Major League Baseball

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Name  Chad Cordero
Born  3/18/1982
Height  6-0
Weight  220
Position  RP
Bats  R
Throws  R
Steady3/13/2009 9:40:00 AM
Description: The Mariners signed Cordero to a minor league ocntract. He has not pitched since May 2008 because of shoulder trouble.
Insight: Cordero did save 37 games in 2007, but injuries caused him to lose his job with the Nationals. With the Mariner closer spot open, Cordero could fill that role if he is healthy. (
2/20/2009 7:17:00 PM
Description: According to the Star Tribune, the Twins continue to show interest in Cordero as an option for their bullpen.
Insight: Cordero has recently thrown in front of scouts for several teams and is likely to be signed to an incentive based deal in the near future. (
Steady1/19/2009 9:27:00 PM
Description: The Brewers may be interested in signing Cordero, who is a free agent after spending a few years as the Nationals' closer.
Insight: Cordero only appeared in six games last year after tearing his labrum. He did save 128 games over a four-year period with the Nationals and with the Brewers closer spot in flux (Trevor Hoffman is not a sure thing any more), he could land in worse places. (