recognized," Austin said. "This organization has meant a lot to me and my family and we're proud to have had a history here both with the team and the community.

"It's hard to get here and every one of the Grey Cups are special, but that being said, it's best to face Saskatchewan. If I was going to play a team, it would be Saskatchewan. If we're not going to win it, which we hope very much that we do, it will be good to see Saskatchewan in there."

The Grey Cup coaches' conference wouldn't be the same if THE question wasn't asked.

The question.... how do the coaches feel about his players having sex before the game?

"The biggest thing is I want our guys to be focused," said Chamblin. "If that's what it takes for them to win a championship, then go right ahead.

"It's about football, it's championship week. The guys are focused on football. They win the championship, they'll have a lot of it, trust me."

That evoked gales of laughter all around.

After he stopped laughing, Austin's answer was simple.

"I can't follow that," he said. "I got nothing."

- Cold? What cold?

The Tiger-Cats practiced for the first time Wednesday in the Regina cold. The temperature was -16 Celsius (+2 Fahrenheit) with a wind chill of -28 Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit.)

Austin said he might move practice indoors later this week, but he wanted his team to get used to the cold.

There is some good news. The long-term forecast for game day is a temperature of just below the freezing mark.

- Riders early favorites.

According to, the Riders are 5 1/2-point favorites. Kory Sheets of Saskatchewan is 2/1 to be named MVP of the game.

- Cornish a double winner?

Thursday night, the Gibson's Finest CFL Player Awards will be handed out. Calgary's Jon Cornish is nominated for two awards, Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Canadian. If he gets the nod in both categories, it would be the first time a player has won those two awards since Tony Gabriel in 1978.

- The Commish speaks.

Friday, Commissioner Mark Cohon gives his annual state of the league address. Later that night, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame will announce its class of 2014.

Ted Michaels is the host of the Fifth Quarter on AM900 CHML.

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